Goodbye Anthony and thank you for everything

  1. What were his 3 goals this year? I seem to remember that Pickford and Coady each have a long assist this season and one of them was to Gordon and the other to Gray if I'm not mistaken. Both instances of poor defense and goals that aren't easily replicated.

  2. This is a good sale. He hasn’t been good for us for a while and even at his best it was always just how a decent prem player should be.

  3. Like a couple of people the abuse this 21 year old lady has got from the 'fans' has been nothing short of tragic.

  4. The reaction of some of you fans is honestly disgusting. He's been coping abuse from everyone all season he's just a 21 year old who has tried his best and has been slagged along the way for it. I'm not surprised he's asked to leave especially after those "supporters" harassed him. He somehow got a big value on his head because he has potential and lampard wanted to keep him and the expectations from him have been astronomical, with supporters criticising everything he's done wrong. People's reaction to Gordon this season has made me ashamed of being an Everton Ian.

  5. …when the fans were harassing him, thought he did a terrific job keeping his composure. At 21, I would have done something dumb in that situation

  6. Thanks for what? Shit attitude and has basically done fuck all in a blue shirt other than spread bad energy round the dressing room. Lad couldn’t even get a game in League 1 only a year ago. Don’t think he will ever even get an England cap.

  7. Glad to see all the experts here yelling good riddance... This is so Everton.... I am positive Gordon will have his breakthrough soon... Remember this post a year from now...

  8. We’ve fleeced them. I wanted to sell over the summer because he has zero end product so at least we pulled the wool over their eyes with this one

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