I think it's not that bad...

  1. Plus leather is very strong and rugged if it's high quality, so there's almost no reason not to go for it unless you don't like the look of leather.

  2. Yeah if I see this I’m going to assume there’s a gun in there regardless of whether that’s true or not.

  3. Yeah, for sure. There are a lot of fanny packs and sling bags that don’t make people look like a target. This is not one of them.

  4. I see this purse, and by mind automatically builds the picture of a slightly overweight guy that is definitely not but claims to be part Cherokee, big dark prescription sunglasses that never come off, a story about why he never joined to military, pistol with three extended magazines and reflex sight, round always in the chamber, and he claims negligent discharges are impossible with his level of training.

  5. In Europe people rock bags like this (but less ugly) all the time. Never thought it would contain a gun but I guess that's a cultural difference. Adidas makes them as well I believe.

  6. It's become a lot more normal , I see people all the time carrying small bags , small sling bags , I go into zoomies and they sell them too . Maybe not one with velcro all over it but , most people won't think gun

  7. If you have to say, "I think it's not that bad," it's bad. When you got to justify something, usually it sucks. Sure, it may be practical but you'll look like a goober. There are much better options out there such as backpacks, messenger bags, heck even carrying around a lunchbox which has some external pockets would be better.

  8. there are also much better options of the same type of sling bag. not every slingbag makes you look like a "goober" but this one certainly does

  9. Because sometimes people don’t like having things in their pocket or they carry things that are too big for their pockets like a laptop.

  10. Bags are terribly convenient. I need to carry one for medical needs, and I can't for the life of me see the point in the stigma of men having bags. Women have the right idea with purses.

  11. I wore an Adidas fanny pack across my chest while vacationing and it made everything so much easier. Wallet, passport, keys, everything is right in front of you on your chest and easy to access. I prefer a nice fanny pack though to this tactical style bag.

  12. I encourage you to try this out. Wear it. See if you like it. You'll grow thick skin quickly as everyone makes fun of you for it. Just my opinion of course

  13. Fuck anyone who can't handle guys carrying bags/purses as a concept. It's an obvious EDC advantage that all our moms figured out way before we did. That said, the tactical look is a bad compromise. I'd really recommend looking at crossbody bags from Carhartt, Herschel Supply, Adidas, etc. and finding something without that tacticool vibe

  14. What's wrong with this atmosphere? In my country, there is no free carrying of weapons, only pistols with a rubber bullet up to 80 joules. I also love patches

  15. I agree, people can carry whatever makes them happy. That said, they probably shouldn't ask for validation.

  16. I have a cheap canvas messenger bag I got off of Amazon. It has a few pockets, nothing special. I like it to carry my keys, wallet, phone, etc in it since I don't like loading up my pockets in my pants with all that.

  17. Companies will see a successful product that fulfills a specific niche and try their hardest to mimic it but still make it so bad it's entirely useless to the original niche. Just get the Hill People Gear Kit bag.

  18. I carry a canvas bag (man purse) my lady got me. I don’t give two fucks what anyone thinks. It’s amazing having all my shit and empty pockets

  19. This is your second post about it. If you like it go for it, don't let other people's opinions dictate what you wear or not.

  20. People are really shitting on it but I don't really mind I wouldn't think much off it if you walked by, I wouldn't wear it but if you like it and it suits you do it

  21. Everyone’s needs are different but a lesson I’ve taken from hard outdoor activities is to minimize snag points - and that bag has a ton of straps that can catch on things including other people’s hands. Also the never-ending unnecessary molle suffers same criticisms many are making about this post. Gahillzafitz!

  22. I don't understand why people don't just use fanny packs again. If the bag is the size you need then rock it. Personally, if I can't fit it into my pockets it goes in my messenger bag, but use what ever works for you.

  23. It’s certainly not discreet. Do you need to have the “tactical” look? Topo has options for small swings that don’t scream mall ninja

  24. I mean yeah if you take off the stickers, and change the colors to something less dangerous. In other words, I like the size of it.

  25. In the last discussion, many said that this chest bag is a bad option for EDC. But it can be worn over the shoulder and diagonally.

