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  1. the cousin of my gf works for the police here in Brasil in a cavalry division, he says this horse is the best at charging because of his size, people get really scared

  2. There are several draft breeds that look similar in size and shape, bred to haul and pull things. This could be a Brabant draft horse.

  3. This is a Shire horse, they are some of the biggest (if not the biggest, on average) horses in the world. They are not only beautiful but also gentle giants with excellent temperaments!

  4. This is an Ardennes, Shires are bay and darker colours, Belgian Drafts do not tend to be as tall or as heavily feathered

  5. There is one such breed in the Netherlands: Zeeuws trekpaard (draft horses from Zeeland (yes after which new Zealand got named)). But there are multiple draft horses from Belgium, some breeds from france, some from Germany, some from great Britain. They all are somewhat similar, very large horses, with "woolen socks". They are known for their calm character. The Dutch wilki has a list of these types of horses (koudbloedpaarden, translated: cold blooded horses, where cold blooded is about their temperament).

  6. This is a Belgian draft. If i'm not mistaken, this specific specimen's name is Petra. I've seen her videos before.

  7. He reminds me of those movie horses that are crazy about apples, have a feisty mean personality, an intimidating name and always save the protagonist at the end.

  8. Horses of this size have been used pretty much just for labour rather than mounts. Warhorses needed to be powerful, but still be comfortable and stable (no pun intended) when riding, and were considerably smaller than this particular type.

  9. This is a draft horse meant to pull heavy carts. Riding one would be plausible but extremely uncomfortable as they have broader backs and you can't straddle them well.

  10. If he had my mom it would get yelled at”look at that hair! You can’t even see, your going to the barber now!

  11. “They pick their rider, son. We fixate on Shards, but any man -- courageous or coward -- can bond a Blade. Not so here, on this ground. Only the worthy win here . . .”

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