Hot Takes : Elden Ring have (by far) the best Giant Fight and the best Gimmick Fight from any souls games

  1. I agree. I like that they still attempt to make it work but it always feels weird to kill a massive creature by poking it's feet

  2. Nah man, the giant lord from DS2 where you fight him on semi equal ground and the Iron King where you fight him but he's 50% under the lava are both way less frustrating, although they aren't quite as big as fire giant or even elden beast.

  3. Yeah, like giant fights are just kinda not fun. Didn't feel satisfied killing either in this game. It was only cool the first time in Demon Souls. I forgot his name but the other guy had at least the cool red sky and flying skull thing. But still kinda eh

  4. The giant fights in souls games are big, but not like Shadow of the Colossus have to crawl on them big. There is no climbing mechanic besides jumping in ER.

  5. This is the right answer. Attacks can be easily read, bullshit kept to a minimum, does a fair amount of damage, challenge is mostly in you overcoming your own fear of fighting him and getting the right tactic down. He will never be difficult again.

  6. Agreed. Bosses don't NEED to be difficult (even though that can help), they just need to be fun to fight against. Toppling tower giant over and hitting his head always struck me as a great way to deal with giant tyoe enemies massive health bars. I don't know why they didn't do it again with the giant lord or yhorm the giant...

  7. Honestly I'm quite fond of the Fool's Idol boss fight from Demon's Souls as a 'gimmick' fight, though I must admit it's probably because my dumb ass lost to her 2 or 3 times before I actually realized you have to kill that MF'r up on the balcony first 😂😂😂

  8. I just stood in the lava around him and kept swinging and healing. Mimic tear beat maliketh on his own for me though.

  9. I love fighting fire Giant because he is SO FUCKING HUGE. When i first saw him i was like "oh holy FUC-" and his second phase where he had Giant eye in his chest, it's amazing.

  10. Divine dragon is absolutely awesome, but I still liked rykard a bit more. His visual design is amazing, and the atmosphere matched with his OST is perfect. I also liked that he atleast put up a fight as well.

  11. Personally, i wouldn't even use 'imo' here, it's legit the best setpiece fight in the franchise hands down. Not a challenging fight, but devs literally just giving you the moment of peace to enjoy the visuals and the soundtrack between content before it whooped your arse and content after it probably will too.

  12. Rykard has one of the best phase two cutscenes in any of the games. Pulling that sword out of the throat is insane.

  13. I agree with the second one. Fire giant is a cool boss but his constant rolling is annoying. From a design point of view though, I love em both.

  14. Im just getting all of my characters there and I honestly really like the fight. I think it’s funny that he rolls like us and I like that you get to summon Alexander since he’s my favorite npc. Excited about getting to try out the Giant-Crusher on him.

  15. I didn’t like the Fire Giant TBH, shitty camera (as usual) and both phases were just tedious. If we’re talking about big bosses, I consider Midir a much better fight (not perfect though, because he still has camera issues, but it’s expected in Souls games anyway).

  16. My biggest gripe was that you have to be so close to him that you can't see any of his attack windups. Most of them you can still manage to avoid but if he does the one where he just dumps fire out of his chest, even with 60 vigor and max gear fire resist its a one shot death.

  17. I would say Rykard being the best gimmick boss isn’t really a hot take, it seems to be a pretty popular consensus. Fire giant on the other hand… I’m sorry but he sucks

  18. Yeah, I'd argue that Yhorm without Storm Ruler is a better fight than Fire Giant (maybe not by much but still)

  19. It took 8 minutes for me with bleed 😭 (and I was dual wielding the beginning of the game warrior scimitars+17 and 19 but that’s besides the point)

  20. I love it when bosses in Elden Ring make me scream internally. I remember my first time seeing the Fire Giants second phase. I was practically screaming for my life even though I wasnt close to dead

  21. The fire giant is one of the worst I feel like. You spend 60% of the fight looking at his feet, and 40% you're up in his asshole

  22. Fire Giant is one of the worst fights Fromsoft have ever made for a simple reason: the boss arena is absolute dogshit. The fact that there are so many environmental "features" everywhere, couple with the fact you're on a massive slope, means his AI constantly breaks (e.g. he stands on top of a tree stump with his entire body, including the one part of him youre actually supposed to hit floating 10 foot above your characters head). I'm baffled as to why anyone thinks this fight is good in any way, I feel like they didnt even play-test it at all.

