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  1. Their storytelling method is perfectly represented by this first statement, they don’t tell a story, rather the world continuously drops little pieces of a story, like leaves from a tree in autumn.

  2. In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found! Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground!

  3. In a crooked little town, they were lost and never found Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground Run away before you drown, or the streets will beat you down Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves on the ground...

  4. "Long ago this land was ruled by the great queen Marinara, who pissed off God so badly he left the fucking universe. Now, her power, the Amazon gift card, is shattered, and her athletic scions are holding a contest to see who can die the least. "

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't narrative not also - or even more so - not what the story is but how it is told? Like, most Zelda games have the same basic story, but the way it is delivered is quite different each time - in writing, audio, and visually.

  6. I absolutely agree - a story is more than it's script. Themes, tone, vibes, those things are more important to a narrative than just "a description of things that happen". Anyone can describe the series of events that take place in Elden Ring, but telling a story is a whole other ballgame.

  7. The root of Narrative is narrator. Elden ring is a FANTASTIC story, filled with great beats, but I struggle to even consider it a narrative let alone best narrative. The people who share knowledge with you and act as the world builders are unreliable narrators, and they are plenty, and there is no one set of them that you are guaranteed to encounter. A narrative can be BUILT, using your own experiences, and this is a deeper method of story telling unique to gaming, and it makes YOU the narrator. You're telling your own story, deciding who and what you believe, and deciding why you do the things you do.

  8. it's my own journey, lifting the door to Limgrave after rising from the dead, opening a trap chest, getting teleported to a deep mine of crystal, rising to the surface, seeing the red sky, and realizing I am lost in hell, feeling a sense of despair, but still adventuring to discover more about the Shattering and how to mend the Elden Ring and about where in the actual fuck world I am in and why I am here.

  9. dont sugarcoat it, that "crystal mine" was a slave mine, they tried to make you a slave. complete with wormy slave guards, and complicit uncle ruckus slaves too smh

  10. "Before having to throw down with a Pokémon Legendary reject" is my favorite part. Thats his name from now on.

  11. This this this. Oh whats that? I have to kill demigods and monsters and the same mooks i killed in dark souls so that i can usher in another fire based epoch? Daring today, arent we?

  12. Souls games don't tell a story. They provide 50 pages of a 300 page book, then scatter them throughout the park

  13. This is a lot easier to answer when you realize the narrative of the game is that of the Land/history/Gods not a narrative of the tarnished you play as. You are given a player character to go explore the lands between and uncover the narrative of the world. But really the tarnished player is less main character and more an investigative reporter wandering investigating and learning about the true story at play.

  14. Which isn't really a narrative, it's just lore and world building. Everything happens off screen away from the lens that the story is told through.

  15. Marika sent the Tarnished away so they could come back and take the Lands Between for themselves and dictate their own destiny. All of it was orchestrated by Marika to free man from the fetters of the Gods. That is why she sent her champion and beloved, Godfrey, away to the Badlands to fight and die brutally to become strong enough to return when beckoned with his host of Tarnished to claim the Elden Ring and wrestle control of it from the outer gods influence.

  16. I get obsessed with From games because of their unique story telling. It's like crime scene investigation but with demons and gods. Not for everyone, but luckily, the game is amazing without a traditional narrative experience.

  17. Thank you, idk why this sub can't accept a non-traditional narrative is still a narrative. These concepts have been accepted for ages in novels and film, but man are gamers weirdly unwilling to accept anything that goes against their expectations.

  18. I enjoy those too but From takes it too far. Like when Godfrey turns out to be the other dude. It's meant to be some big reveal but nobody playing the game normally cared because they didn't remember that name from the opening cinematic 60 hours ago.

  19. Also the main narrative is not really that special. It's just go here to kill these dudes, the interesting parts are the worldbuilding not the narrative

  20. Same lol. I enjoy that that lore is deep and in many aspects up for interpretation, but I couldn’t in good conscience put it above more narrative-focused games for that one.

  21. If you care the story is there for you to find it's not the games fault (mostly) you needed vattivydia to figure it out for you. It's like outer wilds but done less well due to not being the sole focus of the game.

  22. All memes aside, ER's narrative is written in the world itself and how you interpret it. Since you are set out to become the lord of the land, you get to gather your influence across the land and see first hand what it means to become its ruler or if the concept of it having a ruler even appeals to you. You get to see how all these different entities and beings tussle for control and how each army and individual reacts, denounces or preaches their message.

