Does anyone else think it’s a shame that UT is just all about find META and copying pros/content creators

  1. Just don't think about it, play the game to enjoy it. Unless your making money of it (content creators) the meta shouldn't matter. I know in previous games I've lost 6-0 before but definitely had more fun in the match then my opponent

  2. It’s more the fact that after the first couple weeks, you start playing what feels like the same opponent every single match. It’s this exact problem that pushes me away from the game every year around late November, I just can’t deal with the mind-numbing, unending series of bots who all watched the same tactic and “OMG META SKILL MOVE” videos, use the same players and same formations, same buildup, same moves at the edge of the box, etc etc. game after game.

  3. Yeah on the whole I do. And I think this year does feel better than last year I think in regards to goal types. Everyone can obvs play how they want.. but just think it’s a shame when you see most people trying to replicate a video they’ve seen, quite poorly too.

  4. Nothing wrong with lengthy etc. Get in behind with explosive players and lengthy with defensive. Tactics and gameplay over praying on pace which how the game should be

  5. You can have all the fun you want until you get to the point where every opponent you face is a carbon copy of the last. Same team, same formation, same buildup, same defending style, all just copying whatever they’ve been told the current meta is. I can only play the same opponent for so long before the game dies to me.

  6. Been playing Fut since the early days and never bothered about the meta. Almost always play 4-3-3 with overlapping backs, one 6 and two 8’s

  7. Yeah I think this encapsulates my point. Like I’ve done both, and playing the way you want is much more enjoyable, it sound silly but you even find enjoyment in losses this way.

  8. Me too, I have a blast playing possession football, making them foul, frustrating them and then hopefully sneaking in a goal or two with the most toxic celebrations you can imagine

  9. Yeah I think on the whole I do actually like the whole accelerate thing adding a new dimension to stuff and making unusable players useable. But the fact there’s already so many videos about “how to make this player lengthy” encapsulates my point.

  10. Idea is good, but i don't really notice much on "explosive" players, they seem pretty normal thus kinda underwhelming compared to lengthy players

  11. I never look for vids or whatever on teams to build. I just use whatever untradables and build from there. Boring that some people just want the same kind of teams but I'm glad they changed the chem so it's easier to try more cards.

  12. Just do you own thing and play the game you want to play it. It's a game, not a career. Unfortunately we can't influence the way other people play, so just focus on what you can control.

  13. Yeah I hate how all the big YouTubers especislly that guy Nick were complaining like oh I can’t do LS dribble 😭 whats the meta chat 😭 like cmon man is that really all you can care about, I understand you gotta win games but like now everyone just gonna follow suit

  14. Ignore those mouth breathing EA shills. Invent your own tactics and play your way with cards you like. It's possible.

  15. I agree, I dont what they are doing tbh. They really ruin the game, I know there is one geezer out there, keeps putting meta in his titles. Lol I think he just makes it up as he goes along, utter delusion guy still playing walker at cb.

  16. I play how i want and with the players i want. I know 90% of teams will have Neymar>Mbappe by December but that just isn’t fun for me.

  17. Why do you need to be the 'best' in a game? It's a game, enjoy the features that were provided and play up until you won't feel obligated to play.

  18. I know, I think in any game, unless your pro then you should enjoy it to your level. I’ve been elite and I’ve hovered around div 3-4 experimenting stuff and you won’t be surprised to hear which is more fun

  19. I don’t think both are mutually exclusive, I’m not saying if you pack mbappe don’t use him or anything, just try not to blindly follow YT/TikTok guides. I personally don’t get the enjoyment

  20. Yes, but only because they use meta doesn't mean they are good. U can still beat them with ur own tactics and players. I was not surprised to see YT/TIKTOK videos days before release saying 'use these tactics for meta play' kinda kills the game abit as 90% of players ul face will have have them tactics. But again some of then aren't great at fifa so u can still beat them 😁

  21. Yeah that’s kinda my point also, is that some/most are beatable.. like I don’t care enough to message them or anything but I do want to say, just play your own way, you’ll probably do better!

  22. Every single online game is like this, i tried to play multiverse in the first week It was fun then, i went to youtube tô see what ppl think about the game, the only thing that they talk about Its meta etc etc

  23. I don't follow the meta or any pros. I just make my teams either based on nationality or leagues. Then I play. Only time I look for tips is maybe to get more coins, SBCs, or new drops.

  24. I never think about it, I just play with a full Barca squad every year, 4-3-3, default tactics and it seems to do well. If people keep using the same tactics I try my best to work around it.

