A message for new players

  1. Remember that there are many ways to put mobs to sleep and fuck with them. Like Godskin duo you keep 1 of them asleep and clap the other with your summon(s).

  2. You know, I'm 130 hours in, and I still forget that there's a crafting system. I should utilize it more, but I'm just not used to being able to craft things in souls -like games that I just overlook it.

  3. Int build and Wing of Astel for tank enimes .... Creep, use nebula skill instead of backstab, wait, nebula nebula nebula. Purple stuff is dope.

  4. Damn I just read the wiki on pots and I can’t believe I never learned that they can be recrafted and that cracked pots return to inventory. That’ll be cool to figure out to use

  5. I’ve noticed people don’t like throwing poison darts. With enough arcane (like 30-40) you will 1-2 shot poison in PvP. And they don’t waste any stamina when throwing!

  6. Sounds like your Vigors pretty low then. For all of the "do whatever you want" Elden Ring offers the best tip for new players is to actually pool Health. Being able to take 1 or 2 extra hits from the boss will vastly improve your ability to spend time learning attack patterns and when to dodge them.

  7. Bleed arrows are obviously nice, but if you’re really gonna say fuck it, you might as well just buy serpent arrows from the merchant in north Caelid. Infinite poison arrows for like 150 per.

  8. If you're getting one or two shot by every boss then you need to invest in your hp. HP is literally a requirement for later in the game because not only will the bosse be oneshoting you but so will basically every enemy. I really don't get why people seem to think that they can get by in the game without investing in their hp ever or only barely. Nothing scales with your hp so if you're in an area that is considered late game and you get one shot by something that's kind of on you. I'm not trying to come for you specifically, but this needs to be said, invest in health. There's ample time in the game to farm up runes to invest in damage stats later on. As general statement pumping all of your lvls into your damage stat(s) isn't as effective as in previous fromsoft titles as your damage is heavily gated by how upgraded your weapons are.

  9. Had someone attempt it on me to just get lightning rammed by a cane sword. That and ROB users that spam L2 will always instantly lose since they move predictably.

  10. Ugh. I saw someone streaming themselves doing that yesterday. Was looking around at the streams up and clicked on one. This girl was literally just invading into people's worlds just to carian retaliation them. Like why would you even stream that, let alone do it in the first place? It's so fucking scummy.

  11. Also a message for new players: if you summon someone for a duel through a red summon sign, and you buff while they're summoning in, and then you attack them while they're buffing, that's considered a dick move. This also goes for if you call down a lighting incantation on them while they're bowing.

  12. Tbh when someone buffs before saying Hi i just start casting my super delayed glintblades, they have enough time to react to It but not enough to Buff one more time, which is kind of what i want

  13. I’m gonna disagree with you on this one, because it’s some sort of unwritten rule that self-appointed gatekeepers of the community like to try and hold over others heads.

  14. Well said! Play however you wish to play with the tools at your disposal. It's your money that was spent on the game... it's your time being invested... no one else's. Just play and enjoy as you all see fit. There isn't really anything else to it

  15. The only time I see people complain about play style on here is when FS veterans refuse to use spirit summons etc to give themselves more of a challenge. Saw on person once equated it to playing Tetris without spinning blocks. Really seems people have created this boogeyman, not sure if people are insecured with the way the play or something. There’s should really have a study on this. Hundreds of post bemoaning these so called elitists that are never found.

  16. Yeah, it's ironic that the real elitists in the community now are the people who are trying to act superior to others because they "use all the mechanics unlike those smoothbrains who limit themselves"

  17. The issue is simply that summons are too powerful and aren't well balanced. They shouldn't be able to solo bosses. I have no gripes with people who want to use them, but I think Fromsoft could do a better job of balancing endgame challenges/summons in general.

  18. i haven't seen anyone talk down on using the game mechanics either. i do say you should try fighting the main, hard bosses without stuff just bc it feels amazing to win with that handicap but idc if u use spirits/etc. i use em for everything, mimic tear is sick

  19. Yeah, 100% there are probably a few people of course, but the majority anti-everything souls elitists is just ridiculous. I made a post the other day explicitly saying play how you want to play, but it's a different experience from playing without ashes and the next post was a guy flipping out on me for telling him how to play. Huh? What?

