Forgot to change nappy

  1. Yep. Put it right above the change area. Initial beside the name at every change. After doing this we discovered one child, because of his drop off and pick up times, was only getting changed once a day.

  2. My coteacher did this and admin liked it so much they started having every classroom do it! We were in an infant/toddler room so we included next diaper, next feeding time, and next nap.

  3. Yes definately this!! Plus you can immediately show the parent and apologize or whatever you're allowed to say in this situation then show the board and explain you have implemented it to greatly reduce chance of it ever happening again.

  4. This ^ also I added to my schedule certain times we always change/check all (mid morning, before and after nap, after lunch, right before pick up)

  5. We always do scheduled nappy changes/checks around transitions - arrival, going/coming in from outside, and right after lunch and rest. Since it's part of the transition routine, it's easier to remember. We also check throughout the day, just a little bum pat or peek in the back. For parents who are finicky, or who have long rides back home, I also try to check/change those kids right before pick up (but pick up times can change so this isn't always possible)

  6. Our rostered change times are 9am, 11am, after sleep and around 3.30/4pm. Our centre opens at 7am so we aim for 2 hours, but it gets to 3 hours if the children have a long sleep. If they smell in between or it looks spongy, we change it.

  7. Having something visual like a checklist is helpful to make sure no kid is missed. Like, I put my initials next to Johnny and the assistant put hers next to Jenny, but it looks like neither of us got to Bill or whatever.

  8. This. We have a log chart that we write for each kid/hour and if they were wet/dry/BM. Even writing the exact minutes cause some parents are super sensitive about that.

  9. You pick the system, but you obviously are in desperate need of one. Most places I sub at have 3 scheduled nappy checks a day, all about an hour after eating. Every kid gets checked, every time.

  10. Just make sure to constantly check the iPad and what time you last changed them. Here in Mn diapers need to be done every two hours. If you can buy a white board if you have the room and you can write all the kids names on them and write the next time you need to change them. So if you changed them at 9 and you do every two hours you’d write 11 on the board. I assume you do big diaper rounds where you change all the kids. But this could still help with that. Or yes set alarms on the iPad for every hour you have to start diapers and have it go off. Do you use an app on your iPad if so does it show when you last changed them? Or does it count down like my last center or counted down then when it was “over due” it turned red.

  11. Is it just accepted now that typical kids are still diapering at 3? I feel like that used to be the "be potty trained by" age, not the "I guess we'll start soon" age

  12. Yeah lots of them could be learning to potty on the potty but some arent developmentally there yet. And when I worked in toddlers we put them in pull ups for nap time at least and outside time for a while to help prevent accidents.

  13. If by accepted you mean 'is it biologically normal for some 3 year olds to still be wearing a nappy' then yes. There is a wide range of normal- and best practice is following the child's readiness cues, not an arbitrary age.

  14. Not every child is ready at 3. I’ve been teaching for 10+ years some get it by 12 months some by close to 5 which is all developmentally normal. Usually around 3.5 is when kids naturally start trying and get the hang of it but for several factors such as splash back anxiety, sensory issues or delays with urine and fecal control kids have to wait it out.

  15. I aim to memorise the whole routine during the day. My current room, if the nappies haven’t been started and it’s 10 minutes late, I just make a start. Then the person on the nappy roster picks up on that and finishes the last half. We usually rotate the rounds as a team if the person rostered on nappies is on non contact or away. The time goes by fast sometimes. It just needs to be done. Nappies is part of the job. Plus if I get in there on the first round, other teachers notice and I can likely take a break from it the majority of the day. So my advice is memorise the timetable and have a watch to look at.

  16. We have a clipboard next to the changing table with everyone’s name listed and a blank line next to it. Our regulations are every 2 hours. Each teacher is assigned primary caregiver to particular children and are mostly responsible for those children but of course will help with others depending on how the day is going. The time of change, what was in the diaper, and who did the change are all recorded and any creams applied noted as well

  17. Maybe set an alarm for a particular time, like 1.5 after their last change so you can do a check to see if they need to changed? If you change them after rest with a 2pm wake up, then set an alarm for 3:30ish. We had one girl who was slightly delayed in our preschool room, and she was the only one in a pull-up so I did this method to keep me on top of checking her pull-up.

  18. I’m a preschool teacher. I have set times for diaper changes. Obviously if they are wet or poopy we change outside of those prescribed times as well!

  19. We use tadpoles on our phones and iPads. Put in the diaper change and it started the count down for the next one

  20. As someone else suggested put a dry erase board up. In our center and in previous ones I've worked in it's legally required we keep a daily record. This can also be reassuring for parents as a child may have been changed just 20mins or so before and then are picked up with a wet nappy but if they check the chart they will know they were recently changed. We have our clipboard avail for all parents to see and have it in our changing room.

  21. We're open from 6.15 to 6.15. We do routine nappy checks at 7, 9, 11, 2 and 4 (kids sleep between 11 and 2). That way no one should be missed. Having it made into routine will prevent you from forgetting.

  22. The white board is a good one. The Toddler 1 & Toddler 2 class at my center do this. For the infant's we have papers for each baby to track everything.

  23. We have a chart where we write each child's name daily then for each change the time, if it was wet or soiled and the initial of who changed them. We have 'rounds' where each child is checked in order of when they came in the morning/age at about 9:30 and 2pm. Also children are checked before and after sleeps and as needed if they seem like they need another change. We have the child's home time on the chart next to their name so we can change them about half an hour before home time too =)

  24. At my last centre, we made set times we'd check the children and change them. For example, 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, etc. We did it every two hours and changed them between if needed/before lunch or naptime. We were always on top of it and helping remind eachother when the times came around.

  25. kids in diapers should be changed every 2 hrs, unless they poop in between change times. even then, i still check the recently changed child if they were changed 1.5 hrs ago, or unless i changed them 10-15 mins before regular change time.

  26. Seconding dry erase. I work in the infant room so we have a board with diaper, bottle, meal, and notes with a spot for each kid. But older kids you could just do diaper and child so you know

  27. Set schedule (obviously if we notice someone is stinky or exceptionally full we go ahead and change then also). And then communicate with other staff to make sure all kids were changed/checked

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