fu max

  1. Didn't some city do a experiment with a cat and it increased children going to the library to read to the cat?!

  2. Library cats are awesome. Just like pub cats in old English pubs. They give the places a bit of life and if you happen to pop in on your own it's a bit of company too. And I say this as a dog person.

  3. This was at Macalester College in St Paul, MN. Max was honored in a glorious painting which now hangs in the library.

  4. I'm going to let in the cat. His name is Max. Max is nice. I want Max in the library. Max wants to be in the library.

  5. Realistically it’s probably better that way since the library is a public building and there are people with legitimate cat allergies that could be at risk.

  6. Let Max in, make his the hounery Library cat let readers feed him treats, max can be the Library attraction for new readers.. Please pet the Cat.

  7. These owners letting their cat loose in the street but wanting to control them at the same time.

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