Rashford POTM released

  1. EA have nerfed the POTM upgrades. Like Kim’s POTM. So surely is the SBC should reflect on their popularity and price of their gold card

  2. Classic EA, could have made this a fun starter card like Antonio/Calvert Lewin/Pukki in years past but they can't help their obsession with meta stats determining price.

  3. Then don’t complete him. I won’t. But it’s not like they should target that all of us did every SBC.

  4. Tbf bias cause I'm a united fan but his gold seems to be clinical af early in fifa, this one will probably be good up until Christmas atleast

  5. And the individual stat upgrades seem to be less than the overall upgrade. Plus they said they would improve WF and skills with POTM and featured TOTW's but they haven't yet.

  6. People were bitching a week ago about how FIFA inflates ratings so quickly and now you're bitching that they're not inflating them quickly enough?

  7. I mean you're ignoring the 4 passing and 6 physical which is a decent boost, but otherwise I agree it's not a great upgrade overall

  8. Kim too. +3 upgrade with +1 pace and +2 defence. I would've literally loved a Kim potm before the release of fifa, and I celebrated when he won. EA ruined everything... Again.

  9. I was hoping Valverde's price will be reasonable but after seeing this I can already forget it.

  10. That’s just coz the solutions are using certain players with busted price ranges. No chem requirement means can easily do him for the same or less than console.

  11. Well all over the internet I always see PC players telling Console players that they’re poor for not having an elaborate gaming PC so maybe this is slight karma

  12. I'm really torn, although I'll probably end up completing him. I'd never pay 130-140k for an 84 rated striker off the market but I run an untradeable team for as long as I can anyway. I also have a decent amount of untradeable duplicates so I'll do this one I think.

  13. Yep, they said they were giving POTMs unique upgrades, but all they've done so far is not give Valverde an upgrade over his TOTW, and give Rashford a pretty poor upgrade as well

  14. So torn on what to do, I know it’s overpriced but I’ve been bummed several times by the gold card so there’s no doubt in my mind that this card will be amazing for this stage. But if submit it I just know there’ll be a good sbc come along that I’ll have to miss out on

  15. It's funny how when saying POTMs would be scaled to the relevant time of the game they only mentioned weaker players getting much bigger boosts and didn't say that early on POTMs would be more or less pointless. Though I'm glad it's slowing power curve at least a tiny bit

  16. If they’ve dropped the double upgrade, nobody is going to do POTM at all since it literally doesn’t make sense to build one over buying the IF (assuming they’ve got one due to good performances in the month)

  17. Honestly I'm glad because otherwise they would've probably gone crazy on his price as if he isn't a Korean for Napoli

  18. Tbh I would prefer to give another squad and get a bigger upgrade. For a special card there are other options that are on par for a lower price

  19. I have his gold and he's decent enough. I'm sure this card will be good but I would rather save the fodder for Flashback Thiago Silva. He'll be a bigger game changer at this point. Elite defenders are so much more important than Elite attackers(except Mbappe and the God tier Icons) right now.

  20. You all are being alittle dramatic. Remember The game actually comes out today for most people and Rashford is a meta card and usually quite OP. Couldn’t juice him to the tits also they had to make him a tad bit expensive so every one wouldn’t have him. Personally I have been holding all the 100k packs for content drop today. So I will have plenty of fodder that I will probably have to use on something(dupes). Rashford is one of my favorite players in real life so he will be in my squad without a doubt.

  21. Looks a tasty card but surely the card shouldn’t be a lower value than the squads you’re putting up for it? I don’t get that

  22. Surely they understand that PC players are handicapped at doing this while price ranges aren't updated?

  23. you have to be on drugs to submit an 84,85 and 86 squad for this. even as a united fan i have no choice but to stay clear

  24. Was planning on doing a United past and present this year and was hyped for this but no way I’m submitting those squads for this card. Disappointing

  25. Probably by scoring most g & a out of anyone else in September, while also playing a game less than most of other players

  26. I will do him, have both anthony and varane untradeable, (also rashford's base card) but the workrate upgrade makes it worthwhile for me

  27. Anyone who hasn't done Bronze and Silver challenges I'd like to get them done before otw releases I'm on new gen but have old gen too EA ID DoranS777 or Xbox Gt S1nCityD hmu.

  28. Why do EA always know exactly how to get me to spend my coins I’ve painstakingly built up during early release

  29. Managed to do him for 30k + all the fodder in my club. Probably miles better than any OTW SBC that’ll be released today or this week.

  30. If he is too expensive, just don’t do him. The entitlement of expecting EA to make every SBC great value for all of us is pretty astounding. I think they should target around 5-10% competition rate for most SBCs. Judging from my own games, he is still to cheap for that target.

  31. let’s gooo he’s actually an 84. i got hyped when i just saw it on ea’s insta. cause that means he’s actually gonna be some what affordable. if he was an 86, which people said he was gonna be, i’d have had no chance of getting him this early in to the game. still might not be able to afford it but surely with the month that i’m assuming it’s there for, that should be long enough to hopefully grind to it. i need that card in my team. he’d be in there for months.

  32. Haaland not getting the POTM just shows that fans vote for the most meta card rather than the actual most in form player throughout the month

  33. Not with it plus R*shford is completely undeserving anyway. Dude made the England national team better by getting injured I don't know why they would give him a POTM.

  34. It's the acceleration type of the player. Check acceleRATE (yes caps is on purpose) in fifa gameplay pitch notes for a better explanation.

  35. Man City only played two matches in September, and they had a win in a draw. Haaland scored in both, but that's still only 2 goals and 0 assists.

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