This FIFA is great for us older folks

  1. Haha, I’m with you. 33 here and still getting consistent rank 2 and even 1 twice last year. Also hit the gym daily for many years and stronger by the day. Yes, I get aches I didn’t have at 21, but people act like you suddenly can’t play a game after 30 like we are Tom Brady or something.

  2. As a 40+, I do not fucking get it. My friends do this shit and it drives me nuts! I’m not leaning in to old age. Fuck that! My body gives me enough reminders, so I’m keeping my mind young af

  3. Because it feels like it. Kids, job, mortgage....And you literally feel older. Never had that in my 20s.

  4. I dont think the players rating really affects the pace of the game , i got lucky with a Goat squad in Draft and the game pace felt the same even with god players

  5. The slower play reminds me of PES but the great thing is that it doesn’t have the weird clunky animations that PES would have which makes this the perfect balance of gameplay for me

  6. Don’t worry, the sweatlord moaners will have this game patched out of its mind in no time and then they’ll still moan about it after getting everything they wanted.

  7. This year let's hope EA doesn't listen. People who wanna skill spam from own goal to opposition goal can fuck off to Volta.

  8. Dunno what you’re talking about. Defending against good players you have to be lightning quick with your player switching which does work most of the time

  9. I've seen this exact comment posted during the 1st week fifa has been released the last 3 years. It always starts like this. Combine future patches with juiced up promo cards and it's not slow anymore. I give it a month tops.

  10. as a "other football game" player i find it so funny, even in this state (that looks good) the players still ping passes with 100km/h and the ball sticks to their feet like everybody is prime marcelo. Not to mention players glide like michael jackson all over the pitch.

  11. That's great. I am 35 in a few days and I stopped playing since Fifa 19. I picked up Fifa 23 and have been enjoying it too (in a painful sadistic way) lol.

  12. Im 47 and better now than I was at FIFA 98, made Elite last year but now my hands hurt after weekend league the next 2 days lol

  13. that's how it is at the start of every fifa ..then ea patches it and the gameplay becomes ridiculously fast ..enjoy it while it lasts

  14. Last year’s iteration felt more like basketball lacrosse or hockey. You’d go for an iso play and just spam left stick turns until you were in ( at higher level) I played Lacrosse for 15 years but I didn’t buy Fifa to use those type of tactics.

  15. Not hating the new Fifa, but at least in 22 you could skill move to get yourself some space, in 23 you have 2,3 players pressing you at the same time and there is no time to think at all in the final third, it almost feels like the pitch is too small.

  16. I know what u feel and what i found out nice to relief pressure like that is just either pass back and try again or change flank. A good max power long pass fo the other side always helps xD

  17. I find it funny people saying the gameplay is slow.. Coming from pes it feels really fast, bit unrealistic imo. Also have the idea the pitch is smaller so it's more ping-pong play.

  18. Of course it is, the majority of the playerbase are casuals just like any of the top selling games so EA are going to cater towards them first and foremost.

  19. Almost there myself bro. Been playing for almost two decades now 😂 I really hope they don’t ruin it with patches 🤞

  20. I feel like we might all be like this in our 40s still playing fifa. I can only that we find a way to finally outgrow this game or should I say, addiction? Gg

  21. do you even need good reflexes to play fifa? i never considered it a reaction time oriented game, especially with how much work the AI does for you when it comes to defending

  22. Idk where this slow gameplay is, like everyone say, maybe I am already too high of an division, but the gameplay feels as fast as the other FIFA, its different and I like it, but its not slow, maybe 5% slower.

  23. Enjoy it while it lasts mate, with all these pros crying over Twitter etc it’ll be the same as it is everywhere where give it a couple weeks and it’ll be back to being an arcade game where players all move like they’re on ice skates

  24. The gameplay is fantastic but skill moves are still just stupidly op. Mainly because the AI defends worse than apes. Playing against good players is still not what Fifa should be about but we took a big step towards the goal this year.

  25. Agree, the skill move spammong is gone and will stay gone I hope. Now it's about real football. Like it's meant to be played.

  26. Enjoy while it lasts I’m sure they’re gonna patch it to improve the “effectiveness” of skill moves in the next few patches. My fav part of fifa each year is the start because of slower game play and less of that Arcade type football

  27. I actually loved FIFA22 because all the crazy circus dribblers weren't as unstoppable as in FIFA21 and I could easily reach rank 5 in most WLs

  28. It’s much better that it’s less reflex based and smart players with higher ball IQ will be more successful. That is until ea begins to cater to the comp scene like usual and changes everything to be pace merchant meta

  29. here we go again, enjoy it while it lasts, "pro" players and streamers allready started to complain and EA will bow down and make the game sh*te again

  30. Yeah, I'm going to wait 'till the end of review window to second this. Every year it's the same thing, the gameplay starts slower, then EA launches some stupid patch and we're back to ping pong passes and pace merchants

  31. I'm 30 but can definitely notice my gaming ability dropping a bit and it is great to try and play in a way similar to actual football.

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