Fiery Sunrise in Grand Teton NP [OC][2400x1600]

  1. I took this photo back in 2013 during one of the government shutdowns and it was the best thing for landscape photography in Grand Teton. Because of the shutdown, most access points were closed which is nice for photographers who are willing to walk.

  2. You hit a home run. I love how the colors pop. Normally I lean “less is more” but to my amateur eyes this looks like you put a lot of work into it and it still works.

  3. Not just regular Tetons ;) GRAND Tetons nudge nudge even as a gay man I can appreciate a nice set of Tetons.

  4. Amazing how the color in the sky is different than the color on the water. Crazy how nature do dat. The Tetons are an amazing place and you don't need to edit this heavily to show that, but you do you boo

  5. This is stunning. I really can't believe just how incredible both this and the raw unedited version look. One of my favorite pictures of the Tetons I've seen, thank you for sharing.

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  7. The grand Tetons are truly wonderful to see. The large glacier in the photo has a plane still visible in it, that crashed.

  8. One of my core memories from when I was young is Grand Teton National Park. I grew up in the Midwest, so this was my very first experience with mountains. It began a lifelong obsession to this day. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I was there three weeks ago. Gearing up for the trip, I didn’t know anything about GTNP, and I wondered why it was separate from Yellowstone, instead of just being one big park. Once I got there, I understood. It’s like going to two different planets, even though they’re so close together. The cottonwoods and aspens made GT look like it was on fire. Good pic op

  10. It’s not real. Can’t understand why people keep posting such heavily edited photos here. It’s great art, but it’s not a real photo.

  11. This is my favorite place on the planet. Worked in the park for 2 summers and I can say while there is slight editing the park really does look like this on a perfect sunset day. Usually later in the summer.

  12. I lived in Jackson Hole for four years and spent much of my time in the park. I have definitely seen both sunrises and sunsets as brilliant as this one. It's such an amazing place.

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