National Guard EOD question?

  1. Things at the school house right now are strange and restrictive. Not to mention housing costs and inflation make it real tough for E-4 and E-5 to find affordable housing for them and their families. Lots of people are doubling and tripling up in rentals to make it work. As prior service (MOS-T) you PCS to Eglin so you can bring your family but at this time I’d consider not doing that.

  2. Go air force. They care for people. The guard, at least in AZ, does not care about EOD. I work we one dude, now a police officer, that left the az national guard about a year ago. The arizona national guard still owes him $$$$ on special pays. They get like 2 or 3 different special pays but he never saw that money. He said they owe him abou $25,000. So my recommendation Go into the blue. Your family also is going to appreciate it

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