Escape From Tarkov | Weekly Discussion | 10 Apr, 2021 - 17 Apr, 2021

  1. Just got this game 2/3 days ago, sitting at near lvl 8 with 1.2mil and I’ve been having pretty good fun. Can’t wait for the flea market I have an abundance of keys Ill probably sell.

  2. No, you only get back what is insured and nobody else has extracted the raid with. That being said not all items can be insured, ex. ammo. You get the magazine back but not the ammo inside the mag

  3. Quick question. Does shturmans stash spawn every raid, or only when he does? I thought it was the latter, but couldn't find anything on google

  4. I reinstalled the game mid wipe and I agree, its terrible. However the experience gets a little better once you unlock the flea market and start making money through that.

  5. Holy crap amazing raid. Spotted a fully loaded chad crawling to regen stam. Got the headshot. Didnt see any buddies so i ran up to loot. Blue laser! Run away circle back. Spot the blue laser budy by a tree. Headshot! Go loot... get headshot by a third buddy.

  6. Tarkov is basically unplayable right now. Just wanna know if bsg is even aware of that? Waited all week to play and its down. In the sense that I'm only able to connect to a raid for 6 mins then get perma disconnects from the server. This is my 3rd kit gone now because of this bullshit.

  7. I know there is a list of items you can get from hidden stashes, but I have been getting super lucky lately. Just scaved interchange and got a Slick Armor and a Vulkan Helmet.

  8. No one knows, Stashes can have literally any item in the game (that fits inside, so no huge backpacks) except Labs/Reserve-only items.

  9. Did they fix bitcoins somehow? Haven't played in a couple weeks and see my coins sell for half as much?

  10. In order to trade an item for the flea market, my items have to be FiR? Im trying to get a red keycard, i saw a decent offer and when i was trying to buy it (25 Graphics, a t h i c c case and a RR) it says my items need to be functional which means Found in Raid, it is always like this?

  11. anyone have any idea what the flea cost is to put up a red keycard for 100 million is? all you see is stupid high prices for these cards, surely they arent making that much profit off it?

  12. I just failed The Guide on my 2nd to last map from a 'server connection lost' into 'game completed or aborted'. Ever so slightly salty rn.

  13. Anyone ever seen killa in a different part of the mall? Got killed at the main entrance bottom of stairs by him last night right as raid started

  14. He can chase people to a lot of locations but if he spawned down there its most likely a glitch. The further hes supposed to spawn is right at the base of front escalator

  15. New to the game: is there any plan to add gore down the line? I love realistic games, and Tarkov really scratches a lot of my realism itches about games, but I'm kinda puzzled by the absence of gore in the game. Both from a visual perspective (it's kinda weird to see people get blown by nades but not seeing any limbs fly) and from a gameplay perspective, it'd be cool to see if injured limbs by nades/shootguns were visibly gorey. I do understand that poses a big developing challenge, but the game is so detailed already I don't think they couldn't pull it off.

  16. There was some discursion about this. Dont expect a lot, and definitely not soon, but BSG plans on making the game a bit more gore. Its just not a priority at all.

  17. cool idea but... once you blow someone into pieces and theres limbs lying 5-10 feet apart. what part of the body do you loot? can my mate search the players arm where the guy originally died whilst im looting the guy aswell but its the foot 10 feet away?

  18. No, there is not servers in South America, and the servers are trash even if you have 10 ping, what happened in that clip has nothing to do with ping actually, just shitty servers

  19. Not every weapon needs to be a military grade rifle. I have posted about it already but we could use more civilian rifles in the game. The

  20. How important is the covert movement stat? Just hit level 23, I feel as if people know exactly where I am.

  21. It’s great for indoors and creeping up on scavs. Just toggle into it (CAPS lock) and use it to listen and move around. It levels okay so no need to grind it.

  22. It can be really good at higher levels. I personally have it about mid level (Im level 43 overall). There are some clips out there of people sneaking up right behind people because of a highly leveled version of this skill.

  23. Is everything delayed for anyone else? I've played two raids and have died to silent bullets and no cues that I'm being shot. Then I just drop dead and then the gunshots go off after the screen goes black

  24. I hate when a player scav shoots at you so you shoot back and kill them to defend yourself but then the ai scavs are mad at you 😤

  25. Does the FLIR and thermals in general have different range depending on the gun it is on? I swear I was using it on the MDR on sniper rock earlier and saw most of lumbermill no problem, but then tried it with an svd and I couldn't see as much?

