1. Yup, and if crpgs like Pathfinder kingmaker, solasta, BG3, etc are anything to go by, there's clearly a place for that, even in modern gaming. It's just, maybe what's otherwise a first/third person action title isn't it.

  2. Its honestly wild the difference in the elder scrolls fan page on reddit from facebook, reddit seems to be pretty united that while morrow has a great story and much more in depth narrative the gameplay is absolute wank, on facebook you even slightly criticise morrowind you blasted by 50+ people calling you a piece of shit, you dont know real gaming, you’re not a true es fan etc etc

  3. Still the same on Reddit sometimes. Less so here though. On this sub I think the circlejerk has somehow been gradually growing towards Oblivion.

  4. Same experience with with the Fallout pages on Facebook, pre Fallout 4. No idea what it's like these days, but back then if you even dared admitting that you enjoyed Fallout 3 or had any criticism for NV, the neckbeards would come out of the woodwork to shit all over your inferior taste.

  5. I'm not here to convince people, but I actually love Morrowind's gameplay mechanics, including the hit chance mechanic. It makes sense to me in a roleplaying game.

  6. If the graphics had been able to keep up with the mechanics I honestly don’t think people would have (as much of) an issue with morrowind’s “to hit” chance.

  7. Neverwinter Nights, and Wizardry 8 do this somewhat. But those games are less graphically advanced, and are round-based. Both of those games also have gibbing, and Wiz8 has bloodied skins for monster. I wish more games did the latter.

  8. I’m not sure when percentage rolls for RPG’s started to seem bad, but that’s exactly what my min-maxing self loves. Give me a ton of stats and dice rolls to buff!

  9. Yep. I'm sure it is an amazing game, but that doesn't mean its not archaic and unintuitive by modern standards. I've tried to get into it but I don't have the time to bother learning everything you need to play Morrowind at least somewhat effectively. And watching your sword phase through your enemy is never fun, especially when the game refuses to explain anything

  10. I told a friend of mine this “is about how you set up your class in the beginning.” His response was “you told me I was doing it wrong so I stopped listening”

  11. The hate on Morrowind is comical. Still my favorite it game. Wish they would remake it or oblivion instead of 34 re releases of Skyrim.

  12. Morrowind haters when they put zero points into Short Blade and can't hit people.with the shit dagger the game gives you for free;

  13. Any decent Morrowind player can build a character that can reliably hit an enemy at level 1. It's called "using the weapons you're skilled in" and "not using all your fatigue".

  14. Ok, but Oblivion combat is bad, even if you like Oblivion. And the dialogue is shit, but at least they made it work.

  15. Me and my buddy decided to play morrowind coop(both never played the game, but i did played skyrim and oblivion), we started the game and the first enemy that we found was this dude on a bridge in a mountain, as we started hitting him, we were like WTF is this, he's imortal or something, we proceded to hit and jump around his body for about 10+ minutes, and still lost.

  16. “No!! I’m meant to miss 53 times and die! That’s the true low level experience! What do you mean that’s not fun?”

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