  20. IMO people are being defensive for no reason. I think summons fundamentally change the game and make it less fun, so I stopped using them. Doesn't mean I demand other people stop using it too, though I suspect anyone who enjoyes souls games would be more satisfied beating ER without summons, ultimately.

  21. I'm 100% sure these posts come from people who cheese or easy mode their way through the game and when they don't get any satisfaction from doing it that way, they try to convince themselves that they did the right thing.

  22. Yeah it’s getting exhausting to read. The whole “inclusiveness” banner everyone wants to ride under across every fucking thing in existence is just so, so played out. The relentless virtue signaling is such a plague. That fight has it’s place. Elden Ring isn’t it.

  23. i've mostly seen the opposite tbh, souls boomers trying to flex whatever meager skills they have by belittling people that use summons and saying they dumb down the game or simply presuming to know that players that use summons aren't really having fun (because they obviously know how other people have fun better than the people themselves). so much attention seeking and being full of themselves you'd think they were playing the game just to show off online instead of having fun. our worth as human beings does not hinge on the skill gap between us and a random stranger trying to have fun with intended game mechanics.

  24. What do you mean non YouTube non OP build? It’s the opposite. They’re running the “OP BLEED EASY MELANIA KILL - DOMINATES IN PVP” thumbnail build.

  25. I find it so weird asking strangers on the internet if it’s ok for you to play a game a certain way lmao. Have a little self respect. The game is there for entertainment, if spending all your time naked petting turtles in limgrave is fun for you then that’s how you should play the game.

  26. It's quite interesting that i never saw posts about "this is how you supposed to play the game" but i see thousands of "dont worry about guys who tell you how you are supposed to play".

  27. No, it exists. On /v/ right now it started as shitposting (mimic tear? You Did Not Beat The Game) but was quickly taken up by people who genuinely believe such things. Now its a weird annex between people joking, shitposting, or unironically trying to make a pecking order in which they coincidentally did everything right.

  28. I meet these guys in discord and IRL discussions. Also comments on Youtube and this subreddit. They definitely exist.

  29. you never saw posts, but did you bother reading comments? they're there. even those thinly veiled 'lets not pretend it doesn't make the game easier' comments with a splash of elitism

  30. The game has been out for almost two months at this point. There were threads about this within the first week. I am still yet to see someone who genuinely criticizes others for how they choose to play, but have seen thousands of people parrot the "play what you want" mindset.

  31. Right? Wait a couple of days, write the same fucking message that's been said a trillion times and act like you're the first to do it. Profit.

  32. I travelled all the way to caelid to get rotten stray ashes so watch that fucking Margit slowly die of rot. I regret nothing. He was so much harder than Malenia was for me

  33. I didn’t start using Mimic Tear until after the “nerf” and I love that summon. It takes a bit of trickery to get it to work well but I love it.

  34. I agree with everything except "cheese that boss". Theres a certain level of satisfaction that comes with finally killing a boss legit that you've struggled with. Personally I feel like I failed myself when i cheese a boss the first time round. second playthough? cheese everything, you already know you can do it legit.

  35. That’s fair. That’s your personal experience and you should do it how you want. I cheesed Allecto and didn’t feel the slightest bit bad about it.

  36. Yeah, do all of that stuff EXCEPT afk "rune farm" it ruins the game for people that enjoy PvP and it's not even effective

  37. Tip for people who enjoy PvP, use Duelist sign or use Taunters Tongue yourself, and you will never have to encounter or feed an AFK farmer.

  38. The very idea that someone would pay money for a game and then ask how they should play it repulses me on a visceral level.

  39. Stop forcing summons to watch cutscenes they’ve seen 100 times. If you haven’t seen a cutscene yet don’t summon and try the boss out.

  40. This has been a big challenge for me, mentally. I will be convinced I have to change strategy and try something else, but sometimes, just sometimes, I make a bit of progress with the current approach. So I’ll try “just one more time” before I switch my approach. That one more time becomes 50 more times. Eventually when I end up changing strategy and it works better, and I defeat them, I think to myself “this boss would have taken one hour instead of five if I had just been disciplined, a lesson learned”.

