Match Thread: FC Cincinnati vs Chicago Fire

  1. Not sure if anyone else felt this way but something was off tonight. The whole vibe of the stadium. No one sounded like they were into the match… quiet like we were all nervous or something. Some of us were commenting that even the Bailey wasn’t as together or as loud as they usually are. Nothing but love to you all in the north end BTW. Defense tonight was like watching 2019/2020 season all over again.

  2. I agree. Everything seemed to lack energy. I am always in the Bailey and had commented to someone how it felt “off”. It was odd.

  3. Another absolutely sickening game to watch as PRO completely and utterly butchers the beautiful game and turns it into a circus sideshow…we finally start encroaching on being a respected league as talent continues to rise within the league, yet PRO is determined to ensure it remains a joke

  4. Well, if we’re gonna have a dramatic decision day shot to clinch I’ll take solace in the fact it’s against DC

  5. Look....I know we were down 0-3 but Jesus we still got jobbed by the refs we were coming back you could feel it. Fucking bullshit

  6. We played like shit from the start and absolutely did not deserve a win, but that was some amateur hour reffing

  7. Santos got surrounded and pushed around by like 4 dudes. Why the fuck are they so surprised when he gets pissed and pushes back?!

  8. Their guy doesn't get a red?? I get Santos with a red but the other dude should have gotten one too

  9. Where the hell has this been.. we needed to have this killer instinct from the start. Better add 2 minutes extra for this stupid check

  10. Either this sport is virtually impossible to officiate correctly or the refs are terrible at their jobs. That's a bad bad call.

  11. When I switched off the UC game to pull up the second half of FCC Chicago scored their first goal. When I went back to UC, FCC scored immediately. I will stop watching the FCC game as Im very superstitious

  12. Yea, they should be ashamed. This is the bottom of the league and they got their ass beat. If they’re gonna play like this we don’t deserve the playoffs

  13. We crumbled tonight under just the little pressure of clinching a play off spot, really worries me for these last few must win games.. gonna be a nerve racking end of the season. Hopefully we learn from this. They just didn’t look like themselves out there tonight

  14. When they did the "thank yous" to the whole production staff - where do those guys sit? The cave full of people watching a wall of TVs like they're at a NASA launch?

  15. It's the same tactics they've used all year, the execution has been awful. They've been in position to score multiple goals and just failed.

  16. Honestly, yes tonight sucks, but to come from 3 wooden spoons in a row to being disappointed that we are playing for a playoffs spot does make this a little bit softer.

  17. If the players shrink in a moment like this it scares me for the playoffs but damn it I'll be excited if/when we make it.

  18. IF we make it, we're definitely out in the first round. We're getting housed by one of the worst teams in our conference right now.

  19. what the fuck are we doing out there? playoff hopes literally hanging in the balance. Columbus trailing.

  20. I have to assume it was because of Hagglunds on a yellow card. Cameron’s the center back and both counter goals he was no where to be found. Inexcusable

  21. Probably the worst I've seen them play all year, outside the Austin game, and they picked an awful time to play like that

  22. Honestly don’t understand continuing to roll his old ass out there week after week. He was completely undone on their first goal and then was nowhere to be seen on their second.

  23. UC touchdown taken back right before halftime. FCC gets scored on. Rough 3 minutes for Cincinnati sports. Lets get Brenner a hat trick and end this weekend with a bang

  24. Outplayed by one of the worst teams in East. Just not good enough with the playoffs on the line.

  25. Don’t put that juju in the air bro. The game is opening up and there’s a dangerous looking attack team out there

  26. Getting a bit ahead of myself but my offseason signings wishlist consists entirely of a new RWB and another CB

  27. He’s feeling very inconsistent from the home view. I will say the Powell knockdown towards the end was very light on replay. Looked mean in live but not so bad in closeup

  28. That contact on Powell in 43' would definitely have landed us a PK and/or red card earlier in the season if we did that to an opposing player.

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