You can only give one tip to a new elden ring player. What is it?

  1. 10th attempt: "Ok, I'm pretty sure I know all the enemy spawns, so there's no need to send the elevator back, I got it this time!"

  2. If something is standing there calmly do not attack it, it is a friend. Easy way to tell is if they don't have a lock-on health bar. There are exceptions, but please don't go randomly killing every friend in the Lands Between, it can get lonely.

  3. Is there anything you can lock on to that you can also interact/speak with? I’ve been immediately shooting any lock-onable target with arrows, but I was always worried I’d be accidentally killing a quest giver

  4. Losing at least one full level of runes/souls/echos and feeling your stomach drop is pretty much a milestone. Let them go and be free of your item shackles!

  5. On that note, my tip would be: always cash out your runes. You will never need a huge amount saved at once, so just get those levels and upgrade those weapons whenever you can.

  6. Funny thing is I went to upgrade my phone and as I’m waiting to finish transferring data I start talking Elden Ring with the guy at the store. This is precisely what I told him, to go south. South is easier and has an additional mine to get upgrade materials. You can easily get two weapons at +6 by doing both the Liurnia and Weping Peninsula mines plus some other stuff around the world and Castle Morne.

  7. Solid advice honestly. I went straight to stormveil and got shit on for hours and loved every minute of it. But if you're new to this style of game definitely go south.

  8. A thousand times this. Screw whatever the grace says at the beginning. I spent 2 days beating my head against a wall with Margit. Just go south, bro. Get some runes.

  9. Yeah, so many bosses punishes defensive backrolls. Rolling foward is such a chad move and it even gets rewarded!

  10. Better if you roll in the direction the attack is coming from. Seen a lot of people dodge the opposite side/direction of enemy attacks, get smacked, and complain about "I dodged it! Why is the dodge so inconsistent!?".

  11. My ex asked for that once, I told her fat rolling is really unreliable and she got super upset. I think it might be the reason I am now....Maidenless.

  12. I told my friend that I would not continue the game until I beat that fucker. He was like “You can come back to him later.” I responded with “If they put him here this early, then it must mean I can beat him.”

  13. I am on my frist run and had it so low that my flask healed full, was glass cannon you only need to not die in 1 hit

  14. Go east of the first step to dragon burnt ruins. You'll find a really good early game weapon that will carry you through the whole game

  15. I haven't played in a hot minute and was thinking about another playthrough but have no freaking clue what weapon you're referring to.

  16. She hides in a cave to the west of the Laskyar ruins which JUT from the mist-shrouded Lake of Liurnia.

  17. You're telling me i don't need to deplete my entire stamina bar rolling back 300 feet from the boss to dodge a single slash attack? Blasphemy!

  18. that’s huge. elden ring was my first souls and i tired to level strength and dex and faith and int so i could use everything i got and it made me so much worse. you have to commit to one build and then you can respec after rennala if you don’t like what you have

  19. BE AGGRESSIVE, a lot of players complain about little windows to attack but merely aren’t being aggressive with their timing (aka always playing defensive). Sometimes it’s best to roll TOWARDS the boss, not away

  20. But "aggressive" in Souls and EldenRing is not the same as "aggressive" in other games. Roll towards, fine. Go in swinging blindly like an aggressive berzerker maniac, not so fine...

  21. Exactly. Being aggressive can create windows. You often interrupt attacks or combos which just leads to more openings. Not the case with every enemy but it works with a lot of the harder ones.

  22. Seriously this. Controlling the tempo of the fight, rather than reacting to it was my biggest realization that let me go from dying 50+ times on my first godrick kill to 1 or 2 shotting everything from the plateu on

  23. I don’t even use heavy attacks I mean why would I, jump attacks are quick, can make you dodge things, and it can stagger hella quick

  24. And guard counters. The speed and sheer poise damage those attacks do are ungodly. Captain type enemies? 3 guard counters and they fall to their knees.

  25. Chosen Tarnished, and would-be Lord. Descend into the depths, far below the Erdtree Capital. Seek audience with the Three Fingers and the flame of frenzy. If you inherit the flame of frenzy, your flesh will serve as kindling and the girl can be spared ...setting you on the righteous path of lordship. The path of the Lord of Chaos. Burn the Erdtree to the ground, and incinerate all that divides and distinguishes. Ahhh, may chaos take the world! May chaos take the world!

  26. I actually don’t know what happens if you give this to him. I never do the last step in his quest so we don’t even get to the point where he asks

  27. So no joke my favorite games before elden ring were skyrim on novice and planet zoo. I was kinda scared to give elden ring a go but tried it.

  28. Fast travel between graces. No fancy unlocks or box key items. When the infamous chest trap sent me to Caelid, I spent like 45 minutes corpse running through the swamp and trying to get back to the starting area. I hadn’t even gotten Torrent yet. To think I could’ve just opened the map.

  29. To be fair, trap chests turn off your fast travel until you rest at a grace. So you can't just teleport out of those tunnels. You have to escape first.

  30. So much yes. This thing has carried me from level 17ish to 92 now and still going. Ridiculously good weapon you get at the beginning of the game.

  31. Get the gold scarab talisman as early as possible and equip it for boss fights and grinding. Also combine it with the gold fowl foot as often as possible. You will acquire runes so much faster.

  32. Nah, it will probably transport you to someplace cool with cool items to pick up. There is a whole dungeon where smokey chests are the main form of transportation.

  33. Had to scroll way too fast. Im glad fromsoft got a lot of new players with Elden Ring, but the old ways must be kept alive

  34. If you're first instinct upon meeting the tree sentinel is to bash your head against him for four hours until you win, and you're satisfied with that... You're gonna do okay.

  35. The lore in this game is a fucking mess, and a lot of the in-game "explanations" are hidden behind complicated quest chains that can be broken by simply going to the wrong place at the wrong time.

  36. Don't be afraid to do something else. If you hit a wall, try to find a way around instead of hitting your head against it.

  37. Don’t fight the tree sentinel, It’s optional. The only reason I say this is cause a lot of people quit after losing a bad match

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