  23. Yep I died a few times because he rolled into ledges I couldn’t stand on and doesn’t move again until I do enough damage

  24. Not to mention if you get him in one of the starting alcoves he just bugs out and spams roll over and over again. Had that unlucky break when he rolled into me twice at the middle point of a fight and I couldn’t touch him again with my no magic build. Boss sucks.

  25. I agree. They’re been pushing both concepts (at our expense sometimes) for a while and I think they learn from it every time.

  26. gameplay aside Rykard and fire Giant both have amazing transformation sequence cutscenes. I love how the Giant offers his own leg to The Fell God and how it's implied Rykard wasn't even fully conscious in the first stage, the way he groans from being woke up and how he looks at you in fascination and interest 👌

  27. Lol you can't be serious. Fire giant is everything that's wrong with big monster fights in these games. Oh and divine dragon exists so no.

  28. on my first playthrough the battle against rykard was pretty cool since I had base mind and no blue flasks so I had to time the weapon skill to not get shredded by the big aoe. On my second playthrough with 20 mind and a few blue flasks I could just stunlock him to death with L2 spam :/

  29. I also did ng with only the weapon art a la storm ruler, but all of the serpent hunters attacks have the wind power in that fight, not just the aow

  30. Rykard is the best designed and probably most fun gimmick fight, but damn, I will always have a place in my heart of Storm King in OG Demon's Souls

  31. I agree with Rykard, he's really cool and fun although a little crappy with a few attacks, but my god the fire giant is hell unless you are using a bleed build.

  32. Nah I think yhorm had much better execution and lore to his fight overall, the fight was also significantly harder, it made you feel like you were fighting a giant.

  33. Agreed. Despite rykard's fight being a reskin for the most part, hia character alone makes it one of my fav bosses in the game

  34. I loved the Fire Giant fight so much that I co-op’d there for hours and hours. About 4 people killed it during that time. The music is just fantastic, especially when it really kicks in for the second phase.

  35. Yes, unless you count Sekiro as a Souls game. The Divine Dragon is a stunningly beautiful fight, doesn't overstay its welcome by being too hard or too tanky, and "Gracious Gift of Tears" is one of the best Boss Defeated texts.

  36. Disagree. Storm King is better than Rykard. Still love Rykard, don't get me wrong, but maybe I just like the arena for Storm King more

  37. Eh, FG is still lame ass. Mostly a challenge of working the camera. I do love the overall design, the leg rip and sacrifice is metal.

  38. At least in dragon dogma you can climb on the giant to poke it eye out. Most other game fight gaint is just slash/spell shot it leg till it has a heart attack or sumtin

  39. Rykard is an incredibly cool fight & I've learned to enjoy it more on subsequent playthroughs but IMO, the best gimmick fight has to be the Divine Dragon from Sekiro. Love the design, the atmosphere & the way the fight flows.

  40. I also think that best Gimmick Fight gives you maybe the best weapon from any souls game. I'm on my second playthrough and am having serious Blasphemous Blade withdrawals.

  41. Fire Giant is one of the worst bosses ever what. You just chase him around because he rolls away too much and you can't see what he's doing because your entire screen is taken up by his feet. Most of his attacks take away like 75% of your health even at 60 vig.

  42. I much preferred tower knight and divine dragon. They both had a good balance of spectacle and strategy, and most importantly they didn't outstay their welcome.

  43. Yeah, Tower Knight is way cooler than Fire Giant. Rykard is pretty awesome though I’ll admit; one of the best spectacles in FS. Divine Dragon is also pretty awesome, although IMO it’s an even easier fight than Rykard

  44. Midir is the best giant enemy fight since it's designed to be fought in a way where you can always see what is going on.

