Best player this season?

  1. Richie has had 19 goal contributions and has had us on his back for the last 2 months. Gotta be him and it’s gonna be difficult to replace what he’s brought to the team when he goes

  2. Picks carried us all season tho, and without a few of his class saves we’d have gone down. I’m genuinely not sure I can put one above the other this season -too important in their own ways.

  3. Very difficult to separate Pickford and Richarlison, but I will say that I would genuinely jump in front of a bullet for Richarlison

  4. When we were deep in the shit, there were a number of players who stepped up and were essential to pulling us out.

  5. Has to be pickford. I strongly disagree on Gordon. He is good for a young academy player, but if he wasn't he would be getting tonnes of criticism

  6. Pickford really stepped up this season. Last year he was making a boneheaded decision every fourth game, and every time he had the ball on the ground it was a relief when he cleared it. This year his distribution was fantastic, his saves were amazing, and his spirit kept the Blues through some hard times

  7. I genuinely think it’s Iwobi. We were awful without him on the pitch, he played so many positions, and only get better as the season progressed.

  8. Pickford was brilliant, made some massive saves and a few were truly world class but clean sheets are only ever enough for a draw. Goals win games and with the position we were in Richarlison scored some of the biggest, most important goals in the clubs history.

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