Injuries While Esk8ing

  1. Posting here is tempting fate. But I don’t believe in fate so fuck it. I’m 2yrs in, 1 comical crash only where I caught a rear wheel at low speed on the edge of a footpath going around pedestrians with a backpack full of Chinese food. Rolled, crushed the takeaway and got up yelling ‘Fuck! The Chinese!!’ Looked like a clumsy racist until said pedestrians saw the mess in my backpack. Bruised ego, no blood or breaks.

  2. That’s why I limited my speed to 20mph. I want to go faster but I know I can run it off if I need to. I’ve fallen enough times-it’s time to skate smart and just cruise.

  3. No big crashes, but I love to cruise and enjoy carving. I'm generally going about 15mph and don't really go faster than 20mph. It's really about what you're after, right?

  4. Starting out longboarding by doing down hill on a normal board 6 years ago and been doing electric skating for 5 years. Never once have I had a crash going over 10 mph, I ride pretty aggressively. It kinda blows my mind how people here crash all the time.

  5. I think a lot of the crashes are from lack of skating experience in general. Although I catch myself taking risks in the name of fun all the time.

  6. I’ve been esk8ing only for 1 year no prior experience other than a couple really skilled years of snowboarding. I usually run an exway flex and cruise around 20mph but recently I built my own board with more torque than a 200cc dirt bike easily , the power is truly of the charts. But I couldn’t wait until my parents got home and decided to go rest ride it for the FIRST time. Low and behold that test ride would end up giving very valuable info, I was going about 20mph and because the springs in the trucks were far to loose I got the death wobbles and I ended up falling going uphill and this is a mountain board with foot straps but unfortunately my right foot slipped out so all of my weight was swinging over my left knee so I ended up having a messed up knee and the first day I couldn’t even move it. And on top of that I nuked my helmet and got my fair share of road rash. But fortunately there was a few adult men in a driveway that saw me and called 911 I was also knocked out for 5 minutes . But thankfully I was 100 healed road rash and all , in about 2 weeks. Moral of the story WEAR YOUR HELMET I would be dead right now without it.

  7. 40+ years of board sports here and I have eaten it hard on every surface - I can confirm that you can hurt yourself at any speed and even in two foot shorebreak, fluffy powder or your favorite curb.

  8. You are almost guaranteed to fall with electric skateboarding. There are too many factors, many outside of your control. Pedestrians, pets can cross into your path, bad road conditions, board malfunction, etc. That being said, it’s really convenient for short commute to grocery store or what not. I would ride at very slow speeds, always with gear, full face helmet. But know that one fall can change your life forever. Assess risk vs reward.

  9. Fairly familiar with skating and have been commuting on my eskate daily for 8 months, grew up skateboarding and long boarding. My commute is 5-8 miles one way and my board BKB Duo goes pretty fast, average speed is 28mph, I’ll hit mid 30s regularly. Worst I’ve had was road rash all down my elbows, knees and palms.

  10. 800 miles without a single crash. I wear helmet and then one knee and one elbow pad sbout 90% of the time tho anyway. Closest calls I’ve always had is someone pulling out In front of me

  11. I've never seriously injured myself but had some crashes that hurt like hell. Bad roadrash, huge bruising/swelling. Hips and shoulders have taken a battering. Had days where it hurts to move. But nothing broken.

  12. I’ve been skating for 30 years but esk8ing I think is a lot more dangerous then most people think. I recognized the danger right away.

  13. I’ve been skating on and of for 25 years in various forms , from street to downhill longboarding. Had a few broken bones and a lot of road rash so i definitely paid my dues, but i am going towards my 40s now and my style of riding changed a lot. Esk8s were the bliss i needed to keep skating since i developed some knee problems and luckily i haven’t crashed at all in the last two years since I start with esk8ing (knock on wood) and I doing around 200km a month during summer time for my work commute so i am definitely on the road a lot.

  14. I’m about 3 years in with no crashes except for the first 2 weeks while learning. The worst accident has been riding over a bridge at night at 25 km/h and being launched off my board due their being a very small gap in the bridge(the bridge could open). I managed to run it off but my knees were pretty upset with me for a week or two.

  15. Probably 2 years of eskating and only one funny fall behind me at probably 5mph, I got too close to the curb while looking over my shoulder to check incoming cars and the board stopped and I kept my momentum going forward, only a little scratched elbow.

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