  26. It depends on the distance from the scope to your eye. With svd try svd low side rail or w/e its said.

  27. Can we please drop the volume of the headshot sound, it's literally painful. Not to mention I'm pretty sure you would be dead before the sound of the bullet hitting gets to your ears.

  28. Tarkov must be played at dangerous volume levels to still hear footsteps unless you use an audio compressor such as Voicemeter Banana. This will decrease the difference between quiet and loud sounds to your needs.

  29. If any sound coming from your headphones is painful, you need to lower your overall volume. Don't fuck with your hearing.

  30. were do you find pmcs on woods? Im trying to do tarkov shooter 8. Sniping three pmcs in the same raid isnt hard because of the bolt action. My only issue seems to be seeing 3 pmcs in the same raid. Don't get me wrong I have failed the quest seeing 3 dudes two times now, but more often then not I get 2 kills then see nobody else the last 40 min of raid and end up extracting. I think I'm close to 40 raids into doing this quest.

  31. Attempt this during peak hours as well, weekends when most players are on day time. It's just about getting the right raid

  32. Here's what you do... Get three of your friends and all set your servers to something obscure where the time is 1 am or something, and no one is on. Then don't get in a squad just queue for woods at the same time. Then all you need to do is find each other and line up a collateral headshot for extra style points.

  33. I find them naturally, just loot the villages on the north (they have a good loot) and you'll meet some juicy bois. Also you can stick around a scav house because most people extract on outskirts. May be considered exit camping but that's tarkov.

  34. I would take a thermal bolty and a VPO with me then push the spawn, get the first kill. Then try to go to the old sawmill and snipe up the sniper mountain if I don't hear any gun fire. Then really just try to chase gun fire or chill around in sawmill. Usually doesn't take that long to finish the quest.

  35. Just downloaded the game. played all sorts of FPS. want to give this a try. What should I know? all tips are welcome. Also if there's a thread for beginner advice, sorry in advance. I looked but couldn't find one.

  36. One, learn the maps. Go into offline raid, load up map on second monitor if you have it, do couple raids with just scavs. You won't get anything, you won't lose anything, only increase your map knowledge and get used to the guns.

  37. Google “game maps tarkov,” it’s an app I have on my PC, on my second monitor. Really helpful, has multiple versions of all of the maps, including secret stashes, PMC/Scav spawns, etc. I like the app a lot.

  38. Knowledge is everything in this game. I really recommend watching Pestily's raid series on YouTube. 3 is for the current wipe. Also eft wiki is your best friend.

  39. Adding on to what the guy said, try and be aware of ways to increase your knowledge of maps when you're playing. I'm a first wiper here, and its HUGE to know the dangerous areas, the safer areas, where you can run and walk. Try not to fall into the trap of always slow moving, it just makes you easier to kill if someone sneaks up on you.

  40. I got a green keycard in the 85k scav case and I'm wondering what to do with it, any ideas? I see all of them on the flea are up for bartering, how many GPUs do you reckon I'll get for it?

  41. I always thought I am immune to gear fear while buying cheap setups or using the ones I got from scav raids but today I found thing I was dreaming about, gpnvg -28. I am level 8, ultimate noob, if I die, I cannot it get till I am level 10 but I soo want to go outside in night. Gear fear is real!

  42. Has fragmentation been fixed, or are low penetration rounds still trash and won't fragment even though that's their whole design?

  43. When should you run, when should you walk and when should you caps lock? Most of the times when fighting close quarters I just crouch and caps lock. The problem with that is I'm too slow and immobilized but I feel like running and getting myself heard also gets me killed. I'm not really good at movement in this game. Anyone care for some tips?

  44. You mean for the Jaeger quest? It'll be a brown box with cracks in it and water drop. It'll be near your stomach if youre looking at your character in your inventory and on the top left when in game.

  45. What is the best strategy to get kills for Insomnia? Night time factory has been absolutely dead, and resort on shoreline seems semi dead too :/

  46. Just go interchange. Inside the mall is easy to see and raids aren’t dead. Rush towards tech spawns or camp high traffic avenues and you’ll kill a bunch of hatchet runners.

