Just curious, how do we feel about dogs?

  1. My rule of thumb is to always assume the dog could jump out at any moment. I also never assume that the leash is locked with the retractable ones.

  2. It's a little sus. Most dogs def feel an instinct to chase e skates. I slow down around them to be safe but I do love dogs and I don't think most dogs would want to bite an e skater if they caught up. Probably more likely to lick you. I think for them it's just more of a fun chase.

  3. I was on a normal skateboard dong maybe 5mph a few years ago. A dog ran up to me and bit me on the inner thigh. Little bitch almost bit my dick off. Most dogs are ok, some just bark, some run, but never ever trust the owner or the dog.

  4. With my Hub motors, it was a little more low key. Belts are more problematic for them yappin'. I steer clear of the puppers as much as I do people.

  5. Been chased twice so far in the last two months. Definitely learned to ride slower and be more cautious when I see dogs. Funny thing is I braked a complete stop and the dogs stopped chasing me. Wonder why that may be. Results may vary. Be safe

  6. Most comments are about riding past other peoples dogs but I want to talk about people who ride around with their own dogs. There was a guy who posted pics of himself with his tiny dog attached to his chest on a harness while he rode. I tried to warn him - "have you never fallen off your board? if you land with your weight on that dog the result is going to be horrific" and the response was something like "Nah bro, I have a thing called reflexes" I don't care how good you are at eskate, you don't have jedi reflexes and there is always a chance that you can fall on a part of your body you don't intend to. Likewise to the stupid woman I see riding around on a euc with her dog in a backpack. "It's fine... it's fine..". until you fuck up and have to take your broken whimpering dog to the vet to be put down.. and then act like "who knew this could happen?" well fuck, have some common sense. If you love your little dog then make separate time to spend with it. The injuries they can sustain from a fall are on the next level from what you will suffer.

  7. I agree. Unless these pet owners are going literally no faster than 7mph, it's simply too unsafe.

  8. Something like one in 20 dogs is completely triggered by me on a board. The rest are either interested, neutral, or avoid me. Doesn't seem to matter which board, mini/long/mountain ... Hub/belt. Also doesn't seem to matter how geared up I am. I've also tried stopping to say hi and if anything that made the dog freak out more.

  9. I know this is not what you were talking about but My dog watched me leaving with my board and watched me skate around from the balcony then he started to get in my way when I was leaving, asking to come along. Eventually I brought them kind of to show him he wouldn't enjoy it and he actually understood it ran with me didn't stop to sniff stuff nearly as much we've become a really good unit and go out everyday.

  10. I always try to stay away from them or pass by really slow. But overall I don’t like them they often bark and they tried to jump me once

  11. I have the same problem riding my motorcycle too, dogs love chasing me! The best thing you can do is brake, then speed up, this will throw off the dogs timing. I do this on my bike and board, works great.

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