MySpace -> FaceBook -> Instagram -> TikTok -> What's the next big thing??

  1. Therapists treating massive amounts of narcissism disorders as influencers and peacocks ages into the “ who gives a fuck about you anymore?” Phase that comes for everyone who needs hipster social approval but has to fit a certain age and demo to keep it.

  2. This right here might legitimately become more of a thing. People will realize their phones are now designed to maximize a person's time on their phone.

  3. Yeah right, my youngest sibling is 12 and he can't even fathom me living in the mountains and not having a wifi connection. I have some cell phone reception, that's all I need. These kids are addicted.

  4. Ironic social media, where AI bots post messages to humans to pass amongst each other in a social network where they are ultimately re-uploaded and shared to AI consumers for the bots amusement.

  5. I believe you are absolutely correct. If you look at when different platforms became popular you see a trend over 2 years. Facebook 2010, Instagram 2012, Snapchat 2014. While there was a gap after that is probably because of the aqcuisition of Instagram by Facebook in 2012 and then Instagram creating InstaStories shortly after the Snapchat success, eating into their market.

  6. I think that the problem with Tik tok is that it’s very short term the videos are to short if they made a Tik tok with videos that last up to 5 minutes that would be good. The other problem with Tik tok is that sometimes the algorithm is too good for example if I like dogs it will only show me dogs but eventually I get bored of dogs and need something new to discover but how can I discover something new if it’s only showing me what it knows I already like.

  7. Wrong framing here. The paradigm shift with tiktok isn't video, it's putting discoverability of engaging content above all else, in place of curation like seeing your friends' posts.The recommendation engine is eating feeds, replacing the "social" part of social media. FB/IG is following suit.

  8. These platforms don't do the things you describe. TikTok is not about videos, it's about attention, promise of fame, mitigating boredom, inspiration from content creators, being part of something through challenges and trends, being seen, knowing what's trending so you can talk about it and not be lame.

  9. Also interesting that OP didn’t mention YouTube or Vine for videos. I wasn’t on it, but I feel like vine lasted about as long as tiktok has been out. I’m not saying that they’re comparable at pure forcforce of users, but tiktok is still newish.

  10. There needs to be an app like Tinder or OKCupid (or rather, the way OKCupid used to be) but for making ***PLATONIC FRIENDS***. Making friends as an adult is *stupid* hard, and people on other social media platforms are trying to hook up with one another so consistently that they often treat you like you're hitting on them even when you're legitimately just wanting to grab coffee and talk about videogames.

  11. There is one like this for moms called Peanut and it’s basically the same as Tinder (I imagine, too old to have tried it) where you talk to a bunch of people, make a lot of plans, and no one ever follows through.

  12. I thought that’s what adultfriendfinder is for? To make friends with other adults, right guys?

  13. How the fuck should anybody know? Vine was TikTok before TikTok and didn’t make it. Are you talking about the next platform itself or the next social format to be popular?

  14. Unless instagram goes back to being instagram I think you can cross that off the list. Instagram is becoming the Great Value brand tik tok and everyone is catching on.

  15. Personally stopped using IG after the ignorant amount of changes to the algorithm and so on. My reach is nowhere close to where it used to be. Tik Tok engagement is great.. Facebook has died and only used for the older audience. Twitter slowly also dying imo also

  16. I think you’re right. It’s interesting bc their product-zeitgeist fit is insane given the prevalence of the “social media is inauthentic and superficial” sentiment

  17. We seem to have completely bypassed audio in this list. Wonder if there is a space for short-form audio content of ~10s each (we have longform w/ podcasts).

  18. Shit-Talk: It's like Tinder meets Chatroulette, but instead of matching with people who share similar likes and interests, you match with people with opposing opinions and world views. Once you match, you can start talking shit via DM, or open up a video chat and just scream away at each other until one of you gives up.

