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  1. With the new upgrade scheme (3 wins in the next 8 games. And 1 win for national team) the OTW cards could actually get better upgrades

  2. One of the worst promos. None of my otw cards in previous fifa's get upgrades. I think I held on to Camavinga all year last fifa lol.

  3. Investing question... when the game comes out tomorrow for everyone, will there be a window in which cards like Jesus or Lewa's golds will be in packs before the promo comes out? Or will Jesus' gold be out of packs since the start

  4. OTW cards will be in packs from 7pm CEST when the promo starts so you'll be able to pack the gold cards until then.

  5. They should honestly change it to all performance based cards (TOTW, POTM, Headliners). Even if they got a single upgrade for the latter two, it’ll be so much better

  6. Last year I was lucky enough to get otw hakimi from the silver stars 75+ used him for 900 games, praying to get rudiger this promo, defo won't be in my guaranteed pack

  7. i mean not now if that’s what you mean, they’re not in packs yet. but once they are then yeah of course lol.

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