How are you progressing this Fifa?

  1. It will all change once the game is officially released. It’s just at the moment there’s a lot more hardcore and returning players than new players. And everyone is going through the divisions at the same time.

  2. Seconded. I’m waiting to play this weekend to make a judgement. I agree that it’s a sweat fest in every division right now. Way more casual players about to come in tho

  3. I’ve lost 12 more games than I’ve won lol. Sick with covid so just been smashing it but I’ll be happier when “normal” players are playing 😂

  4. Keep in mind that you are only playing against ultimate edition players right now that will generally be better than the average player. You will still need to get used to the game and improve, but in general everyone you are playing right now is going to be on the higher end of the skill spectrum.

  5. Div6 so far with a serie A team. If I sold all my players I'd probably have 200k. Not enjoying the game very much though

  6. I’m doing pretty good. I have a Dutch team and played maybe 15 rivals matches. Won 13 and lost 2. Scored some crazy freekicks and the gameplay really suits my style.

  7. I floated between D3-D1 last year and I'm 3-3 so far in rivals this year. Like others have said a lot more casual players will start playing tomorrow and rivals is usually easier on weekends anyway.

  8. Decided to try a "Scottish Football" team to start the year, so I have 3 players above 80 overall in the starting 11 and TOTW Christie. Grinded Squad Battles to Elite 1.

  9. Totally agree with this, currently 14-0 with 3 draws and have an 83 rated team, if you can manually defend well the through ball merchants with god squads hate it, take your time building up in game and also with the amount you play

  10. I’m falling kinda far under .500 as I get higher in divisions but it also could be burnout from playing 50 games trying to get to the highest div possible for rewards

  11. I’ve probably lost 10 and won 10 without checking my record, which ultimately reflects my opinion on the game so far. It’s okay, nothing special. Somethings just feel off like passing , and I find defenders in particular almost magnetise to the ball to intercept etc. keepers are complete dogshit but I think it might be a good thing in terms of rewarding being in a clear goal scoring position than some super hero save

  12. 12-1 in rivals at the minute, just got into Div 7 but waiting until the weekend to play more now. Got battered in the game I lost.

  13. Sitting halfway to Div 5 from 6. 200k coins, could sell a few players and get another 150k tomorrow (which I think I’ll do). Trying to figure out who actually works this year it’s frustrating

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