Help with identification. I think it may be a weevil but im not sure.

  1. Yes. Perfect protein source. I used to chum the lake with Asian lantern bug parts. No natural predators out here. . . Have at it. . .

  2. Wow, thanks for all the comments. I'll make sure to dispatch it swiftly!!! Ive seen a few mature lanternfly at the airport i work at and have taken care of them without hesitation, ill make sure to do the same to this one as well as any more i see. Also, I apparently have to brush the heck up on the lanternflys life cycle, the more I know the better, thanks everyone again!!!

  3. Make sure you report it to your local state agency or use iMapInvasives. It really helps paint a picture of their spread when people make reports.

  4. Sorry to piggyback on my own comment but thanks again for all the replies, I didn't expect this post to garner much attention! What started out as curiosity seems to have turned into an invaluable PSA, thanks for all the input from everyone!

  5. Thats terrible! My naivete led me to believe I may have had an uncommon weevil yet here I am both hastily educated and with an invasive nuisance. Best of luck on eradication friend!

  6. Lol! Spotted lantern fly for sure. There’s been a lot of posts on this sub lately regarding it… If you scroll through you should be able to find one that shows photos of it throughout its life stages.

  7. I have them too. Spotted lanternfly nymph, they'll grow to full size in like October. Kill them with clorox or stomp on them. They eat and destroy trees. They are extremely invasive and have no natural predators.

  8. I'm in northeast Pennsylvania and this little guy was sitting on the peak of one of my duck houses. I think its a weevil but I haven't seen one before that was all black with white spots. It had a weevil like beak and was probably about the size of a dime if not a bit smaller. The house sits directly under a walnut tree as well if theres any correlation to be made there. Thanks in advance!

  9. definitely a spotted lanternfly nymph. our fig tree was covered with them and we sprayed them with neem oil and vinegar. definitely helped and they didn’t go to the next stage.

  10. I’m late to this thread but just wanted to add advice because I don’t see it yet. Where I’m from (NJ), we are desperately trying to stamp these dudes out. Part of eliminating these things means cutting down trees they are attracted to, especially Tree of Heaven. They are one of their favorite host trees. I know it sucks cutting down trees, time consuming, physically exhausting but you’ll have a swarm of these assholes flocking to it if you don’t anyways.

  11. The problem with the tree of heaven is when it’s rooted it’s really hard to get rid of. I have been trying everything to get rid of the ones in my yard. They’re almost worse than the bamboo. I don’t intentionally kill anything but mosquitos that are biting me and now these guys. It makes me sad but they’re terrible.

  12. I thought at first "that weevil looks an awful lot like a spotted lanternfly." But I dismissed this thought because I didn't believe anyone would ever confuse a plant hopper for a weevil. Came to comments to find the answer I had inside me all along.

  13. It's unlikely you saw the same bug in South Florida, but if you did and if it happens again, you must capture it and contact the Florida Dept. of Agriculture. So far the insect hasn't made it farther south than North Carolina, so it would be a significant development to find one anywhere in Florida.

  14. I have seen one here...and there and killed the lone ones. This past weekend I was walking my dog along a tree line surrounding a warehouse. I found THOUSANDS of them. I was freaked out. I counted over 60 of them on 4 inches on a small branch near the bottom of a tree. I called the "lantern bug reporting hotline' after they took the report... I asked them what happens next. I was told someone will be in contact to suggest how to handle it. I asked if they send someone out to spray them.. and was told it's up to the property owner. Told her I don't know who ownes the property and surrounding woods and was told" WELL I DONT EITHER!!!" and was then hung up on. Needless to say 3 days later I was still never contacted. Nobody at the state level cares!

  15. I think I read some where that there is a website for reporting sightings and locations? Maybe State agriculture sites?

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