Question on caliber

  1. In my opinion shooting either .308 or 7.62 NATO in an FAL is fine. Just time the gas regulator to whatever you’re shooting.

  2. Modern DSA barrels can handle both .308 and 7.62x51 NATO rounds. Of course the default is whatever your barrel is stamped with by the manufacturer nowadays but original barrels may not have been caliber-stamped. The difference in pressure(s) between these slightly different rounds is of little to no significance. Nothing even close to the difference between .223 vs 5.56 NATO. If you want a standard to begin with you can always focus on ammo between 140 - 150 grains then go from there. Sooner or later you’ll find a sweet spot in those variables as it applies to your specific rifle and of course that’s what you should hone and perfect.

  3. A fal will size it’s own brass and eject anything with enough powder to leave the barrel (this was a theme at fn for a long time because the nature of their weapons meant good ammo was unlikely to come up)

  4. Make sure you dont go to heavy on the bullets. I was using mil spec 190 something grain ammo and it would lock my gun up something terrible. I have no clue why. Commercial and mil spec 308/762 both work fine in my imbel build. If I was you I would go with the imbel build over the L1A1. The L1A1 in an inch pattern build and uses different, much more expensive and rare magazines.

  5. Thanks for the advice an d insight on your build. I‘ll get the imbel, it‘s what others have recommended as well :)

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