GF FRT, that Nyx was the cherry on the cake

  1. All Frat had at the end was fighter spam too, lost the grid so Fort core also recovered. Ready for new fort drop later :)

  2. I mean thats happened before, PFR used to "allow" people to refit and reship mid fight when having brawls on their doorstep. Was pretty cool and I only experianced it a handfull of times before Citadels became a thing but im 100% sure (CCP Swift) Elise was there a few of them haha best times ive had in this game tbh

  3. I know I've asked this a dozen times on reddit but once again I'm shocked by the same question: how is frt this bad at the game!?

  4. Maybe they should let their pilots get some sleep, the nyx pilot actually fell asleep mid fight, if you notice in the vids the nyx does not fight back at all or anything

  5. FRT its time to stand down there is no more point in fighting its just loss after loss. Don't join in fleets you guys get impressive numbers but your fcs are so unskilled that they welp the fleets constantly better stay home.

  6. Today was a blast. My Cerb lasted two hours, killed 40 ships, then got some wife aggro, looked away and I was dead. gf FRT

  7. Didn't the fort die and thus Brave failed to secure the objective? ISK can't possibly be a measuring stick since FRT is happily generating 3+ trillions per month per the MER while Brave and friends ... aren't.

  8. you understand perfectly well that the FRT has more supercarriers than any Brave structures) the FRT obviously won now, as much as you didn’t want the opposite))

  9. Brave lost the Fortizar but as a bonus they caught a Nyx because the chinese player fell asleep at the computer.

  10. I’m sorry Issac. My corp mates sometimes forget their manners. Congratulations on your victory today. May you have many more like it.

  11. Yo racist fucker you should be ashamed of yourself its a fucking game your human they are to they might be a enemy in eve but irl there juste like you dumb ass wake the fuck up karen

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