  47. Night raids are mostly empty. Play them at around 16pm your local time. Best way to get kills is to use some DMR with thermal scope at Woods. You'll piss a lot of people off but if they didn't want to be pissed off they shouldn't have played tarkov in the first place.

  48. Can someone give me their graphics settings and/or postfx settings? I have a 2060 and an i7 10750h w 16 gb ram but this game refused to stay up to 50-60 frames. I do run 1440p but still.

  49. Guys, noob question. Found a pestily mask during a raid and brought it back. A trader can give it 50k rubles for me, which is pretty solid for me considering im lvl 5. Sell it or keep it until I unlock the flea market?

  50. Sell it, but like michaelsloboda said, check prices on tarkov-market and compare to trader buy back price.

  51. I’ve got a standard account and am still below level 10. My stash is pretty much full as I’ve still got most of the starting gear which I’ve stashed away in backpacks along with the gear you get given by prapor and gear I’ve picked up on a few very lucky pmc runs. I’ve also got three lots of gear that may or may not be coming back under insurance which I have no room for.

  52. Is it just me or is sanitar fucking cracked. Twice I’ve fought him in villa and no matter what angle I take, close or far, they three sixty no scope me

  53. I've had times where he just pulls a full 180 and head/eyes me instantly. Other times he's so cracked out on meds that he speeds around healing up all the damage we deal to him. Rarely does it go smoothly but we usually kill him. Last night we got back to back Sanitar kills but one of the matches he tanked around 50 x 9mm AP rounds before dying

  54. Are we talking about sanitar or his followers? Sanitar is not that hard because he doesn't pack an armor. Followers are a little harsher but still not that bad.

  55. Rule 2 is weird "Standalonescreenshot that doesn't provide any new information" this includes any context you want to give a post through a picture... Even when you crop the pic. Meaning you can't show anything. Funny enough you can even go around the rule by posting smth and then editing it and put a picture to it. The moderators are people too so they can't see everything so why not allow cropped screenshots ? For the sake of giving context to a boring looking post

  56. on the other hand if you're walking, not running, but walking, given his helmet, how in hell is he supposed to realistically hear you? scav changes are alright but scavs sniping you with shotguns head eyes is still an issue, why not make them unable to headshot, any normal untrained person would realistically aim for centermass

  57. I've been getting pretty consistent PVP action in resort on shoreline over the past couple days. Just gotta hang around long enough and make sure to check East, West, and Admin. Sometimes yeah it's dead just go reset and try again.

  58. eh empty labs raid is always better than the classic full of cheaters labs raid so i'm never gonna complain about that ^^

  59. I had a few dead labs raids, which is fucking amazing for raider farming, but all other raids ive had plenty of players oh so rudely interrupting my looting.

  60. When are they going to add text chat like Hunt for us Mutes? Would like to play with friends one day, but without a way to communicate in-game it's just getting shot by teammates or shooting teammates.

  61. well adding a text chat client to the game is gonna make the server load heavier, and given the god awful current state of the game concerning latency, tick rate and stability it's not coming for a while

  62. Lately I updated my graphics card drivers since a different game was freezing constantly. Ever since I did that I get massive Fps drop when I ads with scopes. Has anyone had an issue like this?

  63. Okay so this is my first wipe, but I’m level 22 and have a 1.34 KD which is acceptable imo. I just got my Bitcoin farm two days ago. Issue is this:

  64. Yes. I only hoard a few of my decked guns that I know I’ll use and lazy to make another one. Most guns I just sell after raid cuz I can just buy another one if I want it. Strip good parts, sell on flea, etc. don’t stash a ton of chest rigs. They’re all fairly cheap on flea by now.

  65. So, what the hell do I do with empty metal fuel cans? I don't need another grenade case, and flechette ammo is cheap otherwise. Neither of those crafts are profitable even when the price of the fuel can is treated as zero, so do I just sell to a dealer for pocket change? I almost feel like I should be buying expeditionary tanks just so that I can turn them into magazine cases and lucky scav boxes, which aren't profitable either, but at least I'd get secondary utility out of those cases, unlike having a dozen grenade cases.

