Crazy stuff - Twitter offices shutdown amid fears of sabotage

  1. Can we finally get the whole world to understand that billionaires are just very lucky and in many cases fail up?

  2. I thought even a complete idiot could last a couple months, but I underestimated the competence of the biggest fraud of our time

  3. I want the stupid vegas loop to fall apart just as quickly so that he can't peddle that shit over actual functional transit anymore.

  4. Imagine creating so much resentment at a company within such a short space of time that you have to stop everyone from coming in because you're paranoid they will become vengeful.

  5. He spends a ton of time getting smoke blown up his ass by right wingers and fascists and people who think he's on their side, which he mainly is. He has no perspective at all, he doesn't hang around people who can be honest with him, he doesn't have any capacity to listen to criticism, he's just an absolutely rotten person. Just totally rotten. That post about Paul Pelosi being in a gay lover's tryst, you see it and you're going 'what is his angle here, is he trolling for some ulterior motive?' No that's just the veil being pierced, that's how bad of a human being he is. Shitty people do shitty things, they can't help themselves.

  6. I went through an acquisition that was - to put it mildly - 'acrimonious'. Lots of bad feelings between the acquired team (my team) and the acquirer's team. Lots of unpopular and seemingly capricious requests were made by the new CEO, teams were scrambling to integrate technologies, offices we really liked in downtown San Francisco were closed and we were relocated to a boring small Silicon Valley suburb. People were incredibly annoyed and there was lots of bad blood at all levels. A handful of people resigned because they saw the changes as a downgrade from what we had prior.

  7. He's the guy that paid way above market price, didn't want to do due diligence. Thought he could run up the value crypto boy style, then bail on the deal with a sack full of profit. However, his bluff got called and now he's truly up to his neck in shit. The Chinese and Saudis will pick his carcus clean

  8. 99.99% of teenagers will have more common sense than this idiot. Even if they didn’t, one can hope that they will get some as they grow older. If only we could say that about the chief twit.

  9. This is the most fun I’ve had watching a dumpster fire in a really long time. Every day it somehow manages to get exponentially worse.

  10. Aye, watching a boastful and bombastic billionaire spectacularly fail is a rare, exquisite, comforting and nourishing delicacy.

  11. This is beyond a dumpster fire at this point. This has reached "subject of a three-hour Youtube documentary in 2050".

  12. You should check out the Intellivision Amico saga if you enjoy dumpster fires. HBomberguy touches on some of it in his recent video.

  13. It’s amazing how quickly everything falls into shambles when musk doesn’t have a company of desperate engineers to hold him up

  14. This is interesting on a lot of levels. One of them is that this move is like admitting his failure as a leader. Because he has control thanks to money, and not a project or a personality that could bring people closer and help them together.

  15. Because there's a weird guy with untreated mental illness but unlimited amounts of cash controlling their place of employment?

  16. without the insanity of the dot com boom and government throwing tons of subsidies at his companies, he probably would have been the crazy sociopath store manager

  17. That's absolutely disgusting how your ex-boss treated that employee. I am sad for their family. Hopefully the universe pays back that despicable manager (but unfortunately, these types often don't face consequences).

  18. I'm guessing that the guy who's job it is to lock accounts left his badge on his desk and walked out. He isn't going to work all night for free.

  19. This could be a false flag operation though. Blame the libs for closing down the company, making it impossible for him to pull off a stunning Twitter recovery.

  20. That was honestly my reaction when I heard about locking everybody out, and then that report about him being afraid of sabotage.

  21. His only goal for the company is that he rules over the employees and they submit to him. He has no other plan.

  22. I don’t wish failure on anyone normally, but this POS actively tried to sway ppl on things that would benefit so many Americans, especially the bottom 50%. I hope this is a domino that brings it all down

  23. Ha ha ha YES he's actually fully going Hitler in the bunker, the Downfall meme is actually literally happening

  24. Musk is having a mental break after being exposed as an academic fraud - he's currently hiding under his desk in his trashed office with a revolver to his head.

  25. Lol if I lived in the Bay Area I would be so tempted to try to gather a flash mob to start chanting "JUMP JUMP JUMP"

  26. I have to admit, I thought he was going to go all Larry David and pretend that the ultimatum e-mail was a big joke and try to laugh it all off on Friday morning.

  27. I get the feeling that Musk went in there thinking he was the tech version of Gordon Ramsay in Hells Kitchen. When’s he going to realise that he’s like peewee Herman taking over a hospital

  28. Wow. He really just walked into one of the most well known companies in the world and turned it into a fiery shit-show.

  29. You know, as much fun as this is (and it is really fun) I can’t help but to think that he and twitter will be just fine in the end. This whole dramatics that’s happening will boil over and he’ll find a way to get people to get it running again. As much as i wish for his downfall, it ain’t gonna happen

  30. I hate to agree with you but that seems to be how it goes with rich assholes in my experience. Hell, people think of George W Bush as an old fuddy duddy instead of a complete piece of shit war criminal now.

  31. I thought staff were required to report and work in the office.. and if they worked from home they will be sacked........... looks like that is a another policy ... the most amazing man you have ever seen, he is the Emperor, he is King of the Sea, Elon, Elon, Elon Musk has invalidated...

  32. He wanted to destroy this platform. In his mind, it’s a success. Flawed as it was, this was the only place to get a sense of what was real on the ground. You had to walk through insufferable “woke” broken glass to get to it, but it was in there when you wanted to find it. He did say he wanted to “coup who he wanted to.”

  33. Oh no! Someone's not gonna leak the source code on one of these disgusting leak sites will they? There's so many of them!

  34. Everyone is still misreading this. Elon is not allowing Twitter to die because of incompetence. He is an elite footsoldier in the commie Republican cult. He sees his future as an oligarch assured in a government taken over by commie republicans. He will be treated as they treat the oligarchs in commie Russia. He is purposefully destroying Twitter because even though it was flawed it allowed the people to have a voice however small. In communist counties the people have no voice and it’s only elites that have that power. Elon musk has massive daddy issues and went bald at like 25. He’s a hard core Republican all right.

  35. Twitter fired a bunch of people (Kind of?) and they don't know who. Better just block everyone as they don't have a means to control it.

  36. LOL, this is Twitter getting into a Tesla which then runs directly into a brick wall. Can you imagine what his pipe dream of a Mars colony would be like? "If you don't like it here, there's the door. Here's 90 minutes of oxygen."

  37. Hey, you know what. If the ship sinks, it won’t be without Elon having tried. This is going to be downvoted to shit, but the reality is that he attempted (is attempting) to fix the cesspool of propaganda machine that Twitter has become. The reality is much more alarming, as we are seeing. But it needed to happen.

  38. I saw something about how they actually just fired the entire team that handles the badge system and are locked out of the buildings lol this sabotage story is just to save face

  39. So Elon Musk want employees to return to office, but now, he's closed all of Twitter's offices. So how are people going to comply with his RTO demand?

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