First appointment tomorrow and I’m FREAKING OUT

  1. Hey, I’m sorry you’re dealing with so much right now. An examination is a step to help diagnose and treat your pain. I had a completely clear internal ultrasound and two years later stage 4 endometriosis and endometriomas. I’d anticipate a discussion then an exam like you have for a Pap smear. They may also do an internal or external ultrasound based on whether or not they have that equipment in the room etc. I know you said it’s mentioned in your paperwork but be upfront with the doctor that you’re there because you want help, but have anxiety about the examination. Some people find it helpful to have the doctor say in words what they will do before they do it. Some people don’t. Think about what will be helpful to you. Ultimately their job is to help you figure out what is going on and they are your partner in feeling better. Also having your symptoms logged in your phone is great! I found I sometimes forgot to ask questions I wanted to because I was anxious. Writing my questions in the notes on my phone was really helpful for me.

  2. I can tell you what happened at my appointment if that would help. Firstly we went through the history of my symptoms, and the gyn asked a lot of questions (so it’s great that you’ve been tracking your symptoms on the app!).

  3. I had an ultrasound and an MRI before I went to my specialist. The specialist knew I had some ptsd and wouldn’t want an internal exam. He didn’t even offer one. We talked about symptoms and he said he didn’t even need the MRI or ultrasound. He just believed I had endo - and I very much did. You can say no to any test you don’t want. You’re in control

  4. I totally get it. I also have PTSD. My doctor asked me about doing an internal echo. When he saw how unsure I was, he told Mr he didn't let me decide anymore and that he's not willing to do it. I'm so thankful for that. I got scheduled for a MRI instead, and again, I'm so thankful that my doctor really did what was best for me.

  5. Hugs! Deep Breath!!! This disease is scary and it overwhelms easily. Remember, This is your appointment. You direct how it goes. Have your questions ready. Prep your brain and body, that an exam is usually necessary and will be okay. Some docs can do an “meet” appointment and have you come back for the exam part. I do this with all my new docs because I can’t do both on the same day, and you know what. It’s okay! I’m 47. This is a very tough disease and having to fight for the correct treatment is a nightmare in itself. You have a good chance to catch it “early” and I cannot stress how important that is. Get that shit out of you. You are stronger than you will ever know, and this disease is going to test that every chance it gets. Make sure you get a good understanding of the disease as you and your momma will be your best advocates. There is a lot of bad actors and bad information out there about Endo. It makes it very tough to navigate under the best circumstances. I am having double VATS on 10/20 and I have to leave my state for it. To say I’m freaking out is an understatement. I wish you and your mom the best as you navigate this. Most importantly NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  6. Live your life, life is short. Stress for what? Me, 42 years and i have been through so much pain because of periods, i am not afraid of anything. If you have to go through a surgery, go on, so as to fget rid of this bullshit. I wish i did it earlier. I am on schedule for March.

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