What this subreddit is all about, clearing up some misconceptions about it and answering a few questions

  1. I honestly believe that there are people who deep down feel like this is the truth but won't accept it because they don't WANT it to be the truth, not because it's not the truth.

  2. I just saw a chat between a Muslim and ex Muslim and the Muslim was saying the same thing that “you don’t want it (Islam) to be the truth so you come up with excuses like “oh there’s no evidence” or “why would a God say/do this or that”. Idk pretty much every religion or group says the same thing about the other. And this post and sub didn’t explain the solutions to escape this prison at least I didn’t find any yet.

  3. Thanks for everything you've done. I found it strange how censored this subject is on the internet. I mean look up these things on YouTube and you'll find Nothing, or maybe a couple videos mocking the idea.

  4. There are a couple of incredible videos about this stuff on YouTube. They are mind blowing. Hopefully they haven’t taken the videos down. Here are the links:

  5. It's not censored it's just not popular. We are having this conversation right now about it. Acting like its censored is sone maga bs, this is far too enlightened for that belief system

  6. I love what you've written so far on the topic. As far as solutions go I think doing our own healing work is key. Learning how to own your shadow and transmute/heal and integrate your own issues. Doing the "inner work" so to speak.

  7. Inner work is a wonderful thing. I have been working with mother Ayahuasca plant medicine through a place in Orlando called Soul Quest. They always stress the importance of integration and shadow work for healing the self. As we heal ourselves, somehow it helps our ancestral line.

  8. I’m sceptical of this but will follow the sub and keep an open mind to things. Like most people here I imagine, I’ve had enough of the reality I grew up with shattered over the years to be able to dismiss anything out of hand now.

  9. Honestly this shit is intriguing but the whole "some people aren't really people" thing bothers me. I believe it's wrong to subhumanize anyone and that's literally exactly what you (and a lot of people on this sub) are doing. Who's an npc? Can you name one? Am i an npc if I don't believe this theory? Any celebrities/notable people that are "non player characters?" I've never heard anybody name one.

  10. I find it odd that so few people consider that if reincarnation and inter dimensional alien parasites are possible that it's also entirely possible that new souls can be still be created. Or that they can move around from place to place in the massive universe to accommodate growing or shrinking populations of sentient beings on different worlds. Or hell, even that a single soul can occupy multiple bodies "at once" if it doesn't exist strictly in a chronologically restricted linear three-dimensional sense.

  11. What if the government banned psycheldeleics and experimented with them (mk ultra) not for mind control but for trying to see the other side from the perspective of the prison planet to keep us here and fine tune media and technology to further trap us and degrade our soul. slowly but surely with repetition and always focused on small shit, so we don’t see the bigger picture. like keeping us fearful or anxious through media further fueling the beings that keep us locked up

  12. I also want to add that there are most likely a lot of clones, robotoids and empty vessels roaming this hell hole prison planet. NPCs are real.

  13. You might as well be the only "real" being and all the simulation is based around is your perspective

  14. I like this place, more scholarly. I tried to explain the 'theory " of archons and reincarnation trap in one of the matrix reddits and they banned me. Guess they want to have just slack jaw Matrix Glitch memes instead of any intelligent conversation. F them.

  15. I guess I'm just a bit confused on this whole thing. Lets say someone is an asshole right? They've been one their whole lives, then they die and refuse to go into the light and they live as an eternal being so would they be an asshole there too? And if not does that mean their personality changes. And if your personality changes does that mean when I myself die I wont be the same person personality wise that I am now? Because I was always under the belief that your personality comes from the soul, how you act and behave is truly "you" living in a human husk skin suit

  16. What I personally understood is that “Assholism” is a concept of the material word. So is pain, greed, anger etc. We’re all one - pure souls trapped in flesh & blood containers, influenced by “Society” to either become an asshole or a saint.

  17. From my understanding, I recently discovered this idea but have thought about it for a bit before. I’ve done some questionable drugs, I’ve had some personality changes and what not. I think the soul is the consciousness and the body (vessel) is the personality.

  18. A wiki page would be a good idea indeed, but the problem with that is that anyone can edit the information on wikipedia, if I'm not mistaken. Like, we could say one thing and then someone decides to edit it and it will say a different thing. I think I'll sticky this post so that it becomes easier for newcomers to understand what this sub is all about.

