What is your most hated monster in this game?

  1. When they slam their head down and start thrashing around. That attack lasts so long and has such a cleave I feel like you have to disengage completely which isn't easy in that area.

  2. I don't understand how anyone could answer differently. Literally one of the worst enemies From ever made and genuinely might be more difficult than 90% of the bosses in this game.

  3. These birds, and partially the rot infected dogs. I asked a friend who has multiple completions how he deals with them. He said he just runs away.

  4. Prawn Warriors. Their heat seeking missiles tracked me through multiple tunnels in a way that made the shot that destroyed the Death Star look easy.

  5. ESPECIALLY after getting warped to Selia Cave from Agheel Lake and not being able to leave until you find a bonfire.

  6. Are those the long white bug motherfuckers? This is my answer too. They’re fast and the missile attack is like a 12 gauge shotgun up close but can also snipe you around corners if you aren’t careful

  7. If you think the ones in Siofra are bad (and they are), wait till you get to Consecrated Snowfield. Those paraplegic archers make me want to uninstall.

  8. The ones in Ordina were terrible. They snipe you atop buildings with 3 magical homing arrows. Took me too many tries to kill them.

  9. The sniper assholes in Siofra that shoot at you from half way across the map are actually scripted. If you get close enough to hit him with the arrow, he aggroes at you and stops using the bullshit sniper shot, instead he tries to close in and fight like a regular archer. I hope it helps. I used this method to clear entire Siofra zone from all those blue fuckers. It really helps that they drop flasks a lot

  10. The lobsters. I killed a dragon and then rode torrent a little ways up and began to fight a lobster and died so quick, it was ridiculous, I mean I had just slaughtered a freaking dragon lol

  11. Did y'all know there is a grafted scion that disguises itself as a lobster? I forgot where it is I think liurnia

  12. This game is so strange that way. I just killed a monstrous king, took barely any damage. And then I get surprised by a pack of dogs and some random archer shoots me in the back and I die.

  13. Fuck those goddamn Lobsters. I can legit face AN ACTUAL GOD IN SINGLE COMBAT BUT GODS FORBID I TRY TO FIGHT A WATER ROACH.

  14. They suck too. First time I ran into one I said fuck no. As I’m riding away I get blasted and die. Had no idea they were snipers as well. More annoying than the crabs

  15. Add the rune bear and Im 100% on your side. Tho rune bear isnt as terrible since he was only placed in areas where you can easily run from him.

  16. God I hate those bugged bleed dogs. I was exploring below mohg and those fuckers killed me like 4x over with that bs charged attack. For anyone that doesn't know what I'm talking about, there're dogs with red lumps on them that are currently bugged. They have a wind up attack where they open their mouths wide and rush forward snapping at you. If any single attack hits you you're dead, even if you block, cause its bugged and hits like 20x instead of 1x and just instableeds your entire hp bar. You can tell its bugged cause the sound effect plays a bunch of times at the same time

  17. Lesser red wolves aren't as terrifying, but I hate them. I find them remarkably annoying and unfun to fight, the fights going to take forever because the things just running away from you and carting spells the whole time... Until you try to do something to it, then it starts forward and hits you 3 times before running off again.

  18. That item pop-up that you have to click away during a fight when you’re dumb enough to pick something up.

  19. It’s insane and so out of character for fromsoft to disable your attack and dodge just because a message is on screen. Dark Souls? It stays on the screen and you can still fight. Sekiro? Game pauses when you collect an item that prompts an info box. I can’t figure out why they went with this system here.

  20. That things is infuriating. It should go away by its self after 3-5 seconds and not make it so you cant do anything. That pop up is such bs

  21. DLC boss: Three Melania's at the same time in a tiny arena except they never use waterfowl, they never heal on hit, they never inflict scarlet rot and instead of Melania they are regular rats.

  22. As aittle payback for the three in Stormveil that try to drop barrel bombs on your head, if you sneak out and target the barrel with a fire arrow it one shots them.

  23. Scrolled down way too far to see this. There's also a variation that has spiky, spinning wheels at the end of their arms. I hate these soooooo much!

  24. The Abductor Virgins, yeah to hell with those bastards. Weak to lightning, but if your not a faith build they take forever to take down. They get one lucky grab and it's game over.

