Great Aussie FPV Stores!

  1. BIG +1 on XM2 Store! Jordie helped me out in there with my first 5" (iFlight Nazgul Evoque f5D), DJI v2s and the required accessories. Absolutely top dude, and when I had a little issue with the Caddx Vista/Camera we did a little troubleshooting together before he fixed me up and got me in the air. All legends, and they have a bunch of wicked big-boy toys in the store to oogle while you buy a much smaller version

  2. Hey Mate, Thanks so much for the kind words! Always happy to help get you in the air mate! Take it easy and Happy flying!!! Come back and let me know how you went with it all!

  3. I purchased my first drone from Phaser FPV. I did it F2F and didn’t find it a great experience. They don’t really have a shop front- just a counter with everything out the back so not good for browsing. They were knowledgeable but not overly friendly or encouraging. I will look elsewhere for my next purchase

  4. Seconded, I'm in Canberra. Not the biggest range, but really personable and will allow pickup. Had all the necessities, and pretty good pricing.

  5. +1 for.Buzz hobbies. Grant is a genuine dude who gives back to the local fpv racing community

  6. i checked three of them and nobody has 3x3x3 props in stock...or anything else, pretty much. what's the use of it?

  7. I'm in Canada and have been buying a big portion of my quads from down under for years. Mostly from Impulse RC in Brisbane.

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