  19. Very young in life, before being 12, I already felt that we were in a prison planet. I wasn’t calling it prison, I was calling the inferno that is referred in “the Bible”. In other words, by 12 I already felt hell did not exist, but earth was the place the Bible was really referring to as “hell”, and that there was hidden information about this fact. If you really read the Bible, you’ll realize that these entities were casted into earth, live amongst us, and “rule” this earth. I think our conscience is waking up and we are remembering everything now, we no longer are falling for these scams. When we all wake up, we are going kick out all of these entities, completely and absolutely. They have demonstrated their system is a failure and they are the most inept, inefficient, ineffective bunch, with no creativity and no imagination. To be frank, this hierarchical system they have is one of the most dumb and retarded systems invented by entities.

  20. I had the thought of the increasing population count being the result of the initial number of "souls" here becoming fractured and split through some intentional process of the shadow farmers. It seems to make sense that it could be through death trauma, in the same way abuse trauma can cause people to split into multiple personalities to cope with/separate from said trauma. This concept gets a little further when you consider the idea of soulmates. I've met mine (after asking the universe to meet them) and the feeling that hit met, of the edges of our souls perfectly aligning... Like to halves of a torn piece of paper makes me consider the possibility that perhaps we were once one person, and the alignment I feel is because our souls do in fact, match perfectly along that torn edge... I also read one desscription of our arrival to earth originally, that we were as angels, and only a small group... And that our original magnificent angelic selves have over the aeons been smashed and split into the billions of (let's face it) gibbering masses we are comprised of now.

  21. I'd still like to hear your take on buddhism and enlightenment. That is the one part for me personally where any congruency in your statements does not surpass my skepticism. And, that is not to say I simply don't believe, I am just hesitant to believe in anything from which I have not drawn my own conclusions. And for me, personally, self mastery and detachment from the illusion of consciousness as defined by a physical object makes the utmost sense in relation to not reincarnating as consciousness defined by a physical object. To desire to not be incarnated within a physical body seems directly related to physical desire and attachment that will lead straight back to the conscious state in which these convictions were conceived--to me anyway, even if that sounds funny

  22. budhism doesnt contradict it it also says break away from reincarnation wich is nirvana wich you also want to achieve in this sup so nirvana here is basically escaping reincarnation and becoming the greater soul again

  23. I took 4.5G shroom tea and then smoker weed at the peak. I saw about 6 alien (grays) looking outlines and after 2 more entities. 1 looking like a humanoid wearing a crown or some strange hat and next to it, a being that looked demonic with a dog like or triangular face. All of them looking directly at me.

  24. World population, in addition to the explanation you gave, is also explained away as largely irrelevant due to the earthly phenomena of “time”. Souls likely aren’t being recycled on a purely linear timeline. There have been several accounts of OBEs witnessing souls being recycled into different eras and centuries. If souls are piling up in the current timeline, we should ask ourselves why that is, but it remains a non-issue as far as a potential “flaw” in this overall structure.

  25. Throwaway for obvious reasons, do you believe Fluoride in toothpaste and or water is having an effect on the ability to grasp this concept? My personal experience this makes the most sense (prison planet seems plausible) and the egg theory is extremely similar. Fluoride is an anti-psychotic as well. So perhaps people who regularly brush their teeth will be more conformed to this planet and be strayed further from reality?

  26. I’ve heard that fluoride is harmful and calcifies the Peneal gland. Nit sure if that is so, but I have a fluoride removal in my water filter and try to use fluoride free toothpaste.

  27. Funny you say this....I have NEVER felt that my teeth belonged to "me". Where and what I was before, we had no teeth. All I knew, was that my MOST important thing was to take care of them.

  28. Remember the artist B.O.B made a hit song called airplanes back in the day? Well he went underground, started talking about crazy conspiracies and one of his first songs before he went total nuts was talking about something similiar to this.. It was called the watchers

  29. I've had a few weird experiences on mushrooms but this sub just reminded me of one where it almost went south. The come up was pretty smooth and I was doing some self reflecting, had a moment of realization and at the time my guess was I was rewarded with this bliss feeling. I was looking at an entity but nothing was there. It was orange-gold colored but it wasn't crystal clear it was like peering through a portal or something and it was just BLASTING me with this energy that had me rolling back and forth saying "the world is so beautiful." Every person I thought of whether it was a friend or someone I knew 10 years ago I felt connected to and then it went from people to animals and plants and then space. I was peaking and this whole time my eyes were open so I closed them and right away I'm flying through space and in the distance I saw something behind a planet. It was all black, pretty sure it had 2 legs and 2 arms but it moved like a spider. We both saw eachother and it slowly curled from behind the planet and covered what it could. I opened my eyes and said "uh oh." I managed to convince myself even if it killed me, I am it and it is me and we're all recycled energy anyways and rode the rest out on a high note. But that shit was weird

  30. Systems busters sometimes called world breakers are beings that specialize in helping planets like ours, I have heard. I believe they are from a higher dimension and have to step down their energy to inhabit human bodies. They also have to forget, to become truly human as it is not allowed to just come in and change things. You have to be a part of it to change it. Remembering what you already know is quite the task.

