Vacation EDC with backyard critters local to Vietnam.

  1. I don't travel much but I'm curious, have you checked the knife laws in Vietnam? Are there blade length regulations? Btw those sandals are 🔥

  2. I did not check the knife laws, probably should have. We're just hanging out in a resort this time round so hopefully it won't be an issue.

  3. Cool to see some critters in here. Really like the "plant hopper", we have some similar looking ones here in the states. Never seen one that wasn't all green though.

  4. The ones I'm used to are all green too. Also very skittish and hard to get close to. This guy didn't really care I had my camera 6" from him.

  5. It must have fallen from its nest in our thatched roof. We thought the mother was stashing her nuts but there but the whole time it was a nest.

  6. I'm probably a little silly to travel with them to be honest. We're not travelling through the states so I've got a lock that the airport security shouldn't have a key for.

  7. Why can’t we have more posts like this. Show me more than just your gear, show me your environment, show me things around you that interest you.

  8. what a fkn line up bud! i would never spend that much on lights or blades anymore but very classy carry 👌

  9. I would sell all my knives before I sold my speedy. Hopefully it'll be handed down to a special person one day.

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