Is every position better lengthy?

  1. I know lengthy is the flavour of the month, and it’s awesome that tanks are finally fully usable without knowingly going in short handed, but I’m not sure it’s as simple as wanting every position filled with a lengthy runner. Ever since that thread emerged on here with the explanation of how it works I’ve been tinkering with my team, and I think (obviously still early days) I like it best with a good blend of all three. I’m running with two strikers right now for example, and having a little (think he’s explosive, could be the middle one tho tbf) and a large (lengthy) up there feels like I have the most options. Similarly in midfield, one lengthy holding it down as the defensive lynchpin, with some smaller guys around him works well. That said, lengthy centre backs feel like an absolute must imo.

  2. Yeah if you read my other comments we actually mostly agree. I play a 4231. ST lengthy. Central CAM doesn’t matter for me.

  3. Hi guys I am not understanding a fact: is it faster a lenghty player with 85 pace or a player with 85 pace but plus hunter as a chem style? (So it will have something like 90 pace)

  4. Defenders and forwards make faster runs when lengthy but are slower off the mark, pace still takes into consideration the speed though. Midfielders should never be lengthy imo as they need to be more agile. Again this is strictly down to how you play though so for me I prefer only my defenders to be on lengthy as when a player has lengthy acceleration their first touch speed and dribbling is a lot slower on the ball when receiving a pass so for my forwards I keep them on controlled/explosive as I want them to be more agile and quicker off the dribbles to create space and plays and not just pump through balls and hope they make runs like people try doing on lengthy. All in all I feel like forward plays are more fun on this fifa when you pass around and create chances other than punting through balls constantly, it just feels more rewarding when you set up a nice goal with constant passing around the pitch leading up to a goal

  5. It’s on Futbin, FUTWIZ, etc. basically lengthy players are broken compared to everyone else. Kane can beat fast fullbacks in a race because he’s lengthy and the FBs are explosive or controlled

  6. Give it a week or 2 before the next patch and lengthy won't even be worth the time and effort knowing how the first patch always goes.

  7. No. Acceleration and sprint speed are still important. Haaland with hunter is op because he has 90 and 99. Most of the defenders have just 80 acc. That’s the reason CR is not that op with arch. Btw the other 2 types are not working how it should. I would say it’s better because EA fucked up.

  8. But Ruben Dias is insane and can catch up to basically anyone and he’s very slow. 65 ACC and 75 SS with shadow

  9. Just packed cr7 yesterday and he’s absolutely mad with an engine on him. Just saw nep’s video today about the chem styles. Have you tried cr7 with an architect? If so can you tell me what you didn’t like about it, I was going to try it out but having 2nd thoughts after seeing this

  10. nunez will be lengthy with a hawk chemstyle but would you want to sacrifice his finishing if he were to be on finisher chemstyle?

  11. Nunez also gets lengthy with marksman. I had him on finisher for a long time, and changed to marksman not too long ago. He seem to do better at breaking away from defenders with marksman than finisher.

  12. I've tested this with nunez and for some reason on futbin it says hawk gives him lengthy but when you check in game it doesn't. Only architect gives nunez lengthy

  13. I’ll have to test it, I got Nunez from my free OTW pack. And I’m sure he’ll get to an 86. Ik liverpool haven’t been playing that well this season but they should win 3 of 8 lol. And Portugal is the only really good squad in Uruguays World Cup group group so I’m sure they’ll get at least 1 win.

  14. Interesting… so when this thing becomes more widely known the market will be very split cause guys like Kane can be fodder on old get but very good next gen.

  15. Depends how you play. Wingers in a possession game probably want to be explosive to create room for crosses and and shots but on a counter attacking game, controlled or lengthy might be better if they are running in behind all the time.

  16. AcceleRATE style, it affects how quickly players get to max speed and it’s calculated by a combination of their in game stats

  17. For cbs yes. Midfield can be any ig, im enjoying casemiro at cdm who is lemgthy but i like having controlled for the rest of the mid. For attacker I have 1 lengthy st and 1 explosive st and 1 explosive cam. I think a balance is good, whatever you are good with.

  18. Playing with a bit of a mix which feels more viable, I had two lengthy attackers up front and it felt very stale at points where they couldn’t really help each other, felt way better when I bought Zaha (explosive) and put him next to Nunez (lengthy with hawk), a lot more variety in the attacking play this way.

  19. I feel like any player on the pitch that is on the outside of the formation needs to be lengthy. So typically, strikers, wingers, fullbacks and CBs. Central midfielders probably need better agility for manoeuvring through the pack. Essentially, players that need to sprint probably need to be lengthy in this meta.

  20. I wonder if there are any players on both PS4 and PS5 who can feel the difference between lengthy players?

  21. I may be able to test this out. I have the series X and play on the series X version obviously. However if I want to play clubs with my friends I have to play the Xbox one version as they don’t have the series x. So I have both versions of the game installed

  22. Imo it’s all just bro science and once EA fix explosive players, no one will care about lengthy any more

  23. Treat it like real football, great on defenders (cb’s) but my fullbacks I like explosive on atm to get infront of the wingers if I read the ball… cm’s and certain forwards you would have on controlled as they only need the burst of speed at certain times & their game is more about passing & dribbling

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