  31. I say when you die probably go to the light. But just be super skeptical and don’t agree to anything or accept anything until you know more. It’s probably really jarring so it’s easy to take advantage of recently dead people.

  32. I have been listening to Wayne J. Bush, he has been investigating the soul trap agenda for many years and has much info on the subject. What he concludes is that this is indeed a samsara recurring matrix, but emphasizes not going to any religious figure, or loved one for direction. We were made in God's image and when one is fully and spiritually mature all direction will come from with-in order to escape another incarnation and move to a higher evolution. However long it takes the galaxy to Aline to perfection?

  33. it's not a theory, if you ask me.its a hypothesis. if it were a theory, I would expect to see some means of falsification, or more generally, an objective way of testing that can be replicated by any third party

  34. Has anyone delved into the teachings of Ruldolf Steiner.? Hid work is vast and explains our galactic history and how characters of the times helped with the differences between each epoch Atlantis/Lemuria and how our spirituality has evolved since beginning. That J. Christ was a Sun God say only his power could felt via sun English he was the only God who has ever died to have his spirit enter matter and in turn we humans for first time had the divine spark held with our body. Very interesting. But talks about the layers of afterlife we may go through before we reach the higher spiritual realms. Anybody listen to or read his wordy at time German to English and was supposedly Austrian. 1890 to to 1920s lectures in Germany and London. It's pretty convincing to me. IMHO

  35. What happens when the planet’s destruction comes to be or humanity is wiped due to climate change etc

  36. It has happened many times before and it will happen many more times in the future….proof is all the ancient civilizations they have exposed, some even mentioned in the Bible and other ancient texts. Even evidence of nuclear damage at some old archaeological sites. And that’s just the ones they tell us about….

  37. You are so spot on with all of this. I forget where I read the first tunnel of light you see is a trap, but I did read it somewhere. Since I woke up I read everything I can find.

  38. I believe this is a prison planet, but not everyone who comes here is destined to stay here. If you know you are a soul traveler, then you know that you are just passing through.

  39. I needed to see this for all the pieces to fit. The one thing that didn't make sense to me is "Why not 'remove' the individuals causing the problem?" Well, perhaps they 𝘢𝘳𝘦 deserving of being here because that truly 𝘪𝘴 them at their core. Problem is, what if it's not?

  40. I went to jail for a while it’s scary to think about that as a microcosm of the universe as it is presented to us. But it’s seems it could be true. There were men in the jail who would be damned to think about getting out. It was all about being there and being lost in the jail process. Doing drugs in jail and trying to escape to a state of mind that was numb but no closer to truth in fact seemingly farther from it

  41. What if it began with one soul? Or a few souls. Divided in to more bodies to gather more loosh. Dividing the soul dumbs it down so it/we are easier to manipulate.

  42. Interesting to see you arrived at the prison planet concept using the same internal and external sources as I. Internally used hypnosis, years of meditation (TM), lucid dreaming, OBE, and remote viewing. Externally reading and studying much of what you did. You did not mention Nigel Kerner. His 3 books echo the same theme but with a strong scientific analysis of it all. Actually defines our soul as an electromorphic signature. Aliens have learned to capture this and it’s even illustrated on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids in Dendera. Said to be a “ soul container.” Apparently greys/Reprilians with their AI masters have learned to extract, transfer, or contain souls. If you believe the Secret Space Program stories, such “soul borrowing” was central in extracting a soul, putting it into a clone body, and using it for 20 years for everything from drug running, super warriors, smart machines, and sadly sex trafficking then returning it to the original sleeping body about 15 earth minutes later. Appears t8me travel exists with limitations enforced by some alien time masters. That’s very crazy. Some of this time was spent on earth and some on the moon, Mars, and Ceres. What to do after death? Won’t be going to the false light the aliens see as a moth to the flame. In this case zapping your soul with massive electrical discharge to erase your memory and place your soul where they wish. The only trickery is getting you to this point. You have no choice or memory once captured. Look within for your light. Focus on returning to Source. If asked by captors who we are and where we are going, reply as Jesus advised in the gnostic texts. Like you I realize this could be all wrong. Wish it were. Someone in a post mentioned it falls under cognitive dissonance. Yes it does if you reach the point of believing this could actually be true. One final comment about life on earth prior to death. Yes agree with Bob Monroe on Loosh. This “emotional honeypot” we provide the universe gets bigger with all the dissension the aliens create with neural engagement of our leaders and prominent individuals. It’s important not to get caught up in the fear. Stay focused on what this all is and more importantly that we are immortal souls. We can reach a level of enlightenment which can assist our escape….at least I hope.