  45. I don't think Fire Giant is really supposed to be that type of fight. It's following from Tower Knight back in the day. It's the classic "hack their ankles" fight creating such a huge sense of scale. Midir is going for a different vibe altogether I feel.

  46. Midir's a dragon fight isn't he? Enemy that's a giant, not a Giant fight. Different due to being on four legs + fire breath vs. 2.

  47. I think he meant Souls games as every from soft game, otherwise Elden ring would be disqualified by name alone, even if it clearly is Dark Souls 4.

  48. Yhorm's better because you at least have to avoid him for a little bit before getting the weapon and has Seigwards quest associated with him. Though Blasphemous blade is up there with Yhorms machete. Fire giant fight was sick though.

  49. Sorta agree on rykard, not to mention his magnificent VA. But fire giant? that's like saying bed of chaos is the best boss in the souls games with the word bed in the name.

  50. I agree on this point. Giants have been the weak point in previous games. I actually really liked the Fire Giant and Rykard fights quite a bit.

  51. Fire Giant made me rage the first time I fought him. Granted I was underlevelled and had just got done dying to the Dragonbarrow Bell Bearing Hunter a million times so I probably should have taken a break before fighting him. Since then I don't think he's as bad as I initially thought but he definitely has some bullshit moments.

  52. Divine Dragon and Yhorm I would say are better giant fights. Rykard is fine but fire giant has annoying amount of health.

  53. As much as I love all the other games and I can literally cry reminiscing all of them, Elden Ring feels superior in every aspect.

  54. Rykard is the best gimmick fight but I’m still mad that they didn’t give him a ending but the dung eater does

  55. Best giant, best gimmick, best dragon, best horse, the only they don't have is the best decaying-knight-figure-tragically-succumbing-to-madness-in-service-to-a-greater-ideal.

  56. There's only really 2 gimmick fights I can think of in Elden Ring, Radahn and Rykard. I think the main reason they're still fun fights is because the gimmick doesn't beat the boss for you, just makes it easier, but you still need to engage.

  57. You know i just realized that out of the main bosses there isn't one that i dont like fighting (except godskin duo but they dont count they are too shit to be called bosses). Like the gimmick fights are fun, Radahn i can now beat on the first or second try reliably and Elden Beast i forgive couse i like the spectacle of the fight. Overall Elden Ring has the most enjoyable bosses of the souls borne franchise not counting bloodborne couse i haven't played it.

  58. Best gimmick fight, absolutely (although divine dragon is a close second). Best giant fight...i guess maybe by default but until they figure out a better camera i dont know if ill ever be able to enjoy a giant fight in a FromSoft game.

  59. I mean.. there is plenty of giant fights and to be fair they arent really "fun" its allot of run to the ankles and jab at the heels till they fall over then start slashing.

  60. The Fire giant is an abomination that shouldn't even be in the final game. Literally one of the worst piece of shit From created. It looks cool, sounds cool, but holy shit gameplay-wise, nothing about this fight works. This is cut content level bad.

  61. So I stubbornly fought Rykard over a dozen times trying to use my own weapons because I thought the spear wouldn't work with my stats.

  62. I agree, loved the fire giant fight and i know so many say it is not good because you just stare at the legs of it but damn I love the lore and how dramatic it is like that phase 2 cutscene

  63. Rykard is the culmination of the Stormruler saga. They should add that weapon to the DLC, with the Ash of War being the actual wind hit from the previous games, and also a way to awaken the new spear to have its powers in the open game as an Ash of War.

  64. I disagree to the rykard one, it's one of the most boring, straight forward, unimaginative, lamest one of all. Straight up yhorm the giant but snake and lava so even if you get near him you are getting staggered every swing. I like rykard as a character but his fight has to be one of the worst "boss fights" I've played in any game ever.

  65. Rykard Is my favorite boss. Fire giant gets annoying. If his arena was better and he didn't roll as much as a new player to pvp, he'd be perfect. But elden ring probably has the worst duo fights.

