That’s why I gave yo ass a 1/5 on ratemyprofessor

  1. I remember on my first Calc II test, I lost 12 points for a question that I had gotten entirely correct. I mean, entirely correct: my work was both correct and neatly ordered, and my final answer was also completely correct. I appealed, of course, and only got four points back because the professor "couldn't read my work". The reason he couldn't read my work? The original grader had crossed it all out (even though it was entirely correct) in red marker.

  2. Depending on how much that would have affected my grade, I would've gone to the Dean with that shit. No way I'm letting you take me down an entire letter grade on my test because of something your grader did.

  3. I agree. If it's stupidly small OP is definitely in the wrong. It's common knowledge that everything on an exam needs to be read easily by another person.

  4. I gave a professor a 1/5 because he got information wrong and he wrote the textbook where he got it all correct.

  5. No no no, he should grade it fairly, but then return the paper with the grade printed so small you could only see it with a magnifying glass!

  6. I remember in my atomic physics class when my professor gave me the Lowest mark because I used a calculator that gave me Slightly different result than his calculator. Obviously, I appalled and I showed him all the steps and using my calculator and it prooved him that it was my calculator. After that he did not want to give me full mark and he said. It is your calculator who failed you hhhh

  7. I had a really shitty professor during covid who taught finite element analysis. We only got pre-recorded lectures which were death by power point. He wasn’t available for office hours. He rarely checked his email. He taught from several states away cause he was working at several universities simultaneously. He spoke horrible English and had the worst handwriting I’ve ever seen. The only compliment I can give the guy is that he graded fairly, but his exams were nothing like the homework. Basically every shitty component a professor can have combined into one.

  8. My professor literally wrote on my paper something along the lines of: my writing is hard to read but yours takes the cake

  9. Heard that a fellow student get a 0 on a midterm because the prof said he couldn't read his writing. Worst part is that the midterm is worth at least 30%, and it's in a course renowned to have a very tough final.

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