Not as bad as some of y’all’s, but I too don’t miss COVID university

  1. I’m at wsu. I’m convinced half the professors don’t even know how to write. But I’ve never seen something as bad as this, although close

  2. I desperately miss covid-u But only because now I can't have ANY online classes. Which is total BS.

  3. Bro 😭 what. And I thought my experience was bad. In my surveying class, we had to switch mid-semester from in person to online. We went from using a theodolite at a site while taking physical measurements, to a zoom call of my professor drawing a triangle for the mountain and a square for the equipment...

  4. Reminds me of one of my ECE programming professors who would forget to switch screens in his online lectures. I am almost 100% sure he was explaining exactly the concepts that were relevant, but we had no clue what he was doing, all we could see was him typing on the keyboard.

  5. I'm so glad that my school had been pushing professors to use this sort of note taking software years ago so when COVID hit, it really wasn't that bad in that regard. Other aspects really fucking sucked, like making our junior and senior labs to be 100% coding based, cause I fucking sucked at coding.

  6. Ive had a few on par with that. Pretty ridiculous thst they just write over stuff they allready wrote over in a different colour.

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