Folks were interested in these guys in another sub. Acrida cinerea aka the Longheaded locust/grasshopper. Jeju-do, South Korea. More details in comments.

  1. These guys fill the niche as any hopper or locust would stateside. They come in brown or green, eventually sprout wings, and get pretty sizable around this time of year. They’re not nearly as quick as other locusts and you can easily scoop one up or even let one just awkwardly walk onto your hand. And I mean awkwardly. They move like they aren’t sure how to fully stand on their obnoxiously long legs. They could be considered a pest, but they never did any damage to my garden, just munched on crab grass which I’m totally okay with. They honestly remind me of corn husks or even grass seeds/pods. I love’em and their goofy expression always puts me in a good mood.

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