New edc. Need some ideas on a good small LED flashlight. And compact tactical pen.

  1. I have a Streamlight Microstream USB that I use every shift at work. I'm a paramedic and firefighter and this thing is pretty durable (I've even washed it a couple of times) and it still works. It's light enough to clip to your shirt for hands free work too.

  2. Item list Topstache “leather” belt organizer” Leatherman Wingman Civivi Cogent Button lock knife Black sharpie Micro LED Flashlight.

  3. How big is the light you've got there? (Battery size gives a reasonable approximation) And is that the general size you're looking for?

  4. Something I guess that’s got a decent look to it but is practical. For the pen the light is powered by 3 triple A’s. It’s I believe 75 Lumens I’m looking for something between 100-150 Lumens

  5. I know Olight gets a lot of hate but I have 3 different Olights and have had 0 issues. Olight is about to have a flash sale starting at 8:00 P.M. on 7/11. The sales are normally 3 days. Thrunite also makes good lights I have the TC 15 I take to work everyday

  6. Carried a Fenix LD02 for about twelve years now. I like to have access to rechargeable and easily accessible batteries. It runs on a single AAA. It is waterproof, has a tail switch with three brightness modes, and a clip. Not the brightest, probably not the best by a mile, but it works whenever I need it. I have the older model; I hear the new one is nicer.

  7. Maybe a little unconventional for “EDC” but the Milwaukee 2011R is a good little flashlight, super solid build, very strong magnet at the back, micro usb rechargeable, and a little more budget friendly than some brands

  8. I’ll give them a look. I did jump from the Walmart LED to a luminore LED. 120 Lumens a good bit brighter runs off AAs. Only a few dollars more. I’m waiting till my next paycheck before I really look into major upgrades for the flashlight it’s not very high on my list compared to some other things

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