  25. I know they're not hard to kill but the giant ants just creep me out. I noped out so hard the first time I ran into them underground.

  26. I usually don’t get creeped out by video game monsters, but something about those ants caused chills down my spine.

  27. What? The enemy that has a twenty-hit combo, teleports, and is otherwise a nasty bitch is hard for you? Cause it sure as shit is for me too

  28. These enemies just gross me out on a visceral level in addition to being a pain in the ass. Huge no thanks for me

  29. The invisible black knight assassins. Yes I know about the torch. No I didn’t know about the torch the first time I fought them

  30. The torch? I had a nightmare finding and lighting the flames in the Lithurgical Town. If not the invisible black knife dudes one shotting me outta nowhere it was the archers on the roofs. Fuck those guys especially.

  31. As with many From Soft Enemies, hug and roll into them, watch out for the grab. This way he mostly doesn't do his long range combos that are hard to properly judge since his darth maul sword lingers behind you and the camera.

  32. I know you're probably well past the area, but I got stuck on them forever too, you just have to hit the weird guys hanging from the ceiling and then the ghosts won't spawn.

  33. There are these enemies that crawl on the ground, with a big, round head that looks like a rotted plum, they scream and their main attack is a grab. They're frighteningly fast, they come in groups and they like to take turns in grabbing you until you're dead if you make the mistake of standing still just for a second. I hate them. Luckily, they only appear like 3 times throughout the whole game. I hate them. I know I just said that, but I really want to emphasize how much I hate them.

  34. Those are albinaurics like Latenna, that's why they crawl, they can't walk. And they're always found in prisony areas. So I think they are insane prisoners who have chewed through their head coverings. To better snack on you.

  35. the worst part is in the manor when you drop into the pit with the ceiling cages and there's like six of them that come sprinting at you the moment you land and its pitch black.

  36. I'm not finished yet but so far it's Ulcerated Tree Spirit, especially when they shove them into small spaces like the one in Stormveil. Also the hands, don't like them.

  37. Well get ready to fight them in smaller areas. There’s ones I’m ignoring because the areas is annoying and small as well as I’ve reached the limit on flasks so seeds are now pointless to me.

  38. There's one in a dungeon that was literally phasing through the walls during animations because it was so big and the room was so small.

  39. I just don't think they're particularly well implemented. Even if you disregard how they're constantly clipping with the environment, in most places you fight them they struggle to hit you at all, until they do that grab attack which borders on an instant kill.

  40. I fucking hate those things. I've learned how to deal with trolls, golems, even the crabs, but those imp statue motherfuckers always annihilate me. I'm in fringefolk hero's cave and they're worse than the fire tunnels and the chariot! Not the arm spider knights though. I can at least kill the bleedy boys occasionally.

  41. Oh so that's what those buggers are called. I usually have trouble with crucible knights because I struggle to find openings, but they just feel challenging contrary to these absolute bullshit wankers.

  42. Just use the heal spell. It does a absurd damage and it staggers them. Then go for the critic blow. It doesn’t matter if you are not running a faith build. Put on the faith talisman, buy the two fingers emblem and equip it in your left hand and crash those fuckers down.

  43. The Bell Bearing Hunters have caused me more pain than any boss I've encountered thus far. That telekinetic sword attack seems impossible to dodge 3 times in a row.

  44. Ahh yes. Was fighting one in the capital then along came one of those priest dudes spitting fire. So I backed off to heal and the page decided to 360-no-scope-trick-shot-smg me.

  45. Camera really goes for the throat in that boss fight with the Misbegotten and Crucible Knight in Redmane Castle. Absolutely miserable.

  46. Am I tripping or is the camera dogshit in this game compared to the other ones? I’ll be locked on an enemy and the camera is in a different direction

  47. Holy shit idk if it's just an MnK thing but as my first souls game I'm running a (mainly) melee build and find myself fighting the camera 90% of the time instead of the boss. I almost completely avoid horseback combat for this very reason, and struggle immensely against large enemies because I can't fucking see anything but their feet.

  48. First souls game I've played not using lock on for most of the bosses. My favorite is getting stuck inside the boss pressed up against a wall and I can't tell wtf is happening.

  49. Fun fact, bloodflame blade will set all hands on fire and do massive damage to them. I like to light my raptor claws ablaze and tear them to shreds.