  43. Sorry, you're foolish. You mention Buddhism briefly and then completely ignore the Buddha's teachings, which make far more sense. Buddhism doesn't teach passive acceptance of our karma. It recommends intense work. RTFM

  44. Other beings wont rescue humans cuz they don't care and probably dislike humans they dont see the effort being valuable and too much energy and time used up on this trivial matter.

  45. Has anyone considered the possibility that if you believe in Christ he will be there to guide you beyond this life when you die ? Obviously most of us don’t know what to do if we don’t enter the tunnel of light. But what if Christ appears to to guide us on our journey beyond ?

  46. I have a story relating to this. I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I will make a post about this because it is a lot to tell.

  47. The obvious problem with the theory is the question that why in a good spiritual world , suddenly demurge like darkness emerges? Where does the demurge inherit it's darkness from? If darkness can be the emergent phenomenon in spiritual worlds then spiritual world is no better than earth matrix, it is also caught in it's own process of creation that leads to demurge. How can light give birth to darkness? Secondly if such darkness exists what's the guarantee it won't catch you even after an escape. You got in it once , you can be kidnapped any time till this darkness exists and allowed to exist.

  48. thank you. regarding the increasing population, one persistent notion that comes to me is that souls are also fragmenting, as in we are torn apart. which is perhaps why so many people feel such a compulsion to find their twin soul/s and soul mate/s, rather than engage in work towards individuation and soul recovery to become a whole unit.

  49. this reminds me of when I was first away from my abusive mother at college. this was about 20 years ago now. I had moved very far away from home on purpose. I had a sort of mental break that year, aided by some low-grade marijuana. but at the time, buildings seemed unusual and very tall to me. I remember being unsettled and scared by the sheer height and flat faces of most buildings. I felt like I was in a world I didn't belong in. I felt like i was watching people from the outside in. a very intense disassociation that was ongoing and new to me. it brings to mind the fact that in my soul, I've had this sense of distrust towards many entities since I was very young- to the point that I will hide in the bushes while they pass by and don't see me, at certain points when my mindset aligns/unaligns just right. it always comes out of nowhere and feels instinctual to stay hidden in those moments. I've never been able to explain it aside from "residuals of trauma probably."

  50. You mention Monroe but what about Tom Campbell (Physicist) who worked with Monroe to discover hemisync and how to travel OBE? He says we are in a sort of matrix and our purpose is love and to achieve entropy He does say that we reincarnate but that is where he then diverges from anything similar to Monroe.

  51. This post is just mind blowing and I look forward to checking out all the embedded links and references. I read as many of the comments as I could as well. Many people asked, what's the deal with the growing population... where are all these new souls coming from? I definitely suggest checking out Dolores Cannon. She has a theory about the three waves of "volunteers" who have been coming to the planet since I think the 1940's. This can also tie into the idea of Starseeds, souls that came from outside dimensions to help the ones stuck here on Earth. This could explain the influx of new souls. I try to remain somewhat optimistic that that universal love exists and that many extraterrestrial entities and souls care very much about helping us. It's the only thing that helps me not lose sleep over nuclear annihilation every damn night. I really believe that if it comes to that, outside forces will intercept. At least I'd like to believe so. We are of too much value to them to let us all expire.

  52. also there is evidence that Jesus spoke of reincarnation but it was wiped from the books. Perhaps all it takes is awareness to get out and they couldn't have people aware of the process

  53. I dont think anything here is incompatible with God. Just that there are other evil entities that want to keep you trapped rather than see you sit at God's side. And they're willing to deceive and trick you based on your own beliefs to get it.

  54. so if we are to believe in the negative aspects of past life regressions and ET encounters OBE's etc. What about all the evidence for the positive? For example nature is symbiotic, humans naturally will help one another because of the unconscious recognition that helping another is helping yourself. I'm not opposed to this theory and it does make sense in some aspects. Anyone here interested in the Ra Law of One material? I just don't see how there can be so much joy and happiness on this planet if there are only negative entities out there fucking with us.

  55. Some how people need to share these ideas. They do erase all our memories. An these reddit forums can always be taken down. I mean these entities that send us back over an over again, are spirtual beings also. No different than us. Lol these spirits or aliens that make us feel guilty never try this place. Maybe we need another way to function, instead eating animals. We need these bodies to absorb energy from he sun. When we eat an animal, we could definitely be born in those bodies.

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