  41. This being my first souls game, I played a two-handed sword no summons no spirits build strength only. It was really fun and satisfying and definitely makes the game teach you and improve, but as soon as I hit ng+ I added magic and ashes and it's also incredibly fun, play as you want

  42. I have never seen anyone complain about what people use on bosses nor have I ever seen someone ask if something is OK to use against bosses

  43. must be so bad coming here as a new player asking this, or advice, and just get ”git gud instead”, ”you’re wrong” or some shit like that, always those guys and they’re the loudest.

  44. I’m also very convinced they’re the ones that bounce from OP build to OP build as they get nerfed and then complain about lack of diversity.

  45. What is hysterical is that out of all the actual communities I am in "Souls, League of Legends, WOW, FFXIV, Lost Ark, Destiny, COD, Halo, etc etc"

  46. imagine writing a message telling players how to play which itself tells them "play however you want". This post is redundant.

  47. Miyazaki has literally said that one of the major points of the game is to triumph over incredible odds. That means that you should try to engage with the game, such as mastering mechanics, learning a bosses moveset, etc.

  48. I disagree. If I’m enjoying the experience by using summons and spirit ashes then I’m not missing out on anything.

  49. Damn we got all the kotaku readers making shit threads about them being shit at the game and trying to reassure themselves that they're hecking valid.

  50. Do what you want but don’t use exploits in pvp and don’t afk farm if you do you’re lame, there’s a lot of better ways to farm runes that don’t waste other players times and if you do afk farm we will eventually find you and use the jar cannon, radahn sword, or mohg spear to stop you

  51. Personally, I chose not to summon and cheese bosses because I feel that takes away the challenge from not just this game, but the previous soul game bosses. It handicaps you to not know the boss' movesets. So it is hard for me to feel satisfied knowing I relied on a summon to tank for me as I sat in the back shooting comet azure at it.

  52. As a person who loves open world games where I can go roam around randomly I am loving exploring as I please. Even though I am at Mountaintop of the Giants I am still exploring certain areas I didn’t check in Liurnia. To me Elden Ring was a game designed to cater to all From Software fans and bring in new ones by making the game accessible with exploring. Not being stuck in a certain area because of how linear the games were before is a great change in my opinion.

  53. Especially spirit springs. Taking the time to mark those out when I find them has helped me track shortcuts around the map.

  54. Literally the only argument I will ever make in favor of the "you're playing wrong" attitude is that sometimes, new players will bounce off a game like this because the first build they try ends up not being a playstyle they enjoy. So I am in favor of saying to someone who maybe isn't enjoying the game, "maybe you're playing it wrong (for you) and you'll enjoy it more if you play it differently."

  55. Ever since starting the game and trying my best to kill the Tree Sentinel (yes I leveled up elsewhere, he's still a challenge regardless, currently attempting at level 24 with a great scythe), I must say, I don't have any constipation problems any more.

  56. The only thing I’d say to the contrary, and I mean no harm, is that you should be cognizant of what you want from the game. I hadn’t played FS games in awhile (DS3) and was reminded about embracing the difficulty. I’m very happy with the struggle I put in and it helped (me personally) avoid an early exit to the game that many of my friends had.

  57. I've just been doing everything before moving on to each place. It's made me so overleved that I'm getting a tad burnt out. I haven't run into a boss in a while that I couldn't beat first run. It's funny every boss people have freaked out had gotten me spooked but each one has been a breeze.

  58. I fought margit at level 11. Died 1000 horrible deaths. Came back 30 levels later and beat the living shit out of him with magic, wolves, boosts and that garbage ass coop npc at the door

  59. For PVE, yeah do whatever suits your fancy. For PVP, I think we'd all benefit from extending a level of courtesy to each other.

  60. No joke the summons are awesome. Definitely OP but awesome as hell. And you know what, they're totally optional if you still want the challenge. Like I use em if I get stuck, but no shame if you just like to use them. They really help with the accessibility for new players.

