Good argument in the helmet debate.

  1. I did not know there was a debate on helmets... If you want to stay safe and still ride electric, wear one. If you are not affraid of wheelchairs, don't.

  2. There is still a debate on helmets for motorcycles here in the US. On another note, wheelchair trick riders at skate parks have always worn helmets as far as I know.

  3. Definitely. KE=1/2mv2, doubling the speed quadruples the kinetic energy, requiring more energy to stop as well, which translates to more injuries. This is why wrist, elbow, and knee pads should be as important as helmets. They help you slide on the ground, keeping your kinetic energy and redirecting your vertical movement to horizontal movement. I unwillingly tested my theory 2 days ago, to great results.

  4. Every E skate board user manual I've read says a "helmet is not suggested it is REQUIRED"(and people should have the sense to know a helmet is needed even without reading the user manual). If someone doesn't wear a helmet they only have themselves to blame.

  5. Really, as inconvenient and near-impossible it would be to implement, people should be wearing a helmet on those rental scooters, too. Had a buddy crush his orbital socket after crashing into a pole on one. A helmet would have deflected his face away from the pole and saved a lot of pain (And money!).

  6. Yeah I wish there was a good solution to this. Same with citibikes and such. I’ve basically stopped using either because I’d rather walk than risk severe injury. Best I can think of is keeping a helmet in your back pack but obviously that requires forethought and makes you carry more.

  7. I look at it like this: Head injuries are what cause serious hospital visits, which causes law makers to rethink if they want to keep or make EPV’s (eSkates) legal.

  8. This right here, it pisses me off when people do the my body my choice thing, not realizing it will affect us all when hes braindead from a crash

  9. Other physics question: is a skateboard fall likely to be less severe than a motorcycle or dirt bike going the same speed, because of the increased mass? Or would it be worse because your center of gravity is so much higher?

  10. It depends. If you were stuck to the motorcycle, that fall would 100% be worse, because the added weight of the motorcycle pushing against you could cause some serious injuries. For the center of mass, I don’t think it matters that much, it’s not a noticeable difference between the 2.

  11. depends what you hit. If you hit something small, like a sapling, a skateboard might be worse, because you'll be stopped suddenly (tree>you). If you're on a motorcycle, the momentum of the motorcycle might spread out the de-accelerative forces over a longer time, meaning you effectively crash at lower speed.

  12. I'm unfamiliar with the "debate" on helmets, it doesn't seem like there is one, especially on this sub. People here overwhelming advocate for helmets and the people opposed to helmets are assholes, it's not really a debate.

  13. Yeah thankfully the sub is greatly for wearing it, but I constantly see riders without and on Facebook groups it's a whole other conversation.

  14. Is this really even a debate? You fall once and hit ur head hard enough and you have permanent brain damage or you just die. Not sure how that's debatable. As someone who has fallen going 20 mph and hit his head on concrete. I would be dead if I didnt have my helmet on.

  15. You can look cool as fuck in a helmet and pads. People who don't wear them because they "aren't cool" are usually incredibly annoying and look like an ass with or without the safety gear.

  16. Yeah advocate for helmets or whatever but i dont want my feed full of softcore gore essentially of peoples ouchies man

  17. Honestly, anytime you go out of your house you should be wearing a helmet. Going for a walk, helmet. In your car, helmet. Grocery store, helmet. Its just safe. Its safety stuff.

  18. Last time I tripped walking I felt embarrassed. Last time a nosedived on my one wheel I couldn’t lift my left arm for a month and had to do a bunch of pt. And I wear a seatbelt in my car that has airbags and crumple zones. Like what the fuck are you even talking about my guy? There are clearly different levels of risk, and different ways to mitigate them. I’ve had my life saved by helmets and safe car design, I wouldn’t forego either to look “cool”.

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