How would I create a button to download or open up a file that is stored in the Annotation entity (v9.1 on-prem)?

  1. If the data were already in a file I could do that. The problem is that the equivelant of a file is sitting in the org's DB as an entry in the AnnotationBase table. I don't know how to pull that out and present to the user in a manner such that they see it and save it to a file.

  2. When you say it’s in the annotations entity, do you mean it’s just dropped in the note body? Or the file is generated and saved as an attachment?

  3. The file is generated and stored in the DocumentBody with a MimeType of application/octet-stream. In a plugin, when I read the entire field (which can be quite large) into a variable and use tracingService.Trace to output the variable, it looks like what I want which is a document with carriage returns and line feeds in it. What I would like to do is get what I see from the Plug-In Trace Log but only display this to the end user when they want to see it. I envisioned a custom button for the Ribbon Workbench but I was at a loss for what infrastructure I could use to get it displayed or to allow customer to download.

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