Is it possible to play totally off-meta ?

  1. As of now all players are usable. I’m using Dzeko up front and played 9 games of rivals and won them all except one. The rest of my team is fairly meta but all cheap. Dzeko can bang shots from anywhere so it doesn’t matter if he’s slow. That could change but for now everyone is usable.

  2. Same here but with Kane. Man has 68 pace and turns like a truck but is so good with the ball on his feet for his size and bangs everything in

  3. Yes. You might not have the edge in games and people can exploit with sheer pace but if you play enough and understand how your team works you can close that gap and still have some fun

  4. Right now is the perfect time to play off meta, pace isn’t a huge factor as game is a lot more about slow build up with possession rather than spam through balls and left stick dribbling so go for it, seen a lot of lower pace players do well such as Kane, Lewandowski etc

  5. My mates just started and is using giroud up front and doing well, I'm using kroos, another friend is using pique. It's all far more viable now than it has been. Go crazy, try someone out.

  6. I use players i like. I primarily play to score headers because they are satisfying and i get hate mail afterwards that makes me laugh.

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