  66. Honestly, the Fire Giant and the Elden Beast were both some of my least favorite fights in Elden Ring. I hate bosses whose tactic includes "I'mma run away and force you to chase after me." It's not even a matter of difficulty, really. The Elden Beast is one of the easier fights in the game, and while the Fire Giant is a bit tougher, it's not his constant running away that contributes to the difficulty. When a boss runs away like that it just feels kinda like someone taking the controller away and saying "You're in time out for 10 seconds."

  67. As much as I hate that flaming prick, it is a very well made fight. The only problem is the arena itself which has numerous ways to either put the Fire Giant out of reach or outright kill the Fire Giant via fall damage

  68. In my opinion, giant enemies should be killed by some external/environmental event caused by the player during the fight. A landslide, a huge stalactite through the heart, falling into some crack of the earth, you name. It's a technique that has been used already and I think it's the least cringey and more usable without having to redesign the entire system (as it should be done with a Shadow of the Colossus system).

  69. I personally prefer Yhorm from Dark Souls 3 for gimmick fights, but that's mainly because of the associated quest line with it that makes the fight just way more meaningful. Rykard is definitely the best though if we go just by spectacle/design.

  70. The one thing I didn’t like about the Fire Giant is how much fucking health he had and how he rolled around all the time. Apart from that, pretty good boss fight.

  71. I've never played a souls game before this one but my GOD did I love Rykard's fight. I put down my summon sign for hours after beating the game because I wanted to keep doing that fight over and over I loved it so much. The huge blade of wind was so satisfying to me.

  72. All the giants are pretty shit but I like Yhorm the most because atleast he has the decency to be over and done with very quickly

  73. Storm King has a special place in my heart. I stumbled on Demon’s Souls WAY back in the day, couldn’t have been more than a few months after it came out, and bought it on a whim. Fell in love with it and me and my high school best friend played through DeS, DS1, and DS2 together. Although I think the spectacle of Rykard is better, I loved the sort of eldritch mystery of the Storm King more.

  74. In dark souls you could break off limbs to get otherwise unobtainable rewards and also had weapons like storm ruler that are like the serpent hunter but the ability works for all fights so u could use it agains all the large bosses not just one, I would have to say the giant fights are rather boring sure you could just use magic but I woulda loved the serpent hunter blade to work for atleast other bosses or rune bearers, maybe a tear that allowed you to pull out it’s full potential for a bit, I wish they would atleast allow you to use the ash of war at “full potential”, maybe it woulda been worth it if you could infuse it with like frost or lightning or whatever and it affect the look of the beams, their fun but it woulda been cool to do more than break a piece of the fire giants “armor”, it would have been cool if you could have cut off the snake part of rykard by hitting it when he slams it down at you after his second phase and gotten a unique snake themed weapon like the serpent bone blade and prevent him from using those attacks

  75. I beat rykard without using the weapon they give you on my second try I used the bloodhound greatsword and healed alot, also mimic tear was awesome help before nerf

  76. Storm King from DeS beats Rykard if you ask me. The first time you see it come out of the clouds is breathtaking. The sheer size of it compared to the ones you've been fighting, the massive storm surging, the OST, everything adds up to create this cinematic experience. Rykard just felt like a normal boss with an optional gimmick.

  77. Honestly i kinda hate giants because it's always the same thing, camera locking the ankle or the balls, like I'm sick of hitting balls and they have so much HP, dragons are even worse, bleeding is surely not overrated against those mountains of HP

  78. I would say that yhorm is better if they made him into an actual boss and not a joke to be pushed over by some windy sword. I still don't like fire giant though, he's either my 2nd or 3rd least favorite boss despite his amazing authentic (the other two being godskin duo and my #1 least favorite boss being valiant gargoyles). rykard is the best gimick boss across souls games though

  79. I think it'd be sick to fight a SUPER BIG giant, but like their standing against a cliff you you only see the top half during the fight. Sortof like the Icon of Sin from Doom Eternal

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