FromSoftware game recommendations

  1. It could be fun to go in chronological order just to see how the formula has evolved and been refined over the years.

  2. Sekiro is my favorite From Software game, but Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne are the best choices if you want something similar to Elden Ring.

  3. Bloodborne has different combat but it's always going to be the number one recommendation after ER for anyone new to Soulsborne games. Theres just nothing else out there like it, especially when it comes to the Lore.

  4. Dark souls 2 gives similar combat vibes with weapon types and powerstancing. Powerstancing in DS2 allows for weapons of different classes to also be used together.

  5. You will not be playing a souls game similar to Elden ring in terms of exploration. The other souls games are not as open world as you’d hoped.

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