2011 335 n55 📢

  1. I've also got a 2011 335i Xdrive with an n55. It's quite a nice car but I don't have any plans to push it past stage 2+. It just doesn't have the ecosystem of parts that the n54 has.

  2. I've got one as well. Fairly uncommon in the sedan, but all 2011 E90 335i's have N55's. I never found an official statement, but some 2010's may have gotten N55's as a running change to production.

  3. Is this the stock exhaust/muffler? I bought one last year with straight pipes and I’m trying to decide between an aftermarket muffler or scalping off another e90

  4. Yeah stock exhaust system I love the sound of it with a downpipe nice deep tone not obnoxious or raspy at all

  5. Very clean spec! I have a 2011 335i Msport that I got stock 4 months ago. Looking to tackle my performance mods and exhaust setup next. Do you mind if I ask what mods you’re running + your exhaust setup? Been thinking of going the catted downpipe route.

  6. Nice! Wish mine was m sport. I’m running a fmic, charge pipe, catless downpipe, and I think that’s it. It’s MHD tune stage 2. Exhaust is stock because it’s a daily, but very happy with the sound and performance that’s probably all I’m doing to it

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