[NSFW] I'm addicted to tiktok, so I built a tiktok for porn site

  1. How is the content generated? You’re in for a world of hurt if there are no creator compensation algorithm.

  2. The reddit app pretty much does it perfectly already if you have a dedicated porn accounts. Unlimited video swiping through your favourite porn subreddits.

  3. I wonder what someone’s favorite porn subreddits would be. Maybe someone can give some insight for research purposes.

  4. So all he needed to do was this? “Hey guys so um I’m kinda embarrassed but check out my passion project. Any feedback on the site? How’s the layout?”

  5. It would be interesting if you told me that it can l log user interest and store users data like the TikTok algorithm does. Did you use SQL?

  6. Also. If you need serious feedback for a monetary build of the site, ask me. I’ll be completely straight.

  7. Wow very impressive can you personal message me so we can collaborate. Not interested in the content but the network itself very impressive that you built that

  8. I can't imagine that being satisfying. It'd be like someone finding the right spot, getting you close then changing something and you've lost it.

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