  66. How is turning them into grenade cases and selling to whichever vendor gives you the most for it not profitable? Bolts and Screw nuts are everywhere as well

  67. What level is your hideout management & crafting skill? If anything I would just craft a grenade case while you're sleeping or at work (if you have all the other parts, bolts & scissors are the profit killer) then just vendor it to Ragman, I'm not sure what it sells for on the flea market. Would be purely to level your skills.

  68. The game literally tells you the first time you boot it up that you will die. A lot. I don’t know what you were expecting. While you are entitled to your opinion, a lot of people have fun with Tarkov, myself included sooo 🤷

  69. Sounds like someone wants their hand held in a hardcore game. Any little research into Tarkov will tell you this game is brutal. It takes up to 100 hours of raiding to even get decent at this game.

  70. Yep, will definitely fail soon. That's why the player base has grown every year. You should email BSG and ask for a refund, make sure to post their response to you.

  71. LMAO I love comments like these. "Hey guys I played for 4 hours I can tell you DEFINITIVELY this game is trash so you're welcome :)"

  72. Can anyone tell me why my tarkov makes my pc plain reboot? As if I pressed the restart button out of the blue... no lag/delay/spikes/fps drop or anything..

  73. Take a look at Vox_E's best Tarkov settings on YT. Perhaps changing some settings will fix your issue.

  74. I just got a new pc and have only played once. Ryzen 7 3700X, 32 gb RAM too and this happened. I boosted my fan speed in case overheating was the issue, so we'll see if it happens again. Definitely worrisome.

  75. Anytime I load in with my PMC I’m dead in minutes as there is always another player PMC around. Load in with a Scav and I run about looting and extract no problem wtf..

  76. Yup, exact same thing here. Only in the past week has it been bad like this, for months I was playing just fine as solo. The past week I'm dead within 60 seconds probably half the time I play. Is something going on?

  77. If you aren't already, definitely start looking at some maps with player spawns, and try to be cautious of the nearby spawns, especially if you're going in solo, if you're not thinking about player spawns, you're increasing your chances of running straight into someone at the start, or you're creating an easy target of yourself for players that want to rush other spawns

  78. Did the time to farm bitcoins go down? I reset my account and just got the farm back up. I went to bed last night with ~10 hours left, and when I checked it just now there's a coin ready and only ~18 hours left. Normally the coins are like 36-38 hours apart.

  79. Some dude charged me whilst I was sitting behind a couple rocks minding my own business for a couple minutes(responding to a work email) and knew exactly where I was smh.

  80. What could be a cause of stutters/freezes when shooting happens? Fps is fine before that, but while shooting/getting shot at it just outright freezes for around ~0.5 seconds.

  81. How long does it take to max out strength and endurance? Is it easily attainable with the air filter?

  82. Very easy to obtain with air filters and getting STR up without the air filter sucks balls. You likely have the spare money so just run it

  83. Endurance happens fairly naturally, you just need to run a lot. Strength takes ages on the other hand. I am level 52 now, had max Endurance since the early 40s, but strength is still at level 24. However, I also don't have a air filter running all the time and do the overweight running trick only sometimes.

  84. My brother and I tested our computers on this site before buying the game. There should be a button that will auto test your system for you and tell you whether you can run it

  85. Two things matter above all else for pvp in this game, ammo and positioning/map knowledge.

  86. We have all been there. Im level 27, started playing in February. My worst moment was when I lost 5 consecutives M4 in Customs raids trying to do a simple quest. Four out of five times I didn't even see who shot me. With practice you learn at what times, what maps and what spots have people camping more commonly, and Interchange is so dark and has so many angles I would recomend avoiding all the center of the map. Most people playing by this time of the wipe are level 30 or more and have enough cash to wear level 6 armour and best ammo in the game. So when you think they kill you in 2 shots and you have to hit them 13 times it might actually be true. Do like me and just take this wipe as practice and try to have fun. I lately mostly do sniper raids and try to farm Reshala cause I love fighting his guards. My survival rate is about 45%, and it is so high because I do a shit ton of secret stash runs on woods. If not it would be like 25%.

  87. Aside from learning ammo and armor types, map knowledge is extremely important. Learning hot spots and spawn points will help you lots.

  88. Cant tell if they killed me because they were cheating, peeker’s advantage/shitty netcode, or if they genuinely outplayed me.

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