  25. I've never played the "meta" if there even is such a thing... There are always different playstyles and ways to play the game. Like possession vs counter attack. The only "meta" is player picks, usually in top end games a lot of the players are the same, which is boring.

  26. How “competitive” should you really make it if you’re not playing for prizes or money, it isn’t that deep to me personally but each to their own.

  27. Don't follow the meta and it is way more fun. Smacking Morientes and Suarez upfront last season was so OP for me but way behind the meta. Morientes was basically endgame for me while the gold Suarez I kept in my club all year round. Alongside the GOAT Lallana who was endgame for me it was really fun, also helps you make actual club legends.

  28. I hate it. It's funny because when you just play normal football with slowly building up your attack (not time wasting, two different things) you can use pretty much any player you want.

  29. Thats why this year I’ve decided to slowly turn my team into full silver stars and just use that in weekend league no matter how hard I lose

  30. Haha yeah I stopped playing, it was great fun in lockdown but getting dropshotted by a gun that is purely made to exploit the game over and over wasn’t my idea of fun.

  31. I think that’s one point I’m trying to get across. You can have great success off meta. I was elite last year trying all kinds of stupid formations/players

  32. bruh not trying to disrespect you but I thinks all the meta stuff is completely fine, the real problem is yourself.

  33. No disrespect for an opinion bro. But the general consensus disagrees with you here. It depends how you view a video game I guess. I don’t see UT as highly competitive as I’m not competing for anything. 99% of the player base arent either.

  34. That's how I usually feel to. I like to play my Swiss players and do Italian teams but packed Neymar Jr and I'm like hmm maybe I build around him for once.

  35. I stopped thinking about it and I enjoy the game more. I mend the meta to my own play style. And I say that as someone that used to be Top 100 regional in NA

  36. That's literally every online game. CoD, Hearthstone, ARPGs like Diablo and Path of Exile... they all have ways of playing that are best, and in order to get the best rewards you need to play the best way. If it wasn't the case that playing the best build/team/deck produced the best results then what kind of game would that be? If you could win with any old garbage then the game would be terrible.

  37. I dunno man I disagree, I think all cards/avenues of play should yield some reward.. I think it’s more garbage the community bottle necks the same cards/strategies.

  38. Damn, what you said is so wrong. First of all, fifa is a game. Never forget it. League of legends, dota,rocket league etc. Almost all competitive games have meta. Thats why they are changing the game with patches, to make it more balanced, but there will ALWAYS be a meta. I swear one time i went to eu lec finals(lol competitive tournament) and players were always picking the same champs. League has 100+ champs and i was watching game after game the same champs.(10 champs out of 100+ champs). Do you know why? Because, last but not least, winning is what everyone is aiming for. I am playing to win and have some fun with it, but almost every win is a guaranteed fun and emotionally you feel like you have achieved something.I have some lost games that were more fun than my most wins, but i am not getting into the game to lose. Also, some tweets, videos, comments etc. are made for likes. Every formation is great. I hate playing 5-3-2, but one guy was playing possession and had drop back to not get scored on. In addition, i cannot play 4-4-2, but a pro can, not all of them of course. I like 4-1-2-1-2 narrow, both 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3(4) with a cam in-game all of these formations. In conclusion, fifa is a game which means that it has meta and winning (almost every time) is fun. Imagine you hop in and get fked every game, you wouldnt like that. You hop in and play for the wins. Content creators are those that have the most fun, cause playing or losing=you play the game you like and get paid. I mean that castro wont feel that bad if he loses 5 matches in a row in a day. I would want to punch my tv/monitor like everyone else(i wouldnt cause that’s expensive.)

  39. Last year I made a United Icon team with Giggs, Scholes, Keane and others really non meta players and got to elite div, it was really fun tbh, just keep it at you actually have an advantage imo because your opponent won't be expecting your team, playstyle

  40. Just isn’t that deep for me man, forcing yourself to play a way seems unenjoyable to me. No “hard on” for originality. I’d rather have fun and experiment. At the end of the day it’s just virtual football cards.

  41. What is wrong with you OP? Why are you whining about some content creators? Don't really understand why folks are obsessed with this hurr durr meta purr purr. Just stfu, launch the game and find the players you enjoy it with. You guys put so much stress into something that's effectively meant to be enjoyed. Experiment on your own and tweak your own tactics using players with the right work-rate, SM, WF in the right positions. Conquer them dont complain.

  42. It's a video game, you can do whatever you want. If you don't play online how other players play has 0 effect on your gameplay. So you don't have to care about that.

  43. Complaint isn’t about “consuming content” it’s the unoriginality that comes with it, I consume the content I enjoy the game

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