  50. Was looking for this one. I call them "cockroach motherfuckers" and my roommate knows exactly the ones I mean. I HATE Sellia Crystal Tunnels and Lake of Rot because of those shitheads.

  51. FINALLY someone who shares the same opinion as me I HAVE NIGHTMARES FROM THAT THINGS. Have you explored below the capital city yet? That motherfuckers will Jumpscare you out of bushes if you dont spam ur focus button... Thankfully the guy here told me to use the beast torch... Wish i knew that before. They are so so so so so gross

  52. Beast-repellant torch turns these guys (and most wolves and rats) into friendly NPCs lol. It even works when it's on your back and you are 2 handing a weapon. You can buy the torch in NW Caelid at a merchant.

  53. Honestly, it'd be easier to answer what my least hated enemy is. I don't know why I enjoy this game. I literally hate almost every enemy.

  54. I don't hate the ordinary ones (so far anyway) but the putrid ones in Sellia Hideaway are literally the worst boss I have encountered in this game so far. They're actually taking a toll on my mental health and making me dislike the game

  55. Honestly my least favourite encounter in the game. Some of the Caelid dungeon bosses are completely dreadful. Chrysalid trio, burial watchdog duo, and this monstrosity.

  56. I love the full-grown Fallingstar beast and the one you find in a mine proves that arena design is central to a boss' quality.

  57. The clean rot knights in war dead catacombs they are broken as [email protected]#k can solo all the rest of game but them [email protected]#ks hit so hard lol

  58. Rune bears in particular don’t have any place being as tanky as they are. They got the health of a dragon, speed of a dog, and hit like a truck. And don’t get me started on the bear inside that Dragonbarrow cave.

  59. On the bright side: If your HP is high enough, you'll be able to survive being run over by one of them with a little bit left... right before they quickly turn around and mow your ass again.

  60. Death blight basilisks I FUCKING HATE THEM THEY ARE SO UGLY AND U CANNOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THAT FUCKING DEATH MIST THEY FUCKING SPRAY AT YOU FROM THEIR UGLY LOOKING POUCH THEIR EYES I WANNA I never wanted to see anyone else as dead as these BUT THEY EVEN LOOK WORSE DEAD, pure nightmare fuel. If i could do anything to stop this accident of breeding, i would... These motherfuckers are even worse then revenants... THEY LITERALLY WILL JUMPSCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU UNDERGROUND OF LEYNDELL (not the sewers, i mean the deeper thing stuff idk what its called in english). They will jump out of bushes and will vomit their shit at you. Even the fucking deathprince thing didnt help except beast torch or what its called. Fr man remove this enemy. I didnt try the beast torch yet so maybe ill change my choice

  61. Bruh I shit my pants when that spider hand popped out of the ground and I woke my girlfriend up with my baby scream and the next morning she call me little bish

  62. Those morons with grafted arms and legs that can disappear into the ground, reappear and spit poisonous vomit, attacks you for way too many times in a row, and are almost impossible to run away from.

  63. These big cat tomb guards. Especially the ones with the staff. Got me so much annoyed that you nearly can‘t escape their drop.

  64. that asshole with the many hands and teleport, fucker has this barrage melee attack that just kills you in a stunlock...

  65. Siofra River Archers. Hands down. At least all the other annoying enemies can be avoided. Those motherfucker can shoot you from anywhere.

  66. I don't exactly hate them but Crucible Knights are my arch enemies. On my main strentgh build before larva tearing all new builds, I could not kill them without using a ridiculous amount of flasks, they are absolutely anti-turtle builds, I hate and love them with a passion, because it's a also a challenge

  67. Cruxible knights/ knights with shields in general. The fact that giving an enemy a shield that can block 100% of dmg and they added shield guarding makes them insufferable to fight

  68. An enemy called the REVENANT! These guys are nuts, I came across my first one in the laskyar ruins. They just don't relax and attack so furiously not to mention the poison they spew. Then they just disappear and pop up somewhere else and spew on you again or attack with about 10 plus furious fast attacks. They instil fear in me

  69. Perfumers. Yes probably the only person to say that but I just find it so hard to hit them. Probably the only enemy in the game that can drink a flask to.

  70. Try to get behind them. Whack away at their legs and retreat/create distance when it starts to rotate before spinning around. And always go left when facing them since their flying breath attack aims to its left.

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