Underwhelming draft rewards?

  1. I’ve won loads of drafts during the years and this particular one seems to be at least 75% of the times you win. I’ve only got the best one (50k pack and 45k coins) ONCE! In maybe 50 drafts won.

  2. I’ve won a fair few and not packed anything worth mentioning. Not suggesting I should be entitled to an Mbappe but a player over 83 would be nice considering it’s probably the sweatiest game mode early on. Don’t even get me started on the packs you can actually receive for winning..

  3. I've won the online draft 6 times, and only got a rare players pack (50k pack) once. Not a single 100k pack. Lots of rare gold packs.

  4. Fakest 50k pack ever btw and yeah I’ve not seen the 100k pack once in 8 wins, nor the nice reward with coins that was in the last fifa.

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