Elden Ring ruined gaming for me

  1. What has been working well for me is playing a game that is totally different from ER. I've been putting time into the new Lego star wars game and it's such a nice break from ER that I've been thoroughly enjoying myself. I put 190 hours and platinumed ER so playing something that has 0 stress is super nice. I'm getting myself ready to play through the demons souls remake which I know will destroy me

  2. I'm taking the same approach. Playing that Guardians of the Galaxy game, which couldn't be more different from Elden Ring. A bit of a palette cleanser before diving into Dark Souls for the first time.

  3. You could have a look at games produced by smaller studios even indie developers, as some of them tend to have better gameplay and are original.

  4. Yeah that's a downside to finding a game that you love so much. Makes all other games feel horrible for awhile. I've found it's the same way with a really good book series. It's really hard to find a new series to move on to after finishing one you connect with so deeply.

  5. If you’re looking for an open-world game that hits different, try Subnautica. It was my personal GOTY for 2021. Many memorable gaming moments.

  6. One of my all-time favourites. Coincidentally, the only game that has made me feel that organic sense of discovery since Subnautica is Elden Ring.

  7. It's funny you mentioned that. I just started up DS3 again, got to the pregnant tree boss. Not sure if I'll stick with it. I've played all the Fromsoft games, some multiple times. I'm also trying to get through Demons Souls for the first time, but damn that game is hard! I like Sekiro, but it's probably my least favorite, since it's not really an RPG where you pick a class, level up, get gear, etc.

  8. I know how you feel. With each new souls instalment I'd go through a period where nothing was fun cause Souls games are so unique in their play style and Highly additive! To help I can recommend a couple great games so ease out of souls and get back to enjoying other games.

  9. Try exploring other genres. Divinity Original Sin 2 and Dragon age Origins are fantastic party-based strategic rpgs.

  10. DOS2 is easily one of my favorite games of all time! I remember how many "oh shit really???" moments i had whily connecting some quests. The writing is so fun and the quests never fail to amaze me.

  11. Yeah, haven’t been enthralled with a game this much since, maybe a decade ago? Other games are cool, but after an hour I just go back to Elden Ring and make a new character.

  12. I went back to the very basics of difficult games. Been playing Zelda II The Adventure of Link and having a blast. It’s truly the OG Dark Souls with it’s difficult levels, strategic combat, illusory walls, and very minimal amount of hand holding (you have to walk around and just happen to stumble upon an object or talk to the right person to even get a hint at what to do next).

  13. I had to slog through the first Horizon. It just really didn't click with me, I thought it was boring as fuck. And goddamn the gameplay felt clunky.

  14. Starting to think testimonials like this will result in Elden Ring being completely overrated. I played HFW, and Elden Ring. I think both are great. Elden Ring hooked me better than Horizon did, in fact I probably have double the hours. What I don’t understand is how Elden Ring is so great that it ruins other games. There isn’t really one thing I found in Elden Ring in which an aspect of it wasn’t done better in another game. Elden Ring is a great game that belongs on the same shelf as many others that came before it. But revolutionary? Changing gaming forever? Nah. Game of the year? Definitely worthy.

  15. I have to agree... After beating ER, my next game was Scarlet Nexus, because I saw it in gamepass and it had good scores at metacritic.

  16. I have the opposite experience. I finished Elden Ring at about the 100 hour mark trying to do everything I could then switched to PvP for about 60 hours. I go back to it every now and then for some duels but have but have mostly moved on. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is my main game now. Switch Sports just came out too and I gotta get that

  17. Maybe try a totally different kind of game ? I really enjoy a run of Slay The Spire when ER got me to rage quit/lose my temper/stress too much I find it to be a good balance.

  18. Yeah, despite beating the game 4 times, helping hundreds of payers through bosses and over 200 hours with nothing left to do at this point, I am struggling to move onto other games.

  19. If you browsed through game pass and thought nothing was good then you just didnt give the good games a chance cuz thats just not true

  20. Strangely- I’m enjoying breaks with more simplified games- playing thru ffXV now and finding great pleasure in how NOT stressful it is

  21. Sorry to hear you bounced off Horizon which is kinda sad considering it has some boss/ non boss fights that would be straight out of a souls game. I get that it's slower paced but the world design is just as good if not better than ER. Also I dunno if you're on PS5 but HFWs graphics blow ER out of the water. I get why you would be bored but maybe try HFW again, it's a fuckin gem of a game. Also you can turn off markers in the menu if you want an elden ring style exploration experience, which is what I did.

  22. I will try HFW again, it just wasn't clicking for me at the moment. I think there was too much dialogue and it was slower paced. I did enjoy the first game, but in the last 5 years there's been a million open world action games, it just kind of feels "been there done that" in 2022.

  23. I decided a few weeks before elden ring came out that I’d play botw 2 and elden ring. These are the only IPs worth a damn to me anymore. I think I can safely say once all of the associated content is done, I will never play a game again

  24. We call it a "book/movie/game hangover" when you've just completed something amazing and you can't enjoy anything else. My solution for this is to just take a break and don't read/watch/play anything (depending on the type) because you're ruining your own fun by expecting to find more of the source of that hangover in whatever you try.

  25. HFW is a great game, but I feel you! I haven’t finished HFW since picking up Elden Ring and am currently on NG+. BUT HFW is a beautiful game and you can really customize the combat and it challenges you to use all the different weapons in your arsenal. Not to mention the haptic feedback!

  26. Not to be that guy or anything, really i love games and even wanted to be a game designer...but have u thought that justaybe u need to find some real hobbies ato do on ur downtime or get a job if u dont have one??? Gaming is great to pass time and to do as a passion. But there is a real wprld too where u can carry over some of that inspiration and imagination and use the skill sets u have had to beat elden ring. Like ur strategic knowledge when it comes to overcoming problems or obstacles in ur way and how to deal with challenges (problem solving skills), the runes u used would ve good to use into real life as finances too, how to budget and use ur money wisely like u do ur runes, things like that. And using what u learned to only carry what u need. And to teach others if u dont NEED it then maybe its not worth it.

  27. Haha, yeah I have other hobbies. I'm getting ready to plant a garden, so I built some garden boxes recently. I'm also studying for an IT certification. For my gaming time I'm just looking for the next thing to draw me in like Elden Ring did.

  28. Since you have game pass look up a game on there called Infernax if you haven't tried it, it's fun, challenging and has throw back 8 bit graphics.

  29. Me five years ago when I got obsessed with Dark Souls. Nothing else scratches that itch, I barely finish games but I just blaze through Souls games.

  30. There is always the rest of the FromSoft soulsborne experience to play through, if you haven't done so. I too have Forbidden West in the queue, so that is unfortunate to hear. But yeah, having played FS games, I can never go back to games like Final Fantasies again, not even FF7R, the false rolling in that game frustrates me so much I cannot finish it.

  31. You soon realise how much many other games employ the tactics of shopping lists. Go here, do 10 things. Go there, do 5 things. Go here, get object. Intense concentrations of busywork copy and pasted, carefully but quickly designed to keep you engaged and on task, like you're doing a job. Never so entertained or focused that you're having a great time, but never quite unengaging enough to quit once started.

  32. What I did was replay the Dark Souls trilogy (about to finish DS3) and then I will go back to Elden Ring for some challenge runs :D

  33. I don’t know. Of course Elden ring is one of the best games ever. But I always like to play new stuff. I got the Platin in Elden ring. Now I’m playing Horizon FW and I’m also enjoying it.

  34. Honestly Elden Ring made me want to play the older From games more, maybe it's because I completely burnt out as it was all I played for a month, but it's really made me appreciate the older games more

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