what has been the best message you have found in the game?

  1. Inside the Mimic Tear Boss Room after I won against my copy. “Weak enemy therefore introspection” I can’t remember if that was it exactly but god was that a good joke

  2. There is a specific place inside volcano manor dungeon where there is a cliff overlooking a lava lake that looks almost the same as inside Mt. Doom at the end of Lord of the Rings.

  3. Hehe I'm sure I'm not the only one but I had my own idea to plant that message. It became my top message ever. When my kids ask what I'm most proud of in life, thisll be it

  4. Oh I remember that one. I kept thinking about the rickety wood ladder as I was 13 stories in the air, who the fuck engineered this?

  5. This reminded me of another one-- I checked on the right side of a big structure, and there was nothing but a message that said "try left". So I walked all the way around to the left side, only to find another empty space with a message that said "try right".

  6. Lake of rot, on one of the platforms that rises from the lake has a broken pillar. On that pillar said, ‘Scarlet rot o’ scarlet rot, all the more praise the climbable spot.’

  7. “If only I had a giant, but hole” this one is around the stone things around the map, you know the things that look like a giant. . .

  8. For me the funniest is that I’m playing in my native language, so I have to figure out first the joke in English, which surprisingly makes it even better

  9. I ance stood on some random cliff from wich I looked at the landscape for a bit and there was a message saying something in the lines of "No jumping try hope" or something like that. I was really depressed back then and that actually made me feel a bit better better for a moment, sooo thanks to the kind stranger! :)

  10. The funniest one I saw that caught me off guard was a message in a bowl somewhere near haligtree, “try rolling, grass”

  11. by a tree in caelid which had tons of hanged people's corpses hanging from the branches, it just said, "fruit" with the pointing emote

  12. I'll probably always remember around Elden Ring launch when I was walking on a bridge between two broken buildings made of stone in Nokron. There were messages every two inches. The first was "fort, night" which made me chuckle, but every message after evolved on the last. From fort, night to fort, morning to fort, evening and then the mild panic when they ran out of times of day to put after fort and the final message which just read "dog".

  13. My favorite was the Japanese community getting confused thinking some event would happen at night in the fort because of those messages

  14. I was really proud of my message in the tower where you get the claw talisman which said "Faith required ahead" as an Assassins Creed reference.

  15. First room in raya Lucario, on the pile of crystals, says "turn around." Got smacked by douche from the hallway as soon as I read it lol was a very surreal moment, and expertly played

  16. For the hidden second mimic tear boss fight, there was a message that said "trio ahead" at first I didn't get it, as I didn't know what boss it was going to be. So I go in, summon my own mimic and then realize I'm fighting another mimic tear. So there we are, a trio of idiots all pointing at each other. I laughed my ass off.

  17. Can’t remember exactly but it went something like this: Weak foe ahead, therefore, Try sniper (the scion at the start of the game)

  18. "Visions of Ladder" next to the guy screaming about chaos in mountaintop of giants. Made me think of Game of Thrones.

  19. At the Capital Outskirts near the little erdtree: “Didn’t expect seed, and then seed.” The way I read it with cartoonish inflection still cracks me up.

  20. Those inspired me to leave messages on any terrain that had to be activated in the game. Like the bridge in Volcano manor. I would leave messages telling people about the "invisible bridge" ahead, and then lower the bridge, and put messages on the bridge which would appear to be hovering in mid-air to anyone who hadn't lowered the bridge yet.

  21. Volcano manor backroom hallways, there was a left turn near the end of one path with the message "You don't have the right! Therefore try left"

  22. Just saw a nearly identical post on the front page of the subreddit like yesterday. Blatant karma farming at this point.

  23. Yeah, at this point it's pathetic, there is barely original/interesting content on this sub, only memes or karma farming

  24. I'm probably among the very few, but I find any variation of "hole" message sooo boring and unoriginal. Or the ones about being without a lover near cliffs and what not.

  25. I found a really dark one I can’t remember where but some bodies were hanging by the neck on the gallows at the top of some castle and the message was something really dark

  26. shoutouts to "fort,night" I didn't get the joke and thought it was telling me to i filtrate forts at night and thanks to it I realized there are night only encounters

  27. I hated "fort, night" at first, but since it confused the Japanese players into trying to figure out some kind of mystery about a fort at night it deserves to be top tier.

  28. Near the list to the Atlus Plateau, there was a message near a cave in at the grace. I wish I could remember the exact phrase but sitting facing the direction of the alternative way to the area, saying "Secret Tunnel" Like Avatar the Last Airbender.

  29. Not really a specific message, but shout out to the people who leave messages to tell you about secret passages and other hidden things.

  30. I’m fairly certain it’s the same guy. There’s a bunch of messages hidden in little shacks and tents that all read “seek brief respite, tarnished” and the same exact character sitting down next to you. I’ve seen them I think 5 times now. It’s the full knight set with the commoner’s garb as a chest.

  31. There was one on Fia's room by the entrance next to two armors that said something like "look, both hands" and did the "what is it" emote touching both's cod piece.

  32. Just beat Godrick and walked out to the lakes. An odd blind lady standing there, can’t really figure out what she is about aside from giving her a grape I found. Maybe this message will help me understand “dog”. I know dog is a cheap an overdone joke but something about actually thinking I was going to get helpful information and instead got someone calling this odd but nice blind lady a dog was hilarious

  33. In one of the upper Haligtree areas, I found a tall ladder with a bunch of bloodstains around it from people trying to jump down to a chest that's too far down for that (and which you can just climb down, walk 50 feet, and climb up to from the other side).

  34. The one that broke me was the note in Faram Azula in front of a window looking at the tornado. “Why is it always circling around, O circling around?” With the cowering emote.

  35. I did find this very funny one that said (brace yourself because this is good)... "Try fingers, but hole!" I just couldn't stop laughing, so original, how did they come up with that?

  36. Putting “you don’t have the right o you don’t have the right but you don’t have the right o you don’t have the right” at the bottom of the ladder in the mine with the maiden.

  37. I saw an emote of a ‘twirl’ for a naked person standing in a waterfall that said “Time for looking away and then pursuit” which gave me a chuckle

  38. Just entering Deeproot Depths from the Three fingers shortcut. There’s roots overlooking some flying wasps and a message that says, “Bug, Life”

  39. There was a message at the edge of a giant cliff that said "First crouching. And then, let there be dung." Then the squatting animation would play over the edge.

  40. i love the "Behold, Message!" messages in the most random, distant places. Or in chests. Always get a chuckle out of me

  41. In the lava area, next to the bridge shortcut I'd put messages that said "hidden path, invisible sort ahead". Then I'd lower the bridge and put messages all over it so that people who hadn't yet lowered the bridge would see all the messages hovering in the air and think there was an invisible path there.

  42. I think it was up on top of Radahn’s rune tower and someone dropped something along the lines of “crouch, then release” and their emote was them going to the edge, turning around, and dropping that badonk a donk over the edge.

  43. My favortite was seeing those blue portals like the one u use to get to raddan, and in front was a message that said “magic but hole” Comedy gold

  44. Between the two armor sets in Roundtable Hold, but instead of saying “Try two handing” with the “Greeting” gesture, it was the “Wait” gesture and said “Why is it always taking in all at once? Seek god.”

  45. I forget where exactly it was, somewhere in Astel, but I was trying to get through a tiny gap in the wall but was too fat for entry, message said "skinny sort ahead"

  46. My personal favourite was on top of a bed in the real-world Roundtable Hold, accompanied by the lying down animation. "Time for sleep".

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