Who is your favorite card in fifa 23 so far?

  1. Harry Kane - scores 8/10 power shots for me and I only have to aim in the general direction of the goal. Feels broken asf tbh but I’m having fun

  2. He’s been great for me also, I love that the high shooting lower pace strikers are better this year. Also his positioning is incredible, always in the right place

  3. He's incredibly good. His only downsides are the weak foot and dribbling but his shooting, pace and strength are so good it makes up for it. Plus he's got the best power shot I've used this FIFA

  4. Shomorudov is undroppable for me too, nobody comes close to him in the price range. Joao Felix is a close second, I have him at CAM and he’s been great as well.

  5. I am having the complete opposite.. I cant get him on the ball, when i do get him on the ball i cant beat anyone, his finesse shots arent working for me, its just when he gets it open in the box he works for me.

  6. Same for me. Packed him during web app only and wanted to sell him so bad just for early coins but I didn’t and I’m so happy. He’s everywhere making every big tackle and interception.

  7. Toni Kroos is unreal in midfield tbh, been using players not caring about pace and it's been class. Ibra has been a monster upfront too

  8. IF Havertz played as a striker, not the fastest and lacks the shot power but he seems to be always at the best position and scores many easy goals.

  9. Just packed him like an hour ago and haven’t tried him yet. Where do you play him / what formation / chem style?

  10. Lemar has been incredible for me. Also packed Mbappe untradeable, he finishes literally everything. Tchoumeni feels like prime Bakayoko.

  11. Haven’t played much but I really liked Nunez otw, the new pace thing make all players usable even though they don’t have much pace, that’s why kimmich is a shout as well

  12. will second this, picked him up as a replacement for Gundogan not thinking too much of it, man is literally prem messi on crack, and his outside the boot shots are INSANE

  13. He's so damn good. Only player I can dribble with and now with a hunter, he finishes like a beast (ignore weak foot rating due to outside foot shot). He's also good defensively for me.

  14. Haaland! At first I was down on him because he felt clunky… however, this man scores from everywhere and has bailed me out of so many poorly played games. Basically, if he gets the ball in the box with a fraction of space, it’s a goal.

  15. Bernardo Silva has been untouchable for me since I packed him last night. His second game I dropped 5 goals and an assist on someone with him, playing him and the middle cam in 4231

  16. Mbappé… I packed him in a pack with 1 rare player. Wtf! Could not believe it. Only played 2 games so far with him, and he scored 4 despite me being old and shit at fifa

  17. It’s a toss-up between OTW Lewandowski and Lemar, Lemar’s the only player I’ve used that still dribbles like it’s fifa 22

  18. I’m surprised I’m not seeing his name more! Used him as my first loan player and his dribbling and pace have felt better than any player I’ve used yet, I think he is really good right now

  19. Saint-Maximin. I was lucky to pack him from an advanced SBC and he feels like one of the few players who can dribble this year.

  20. Atalanta’s front 3 for me is deadly. Zapata for ball into feet, Malin for build up and Muriel for pace.

  21. I played with him in a draft and he got 4 for me in one game, still lost tho.. You can just lob the ball anywhere near him and he somehow magically beats everyone and slams it upper v lol

  22. I dont know how but IF gakpo just feels good. I think in general, slightly taller, lean players are the most meta. I assume this is on purpose to make haalands card better, since he brings the sport a ton of profit right now.

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