  23. "In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of gray crags, Archtrees and Everlasting Dragons. But then there was Fire and with fire came disparity. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course, light and dark. Then from the dark, They came, and found the Souls of Lords within the flame. Nito, the First of the Dead, The Witch of Izalith and her Daughters of Chaos, Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, and his faithful knights. And the Furtive Pygmy, so easily forgotten

  24. 90% of Elden Ring players when they tell you that they played the game for hundreds of hours and you asked them if they know the story of Elden Ring: 😐😐😐

  25. Story and narrative are not the same thing. Elden Ring has a really good narrative but a bad story. Anyway, I gave my vote to A Plague Tale.

  26. Ask half the people who read Ulysses or To the Lighthouse what the story was about and you'll get the same answer. Ambiguous and complex narratives aren't necessarily bad ones.

  27. It'll win because fanboys will vote for it regardless just so it wins. Unfortunately these kind of votes are less about being considerate of various factors and more popularity contests.

  28. Lore and world building are literally narrative and story telling. This is like saying an orange can't win a best fruit contest because it's not an apple.

  29. I'm not sure those words mean what you think they mean. Lore is literally another way of conveying narrative. Lore literally is narrative or components of the narrative, saying it's something different just shows a fundamental misunderstanding of storytelling as a subject

  30. "What if gods really came from the sky, and could wield the laws of the universe and life itself as powers? And what might happen if a human were to become a god through their power, and start a family? Inspired by Nordic and Celtic mythology and George R. R. Martin's vast knowledge of history."

  31. Ring break, bosses get pieces of ring, save the world as a tarnished? whatever tf that means, kill bosses, look cool, burn tree

  32. Mom is like "ring goes booooom" And then the kids are like "it's my chair. No, it's my chair. Raaawrrrr"

  33. Feels like people don't wanna accept anything as narrative unless it's spoken out for them. Elden Ring has an amazing narrative, if you're willing to look beyond what's being shown on the screen and connect the dots yourself.

  34. The fact that elden ring, a game that almost does not even HAVE a narrative got nominated for best narrative while Xenoblade 3 which is a story focused JRPG didn't is baffling.

  35. FromSoft games have both the best stories and the least accessible mode of storytelling. Couldn’t give it best narrative, even though I love the way they do stuff. Everything else though…

  36. A subtle narrative full of clues, giving the freedom to explore it as much as the player wants, can be a good narrative. Granted, I didn't vote for Elden Ring, but that doesn't mean it's automatically bad because the story is not straightforward.

  37. It can be a good story. It's a poorly told narrative. People conflate the 2 terms incorrectly. This is a bad narrative because the player is left to piece together literally everything, which requires remembering everything they learn, and aren't given the tools to do so. You can go through the game and miss over half the story, creating an incomplete and possibly incoherent narrative beyond "kill these increasingly evil guys, or maybe they aren't evil because you missed why you should be killing them".

  38. Ya this game is phenomenal gameplay & scenery wise, but I feel so disconnected cuz I have no clue why tf i’m doing anything i’m doing 😂

  39. Istg mfs will vote Elden Ring for best Starbucks coffee category just because the game is great overall

  40. The narrative is mostoy through gameplay, enviroment and art design. Just because they dont tell you directly doesnt mean its not narrarive.

  41. I voted Elden Ring for best narrative. Sure, the narrative took place like... Thousands of years before the events of the game, but God DAMN I'm a sucker for some old world history that isn't even real.

  42. Queen is pissed at god, breaks it. god makes her fuck herself. her kids fight to break god more but you have to kill all of them.

  43. A long time ago the Big Guy In Charge caused fractures that created all life. This was generally regarded as a "bad idea". Overtime some big hard lizards became the living shield of BEEG TREE. Some little shits aren't too pleased about this and use THE KNIFE to perform HERESY. Big Guy In Charge 2 isn't happy, sends meteors as well as his son (who is also himself and eventually some lady) to ruin their day, ruin all days in the process.

  44. Ahhhhh... Rise now, ye Tarnished! Ye dead, who yet live! Hoarah Loux, Chieftain of the Badlands! The ever brilliant Goldmask! Fia, the Deathbed Companion! The loathsome Dung Eater! And Sir Gideon Ofnir, the ALLLLLL KNOWING!