  61. The only thing you can't do is AFK farm or use a pure rivers of blood bleed build. Don't be fucking cancer.

  62. Veteran here (not hardcore, always summoned help if needed or wanted). When that knight evergoal sprouted his wings and started flying around, but later got caught in a crack in the ground, you best believe I emptied a quiver into him. There is no honor in dark souls PvE, only life and death

  63. Enemies have no honor in PvE. They will gang upon you, cheese you, put you in a corner, throw stuff at you, bleed you out, use spirits, invade you, everything and more. They deserve everything we got.

  64. I could be wrong but I believe it’s just no Crimson Flask use and not healing in general. At least in DS3 the general consensus seemed to be that if you’re able to pull off a healing spell in a duel then go for it.

  65. One thing I will say is: Watch the cutscenes your first time in a boss. You only get one first playthrough. Don't let someone else pressure you into skipping them.

  66. Biggest tip for new players, there is a secret item called "TAUNTER'S TONGUE" make sure to always activate this when entering a new area, it allows you to see secret messages/hidden passages.

  67. Yep. Not a lot of people know this one, but the messages with tips on the bosses weaknesses were invaluable. So, new players: get your taunter's tongue, use it early, use it often.

  68. Lol you people really have to have someone validate you every step of your lives don't you? This is a video game. Common sense dictates that no one on the internet has any power to stop you from playing your single player games. I have no idea who or where this boogeyman that agitates you so much is but this isn't normal behavior what you are doing.

  69. Just play the fucking game. Most of us played the older souls game so we know the common FROMSOFTWARE ideas.

  70. I agree. I really don’t know why people feel the need to gain the approval of strangers on the internet before doing something. It is your game experience, not others.

  71. If the boss freezes at the start of the battle then use that to your advantage, although i guess that is inside the "cheese" part.

  72. Some people impose virtual handicaps on themselves for some odd reason to make them feel superior to other players. That’s fine if you are trying to prove something to yourself, but there is absolutely nothing wrong by using anything the game developers gave you as a tool to navigate or defeat the game.

  73. OP is probably an incredible cheeser and is seeking validation from reddit. Wouldn't be surprised if he's using alt accounts to comment here

  74. Are...are people shaming about watching cutscenes? Haha bruh there is a total of like` 2 minutes of cutscenes the entire game. Let people enjoy the 15 seconds they see a cool boss. Take your MMO mentality out of the souls verse. This is not wow/ffxiv/lost ark.

  75. Oh my god I’m so sick of these fucking posts. People who use ashes and cheese are so insecure they have to spend all their time telling everyone it’s totally okay and V A L I D

  76. I agree that people should experience the game in any way they want to, but I don't think elitist mentality will ever stop. The franchise is built on the games being challenging, so any way to circumvent those challenges will be looked down upon by those people. As if it's disrespectful for the time they spent to git gud.

  77. The amount of gate keeping from “Souls Vets” is insane. Just like couple of my friends, the so called “Souls Vets” keep telling me I’m not playing the game the right way because I finally fought Malenia at level 180 and am way over leveled cuz I like to completely explore an area before moving on.

  78. The amount of gatekeeping I've seen around ER is staggering. If you're having fun playing the game, then it's okay. Whatever you do, it's your game, your rules.

  79. Ngl, was getting my ass handed to me and I wasn’t feeling the disrespect that ER was dishing out. So I took matters into my own hands and became a dex/arcane build with rivers of blood. The game has been a blast ever since, off to fight Malenia!

  80. I've seen people attempt to shame others for using standard game mechanics like summoning spirits. These people are toxic and they want to create a higher level of difficultly by setting artificially difficult self-imposed rules. If you want to play like that by all means, set those rules for yourself but don't spread this toxic shame on other players.

  81. This is a good message to put out. I think a lot of the “hardcore” ppl are just dragging their baggage from DS3 with them. I certainly did lmao which really was the thought that I NEEDED to beat whatever boss to get further the way I thought I needed to go. Turns out 90 percent of stuff is optional or can be turned on it’s side by using different strats. U can bypass whatever is too hard in the moment in most situations. I made myself fight the invader at the round table hold for like 3 hours one night bc I thought I needed to open those doors to leave lmao

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