1. If we can collectively chip in 1250.00 on a Tuesday, and someone brings a cup. Maybe we could start him an “only fans”.

  2. Guys at work talking about this. They think they're going to be millionaires because they're unvaxxed. It's crazy some of the things they think up.

  3. uh oh. i dont think these gents know the types of qualities people look for when shopping for sperm. im so excited for these people to end up with their literal and proverbial dick in their hands.

  4. While I think the person in the photo is a moron, this is kind of dumb. I can pump my load into someone for free and its legal, but as soon as money is involved its not? Is it a semantics issue? As long as I don't call myself a donor? What if I just sell unprotected sex for $2500 and the other person just "happens to get pregnant". This is pretty fucked government over reach.

  5. That’s not really 100% a crime, that’s why we have an Act. We do have sperm banks and can donate/buy eggs and can do in vitro. But I’m sure selling random sperm in garage style fashion would fall under committing a criminal offence, besides being super weird and creepy.

  6. i kinda wanna know how hard you could low-ball this guy if you made him think you were actually going to buy some... no way in hell he's made any sales...

  7. Maybe somebody should to help keep the gene pool clear... can someone get this guy an in fertile girlfriend?

  8. On the one hand, this is gross and dumb. On the other hand, he might actually think it'll work. On the third hand that is growing out of my ass due to bad genetics, the "bring a cup" line sure seems to indicate that this is a joke -- it's not a good or funny joke, and I'm not really sure what the punchline is supposed to be, but it definitely seems like the guy is just making some really weird, crude joke (but would also totally sell his sperm if someone was actually willing to take him up no the offer).

  9. Selling questionable substances out the back of your mom's van is the pinnacle of the enterprising spirit /s

  10. These are probably the same guys that spread the rumor that hutterite colonies would pay $1,000 for you to sleep with their women with a hole cut in the sheets so you couldn't see them

  11. The other sad part is the low critical thinking ability of someone that would actually pay $2500 for this gentlemen's sub par product is likely a recipe for poor outcomes for the resulting child no matter how you look at it.

  12. Nice penmanship! The underline on the 00 at the end of 2500 really brings it all together. And, is that... is that a fuck Trudeau sticker in the shape of a middle finger? Wow, truly impressive, a masterpiece.

  13. Why does he have a coiler painted up beside the message to bring a cup? Is he gonna poop in a cup, too?

  14. I feel like if you were so against vaccines that you wanted to make sure that your unborn children weren't 'tainted' by them you probably wouldn't be vaccinated yourself. Looks like someone forgot to do their market research.

  15. On one hand, that's actually a great deal for a sperm sample, speaking as someone who considered solo parenting via donor. On the other hand, I don't want my children to share DNA with this guy. And on several more hands, EWWwwww and also it is illegal to sell genetic material in Canada.

  16. I hope this person is joking, however given it’s good ok Berta they probably are not. They likely need a picture of an oil Derrick or a lifted truck to provide the sample though.

  17. I mean its illegal to sell sperm in Canada so I'm almost 100% certain the guy just wanted to get some kicks. I have a sticker that says 'don't tailgate me I have rabies,' and 'I eat babies,' and some others mainly because it's funny to me and keeps people away from me. But according to reddit since it's on the internet and they're from alberta they absolutely HAVE to be serious.

  18. These trolls own Doggystyle Deli on Stony Plain road and always have this kind a stuff on their van.

  19. Just spotted this van in west Edmonton superstore. The guy looks like a real winner, feel bad for his presumably wife and child though....

  20. Who is their target market? Clearly anyone who would be willing to spend that amount on “unvaxxed sperm” would themselves not have gotten vaccinated. Or am I missing something?

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