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  1. The clothes are looking good, maybe he could've ironed it or something. Nobody's gonna look like that without being a photogenic hot guy model, lol, also the lighting and background

  2. This just in: buying clothes won't make your face look like the face of the model who wears them.

  3. A couple of weeks ago I got a haircut and showed the stylist a picture of Taylor Swift for reference. It turns out that even with bangs, I do not have the face of Taylor Swift. I feel like this man had a similar experience.

  4. Visceral fat is the fat that hangs out between your organs. It sits higher, and you can most often see it on men who drink a lot of alcohol, especially when they're not also obese. I'm betting the guy on the right drinks a lot.

  5. The shirt is a little small and the shorts could be taken in at a tailor to not look so big in the legs. That would help a lot and you'd look great. But as someone who works in the industry; that is cheaper fabric than they used in the shirt photo for sure.

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