This is the most beautiful picture I ever took. Iceland is spectacular. [3650x2434]

  1. On top of that people in Iceland do not get stressed. Earthquakes, storms, 50cm snow... they don't care. You can park your car in the middle of the road. No one cares. No subways, no trains.

  2. Iceland looks so cool! I'd love to spend some time there in nature. Great photo and not only for the subject I love the dark green tones and the contrast that make with everything else. Great job!

  3. Contrary to the other guy: do skip out on the blue lagoon. Crowded, expensive... If you're headed up north, I vote the Myvatn nature baths. Same blue water, but a better experience

  4. Welp. It was a little waterfall on the road where I couldn't catch the name. But I did save the coordinates: 64°13'16.8"N 21°13'11.3"W

  5. Nice composition but to be honest, there's quite a bit of noise in the photo. Was this taken using a phone?

  6. To be honest... It's added noise. I love noise. When I'm in my office I can link you the raw picture that I didn't work on in Photoshop.

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