  45. A random dude travels to the lands in between something some dude tells him he’s got no bitches so he goes and kills a god to become ruler of the entire lands

  46. It's the best kind of story: the kind that gets the hell out of your way and just lets you play. If you want a remedial at best story with epic cinematic scenes instead of a game then you're spoiled for choice on that one.

  47. I can understand voting for literally anything but narrative. It’s literally just voting because you want er to be the best game ever and there’s no faults at all

  48. Dude the story is so obvious. I mean don't get me wrong i missed alot of the frenzied flame stuff but the overall story is just presented to you as you play the game.

  49. Think of it like a crime scene. Most people will just take a glance and be like "oh, a dead body." But a detective can piece together a story through details. Where did the deceased die? Were they holding anything? Do we know who killed them and why? Are there other nearby clues that tell us anything about their life?

  50. I absolutely love the story of Elden Ring and all the details that I'm learning about from YouTube videos. But ya, even as a souls series veteran and lore appreciator, I can't put it together very well while playing. I even tried writing things down while playing this one. I quickly got lost in a sea of similar sounding names that I only knew a little about, and that's the easy stuff. The more complex story elements, which actually came up a lot, like golden order fundamentalism just meant nothing to me.

  51. It's still not narrative, mate. I find myself cringing when Fromsoft fans try to justify lore as narrative. Play Disco Elysium or It takes two; those games are good examples of a good narrative.

  52. Or just listening to NPCs talk. I swear, you can get a pretty decent understanding of the main plot by just listening to the NPCs talk.

  53. Look buddy, if I don't have a fucking omniscient narrator telling me that the capital was attacked by dragons I'll never know. That giant dragon is not enough for me! I need a male voice to tell me explicitly!

  54. Apparently yes. Although I don't think that observant people no longer exist. think the problem is that in the early dark souls days people who were attracted to this type of story telling while still a minority they were a bigger minority than now. since they started catering more and more to a wider audience that element of the fanbase has only gotten smaller and their voices are lost in the louder more (dare I say it?) casual part of the community

  55. Honestly this meme is WHY it should win best narrative. Not because of inference but because there are so many characters at play influencing each other i dont even think i can accurately give a 2 sentence summary of this game w/o leaving out like hugely fundamental aspects of the story, but without being able to really defend the following:

  56. I like Elden ring lore but can’t give it best narrative as you need others to explain it or go through ever detail in item descriptions and character dialogue. If you looked at my YouTube history 90% atm is elden ring lore

  57. If you’ve been playing Elden Ring since launch, and you still don’t know its story, then, I’d say you have a problem.

  58. I find Elden Ring lore and story is much much more interesting than the not so interesting straight forward GOWR Norse Mythology. To me Elden Ring story and lore are pretty rich when it's all piece together. The reason there wasn't any proper narrative story telling in ER because it isn't linear. It's like you go around and collect fragments of information and piece the puzzle together. For me watching youtube videos explaining about ER it's like watching a scholars trying to decipher the story and lore behind what we are given so far.

  59. It’s not that complicated of a story though? I actually think the fact people can’t follow the story says how dumb the average gamer is. People seem to need to be spoon fed what to think. There are of course nuances that are difficult to flesh out but the core story is really damn simple.

  60. The Multi Level Marketing language coming from out of the mouths of people who are like "there isn't really a narrative and that's kinda the best part of FromSoft narratives" is really next level cult-brain content.

  61. I get what you're saying, and people can have their opinions on whether or not they think it works... but it is intentional my dude. They put a stupid amount of time and effort into writing the lore. They breadcrumb details through items and environmental design. They talk about it in interviews. That's what people like about them, it's really not that far fetched. Same reason why I enjoy stuff like Metroid: Prime.

  62. Elden Ring should win many awards, but best narrative should not be one of them. Plenty of other games have more gripping dialogue, acting, and story. Even though I love Elden Ring's world and story, I must admit the narrative and exposition is quite lacking. Without consulting a wiki, I simply would not have completed many of the stories within the game.

  63. You're definitely the kind of person to shit on someone that didn't understand when solely playing the game, but you got your entire understanding of the story from a YouTuber lmao

  64. Boy gets killed brutally, a god destroys a ring cuz angry, children fight over championship title, big sword go bonk

  65. The 7 Stooges also known as the Demigods tripped on each other so hard over who should fix the world that now none of them can.

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