  26. I have a similar Nitecore bag in plain black, also has velcro and I put a couple of star wars patches on it. It's a good size and works pretty well for me. I don't want a full size satchel or backpack sometimes, just a bag for a book, wallet, keys, etc so they're not in my pockets.

  27. I'm against men having bags (that's just FOR me, others are free to do what they please), but, putting my beliefs aside, this bad is objectively ugly and there are much more preferable options

  28. I edc the blueish m-tac bag on amazon, and I love it, looks pretty unsuspecting, and is very comfortable, fast and easy draw as well.

  29. well if you remove the strap and stick it into your backpack as organizer it is not that bad

  30. Check out M-Tac on Amazon. I have one of their small edc bags, it can be used for concealed carry if you want but it’s much less suspicious looking. I use it to carry my daily stuff and keep my pockets free. It hit the Goldilocks size for me, although I wouldn’t mind if it was slightly bigger.

  31. Think it’s a little silly with all the molle stuff going on and I think the patches are egregious. But it looks relatively slim/low profile which is one of the more important parts of a bag like this. Really boils down to the price. I put my junk in a The North Face (think the explorer hip pack). Has spots on the zippers to hang carabiners and well as two slots for tools on either size of the pouch (one holds a disposable lighter, slots in perfectly for a firm fit, other side has hand sanitizer hanging.). It’s a little bulky but not really flashy besides the yellow face with black branding but it’s sturdy and has taken a beating.

  32. For comparison look at the Strike Industries Boogeyman chest rig. It's a convertible bag that can be used as a chest rig, cross chest bag, fanny pack and more. The design proportions of the bag make it feel more practical and less blatantly tactical.

  33. Get something not terrible and put it around your back, not your chest. It really does look terrible wearing it in thise positions

  34. I appreciate the modularity of its strap - I’ve seen a few bags like that. And I also think that’s quite a good size of bag for everyday usage - that’s size of my day bag.

  35. Not a fan of the look. I have the tomtoc edc sling bag and love it. I use it for work so I can keep smaller things on me so I don’t have to go out to my car. It also holds my OG switch in a Skull & Co. everyday slim case with some room still

  36. I edc a 11 inch NutSac satchel people make fun and call it my purse but the way I have it if they got injured or just a pen I got them.

  37. Fanny packs or now "hip packs" are sort of coming in style again, which I think is great, because now I won't look weird using one. I just got one from Fjallraven that I'm liking very much... it means I can carry more without weighing down my pants, but usually I use it for outdoor activities or day trips, etc.

  38. If it didn’t have the patches or Velcro and was black or grey or a normal color, I’d be interested. That said, this looks like a plate carrier placard slapped on someone’s chest

  39. Wats the point of the patches? I’d rather have something more functional if it’s going to use that space.

  40. Looks to much like the bro-vet 2014 era to me. I have plenty of gear with molle/etc, but I'm not EDC'ing any of it.

  41. https://www.amazon.com/KRYDEX-Placard-Backing-Tactical-Chest/dp/B096RKRFLC/ref=pd_lpo_2?pd_rd_i=B09PB5WNWN&th=1&psc=1

  42. It mainly needs wider straps to look proportionately better there are some cool modern sling bags that look pretty good. Check them out.

  43. i don’t really understand the whole cross chest thing. especially since 98% of the time the style is one that is obviously derivative of a fanny pack.

  44. Either a purse, or a gun holster acting like a purse. Chuck Norris wouldn’t allow this.

  45. Man I have a similar bag but even mine isn’t quite as tactical. And I have that same dumb ‘it’s dangerous to go alone patch’ was the first one I ever got lol. Look up shoulder bags and edc bags on Amazon and you’ll find a lot of options that don’t look like they attach to your ruck.

  46. I wear one of these bad boys:Motorcycle Drop Leg Bag for Outdoor Cycling, Multi-pocket Waist Pack Thigh Bag for Men, Bike Rider Climbing Hip Leg Bag

  47. It’s fine brother. You could also get a host of other bags and they’d be fine too. No one is going to question your machismo if your bag doesn’t make you look like an SAS paratrooper.

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