  19. Automated AI managed social media profiles. Right now you have to manually manage all of the content on the social media apps. Manually pic and post the pictures/videos, manually caption them or name them, manually follow and emoji, manually reply and post text, etc... you get the picture.

  20. I just got an oculus. I beat Half Life, and messed around with steam VR a bit. I'm a hobbyist game developer as well. Any good resources for the best VR content to take a look at? It looks like 90% sifting through shovel ware.

  21. Social interaction. Hopefully we'll regress to actually communicating organically and having stronger social skills and emotional intelligence.

  22. I'm very disappointed by the shift to mobile. A tiny touch screen is a piss-poor way to use a computer. I judge it to be usable only in the most extreme emergencies, and even then, it's frustrating and painful. I hope the next big thing is a switch to bigger displays. I'm not optimistic

  23. Why? We can carry extremely pixel-dense, high quality displays in our pocket without even knowing it’s there. Nobody wants to carry around tablets 24/7, and the whole point/trap of it is that it’s an instant dopamine hit every time you’re a little bit bored when going about your life.

  24. MicroBook -> Short form videos with short form text of the stuff you ate yesterday going out to just your friends, but on a repeat cycle so they see it whenever they haven't seen it in a year or more

  25. Those are a function of lower attention span and fast, digestible, never ending info. SO I would guess something in that direction.

  26. I hope it will move toward smaller, organic social networks, though I might just be nostalgic for irc lmao. This whole viral propagation/attention economy experiment has gone off the rails imho.

  27. Hopefully, the next big thing is Web3.0 and a really well developed Blockchain application that takes back the power these social media sites have. This would have the huge benefit of the user themselves being able to decide EXACTLY what data gets "sold" with the GIGANTIC added benefit of the user themselves receiving the advertising\etc money that would have previously gone to the "facebook" like company.

  28. Im a firm beliver in web0.3! Started in 2020 hoarding up crypto and keeping up to date. Crypto is the last battlefield of being free from corpotated and gov control.

  29. Socialised ‘justice’ platforms (focusing on meeting in person aka telegram + meetup, with potential to stay anonymous via masks like a DAO)

  30. AI bots that chat with humans, become friends and bots suggest products and services instead earn with ads. Fucked level 100! Maybe i will start to develop it tomorrow...

  31. Not exactly the same thing but I think there will he another evolution on audio/podcasts soon, especially as they are being more effectively monetised.

  32. I think AR will be the next logical evolution, it's just that the tech is not here yet. Let's wait 2/3 years and see what Apple and other companies will do with AR glasses/devices!

  33. TikTok has mastered the platform for vanishingly short attention spans. The next big thing is going to be enhanced virtual reality social spaces. Most likely Meta.

  34. Directly stimulating the pleasure center of the brain via a button on your phone that only works some of the time.

  35. It will go it one of two opposite directions. Either it will snap back and kids will start rejecting it (unlikely but possible) or the big tech firms (what ‘meta’ is trying to do) will create a VR hub where you can shop, socialize, debate, play video games, make music, make art, even go to school, etc… (most likely). At first their will be Apple land, Microsoft land, Meta land, Google land, Amazon land, Sony land, Nintendo land, etc. But as with all things, mergers and partnerships will turn it into a few giants, and then the next generation after that will be just one, one monolithic digital VR world (and jokes aside) will probably require some sort of implant, which will have been normalized in the previous above generation with the likes of Apple or Nintendo/ Sony, since public trust is the other companies is so low. The same way it took Apple to be the one to usher in touch/ smart phones.

  36. some platform where you actually own the content you upload, most likely blockchain related when technology truly support it.

  37. Current algorithms can only guess whether you're gonna like the content they show you next. The real innovation is going to be an algorithm that will cut out the middle man and accurately engage with the content for the user

  38. All of those things except on VR in the next 5 years is the only difference. Especially as more companies start to adopt the technology for meetings etc and not having to travel. Student sponsored hospitals already use it for teaching purposes or to discuss procedures with other specialists around the world.

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